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LAST UPDATED: September 27th, 2022

Tax Relief Advocates is a tax relief company founded in 2017 in Brea, California. The company offers a variety of services, from preparing taxes to negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to settling disputes related to tax debt. 

Tax Relief Advocates (TRA) offers these tax relief services at 15 office locations in 8 states across the country. 

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The Good

  • Free Consultations
  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Locations Across the Country
  • 3-Step Process to Tax Relief

Free Consultations

Tax Relief Advocates offers free consultations to its potential clients, so they can get an idea of the options available to them before paying any money. 

Variety of Services Offered

Tax Relief Advocates provides a wide range of solutions for tax debt, including help with negotiation; penalty abatement; currently not collectible status; installment plans; offers in compromise; innocent spouse relief; unfiled tax returns; and relief from wage garnishment, tax levies, and tax liens.

Beyond help with taxes owed to the IRS, Tax Relief Advocates also offers tax preparation services and consultation services from tax relief experts.

Locations Across the Country

While some tax relief firms only have one physical location, there are 15 Tax Relief Advocates offices across the United States:

  • Arizona — Scottsdale, Tucson
  • California — Brea, Irvine, Orange
  • Kentucky — Louisville
  • Nevada — Las Vegas, Reno
  • New Mexico — Albuquerque
  • Pennsylvania — Chadsford, Pittsburgh
  • Texas — Austin, Garland
  • Washington — Tacoma, Vancouver

3-Step Process to Tax Relief

Tax Relief Advocates offers a simple, three-step process to resolving tax debt or solving your tax issue.

The first step is your consultation, where you will meet with a tax professional at TRA and discuss your situation as it stands. This helps your case manager at TRA gather the information they will need to effectively help you.

The second step is in-depth research, where you will agree to a plan of action and TRA will begin to work on your case. This will incluce notifying the correct tax authorities that you are now being represented by a tax attorney.

The third step is resolution, where the tax experts at TRA will help you start the process of obtaining tax debt forgiveness and negotiate with the IRS or state taxing authorities on your behalf.


The Bad

  • Limited Online Information

Limited Online Information

While the Tax Relief Advocates website includes information about its services and locations, it doesn't have any information about its minimum debt requirement or the cost of any of its services. This forces potential customers to agree to a free consultation to find out whether Tax Relief Advocates is the right fit for them.

Some top competitors of Tax Relief Advocates make this information more widely known, especially a minimum debt requirement. For example, Community Tax has a minimum debt requirement of $3,000, while Anthem Tax Services has a minimum tax debt requirement of $10,000.


The Bottom Line

If you need help with your tax problems, Tax Relief Advocates offers its customers a wide range of services at locations across eight states. If you live outside one of the eight states where Tax Relief Advocates has an office, you may want to look for a tax professional in your area who can assist you. 

While Tax Relief Advocates doesn't provide any information about its minimum debt requirement or the cost of its services, it does offer free consultations, so customers can still get pricing information before spending any money on the company's services.

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