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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Since 2017, Sentinel Tax Relief has worked to help clients with their tax struggles overcome the uncertainty. With over 25 years of combined tax relief experience, Sentinel Tax Relief professionals have handled a wide range of IRS tax debt and state taxation problems. The company services both individuals with tax issues and businessesses facing taxation struggles. 

The tax professionals at Sentinel Tax Relief utilize aggressive and proven strategies to best handle client’s IRS debt. This is all done on a case-by-case basis. Since there are so many IRS collection options available, Sentinel Tax Relief will help clients find the one that works best for their situation. 

Sentinel Tax Relief has helped clients get out of debt and reach their financial goals. The company is able to meet with clients in person or over the phone.

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Services Offered
  • Tax Audits
  • Client Benefits

Free Consultation

The consultation process is critical in the tax relief space. The consultation will help the tax professional understand what work needs to be done and what specific help the client needs. The consultation is equally beneficial for the client as they have the opportunity to ask questions, calm nerves, and visualize what work can be done on their behalf.

Some tax relief companies will charge for this service with some sort of upfront cost, but Sentinel Tax Relief offers it free of charge. Clients can choose to do the consultation in person in the Sentinel Tax Relief Florida office or it can be done entirely over the telephone. 

Services Offered

Tax relief companies offer a wide range of services as tax issues can be rather complex in nature. Sentinel Tax Relief understands first hand how difficult tax issues can be to navigate and so the company offers the following wide range of services to its clients:

  • IRS installment agreement
  • Offer in compromise
  • Payroll tax debt
  • Wage garnishment
  • Tax lien removal
  • Delinquent returns and taxes
  • Currently not collectible
  • IRS tax levy
  • Penalty abatement
  • Innocent spouse

The overall goal of Sentinel Tax Relief is to help individuals and businesses resolve IRS tax debt and state taxation problems. With its wide array of services, Sentinel Tax Relief should be able to do just that. 

Tax Audits

When a client receives an IRS or state audit notice, sheer panic often sets in. Sentinel Tax Relief understands that fear and can help ease the anxiety surrounding it. When the taxation auditor reaches out, clients can simply refer them to their tax representative at Sentinel Tax Relief.

If they are not given an appropriate response, the IRS will change your tax returns and assess a new liability along with additional penalties and interest.

That is why it is critical to have a tax professional on your side. Not every tax relief company helps in audit situations, but Sentinel Tax Relief can. 

Client Benefits

Receiving a tax notice or a letter from the IRS in the mail can be daunting. That is where a tax relief professional comes into play. The experts at Sentinel Tax Relief can implement a wide range of strategies in order to help clients resolve or eliminate their tax struggles. Client benefits with Sentinel Tax Relief include the following:

  • Manage IRS and State tax collection actions
  • Protect cash flow
  • Help clients avoid criminal charges

The solutions by Sentinel Tax Relief are realistic and generally successful. Clients can potentially benefit from what Sentinel Tax Relief has to offer. 


The Bad

  • Accreditation 
  • Undisclosed Requirements and Costs


Most tax relief companies are accredited in some capacity. The most common forms of accreditation include ASTPS, NATP, NAEA, AICPA, IRSCE Provider, or ABA. Despite claiming to have over two decades of combined tax relief experience, the Sentinel Tax Relief team remains unaccredited.

While these accreditations are not required in order to provide tax relief services, it does raise some questions and concerns regarding the Sentinel Tax Relief service. Since accreditations are the industry standard, it is worrisome that Sentinel Tax Relief is not accredited in any way. 

Undisclosed Requirements and Costs

Some tax relief companies require a minimum debt requirement. Tax relief companies also often charge based on percentage of enrolled debt. Other services charge fixed prices for certain services.

Unfortunately, Sentinel Tax Relief has not made minimum debt requirements or costs for services public information for prospective clients. Those interested in using Sentinel Tax Relief will need to either go through the consultation process or reach out to Sentinel Tax Relief directly to figure out costs for service. The company claims to charge based on what work needs to be done, so that cost will vary by client. 


The Bottom Line

Sentinel Tax Relief works to make payments more affordable, negotiates reductions where applicable, and has even completely eliminated outstanding debt in certain circumstances. Sentinel Tax Relief can help in both federal IRS and state tax collection actions. The company will implement the best strategy based on the client’s individual case and needs.

While Sentinel Tax Relief claims to offer a wide range of helpful tax services, the company does not have any accreditations to its name. Sentinel Tax Relief also does not disclose any sort of debt requirements or costs for service, so prospective clients will need to reach out independently to find out that information. 

Despite offering several helpful tax services and solutions, there are too many unknowns surrounding the Sentinel Tax Relief service. Clients in need of tax relief services should conduct further research on Sentinel Tax Relief or opt out for a higher rated tax relief company.

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