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LAST UPDATED: June 1st, 2022

PriorTax is a tax service provider with a wide variety of services ranging from current year tax filings to tax relief options in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). PriorTax has a flat rate cost of $700 for tax relief up to $10,000. This is a good price for the tax relief industry. 

The company has CPAs, tax negotiators, and customer service reps that can assist in clearing up any confusion when it comes to dealing with the sometimes complicated tax industry. Along with its knowledgeable staff, PriorTax offers interactive fill-in forms when setting up services. 

PriorTax has been in business for 15 years and has an overall good reputation among its reviews from previous consumers.

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The Good

  • PriorTax Cost 
  • Excellent Customer Reviews
  • Wide Variety of Tax Services
  • Available Nationwide
  • Tax Preparation Services

PriorTax Cost

PriorTax offers a flat-fee a-la-carte structure for its services. For tax relief, the company charges a flat fee of $700 covering cases up to $10,000, while anything above that requires a consultation. In comparison to other tax debt relief options, this price is competitive. 

For other services, PriorTax has a clear breakdown of cost for each service ranging from $9.95–$249 depending on whether it's a business or personal filing. 

The company's interactive tax software forms will typically calculate your cost as you enter information. Customers will appreciate the transparency of cost upfront without having to be pressured to decide without researching other companies.   

Excellent Customer Reviews

Although its internet presence is relatively small, PriorTax has received a fair amount of positive reviews. Customers praise the site's user-friendly forms for navigating each of the services, and they felt the cost matched the service they received. 

When it comes to tax relief specifically, there isn’t a lot of feedback from customers. A lot of the praise received in reviews comes from the company’s quick service dealing with late-filing taxes or prior year taxes. 

Wide Variety of Tax Services

PriorTax doesn’t only specialize in tax relief but also offers a competitive level of service for individuals, the self-employed, and business owners.

The company’s range of services includes the following:

  • IRS payment plans
  • CPA reviews
  • 3-year audit defense
  • business tax returns
  • the release of federal tax liens
  • the option of filing just a federal return or state tax return

PriorTax’s ability to help individuals with an IRS payment plan is a valuable service for the consumer. Having the PriorTax step in and navigate an arrangement with the IRS for a payment relieves a lot of the confusion that comes along with tax debt relief. 

Although PriorTax doesn’t focus primarily on tax-relief, its speciality of being able to work on a tax return up to 10 years in the past can be an asset. 

Available Nationwide

PriorTax offers its services to all 50 states. Being available in all states is a unique feature of PriorTax because not all tax resolution companies offer their services to every state. 

PriorTax offers the ability to chat during business hours via the website with a tax professional to answer any questions that might arise without the need for a phone call. 

Tax Preparation Services offers tax prep services for the current or past year's tax forms. You can use the website's e-file system to complete your tax return online in just a few minutes. If you are looking to file a prior year tax return, you can also start the filing process online through PriorTax's tax preparation software.

From what we can tell, this feature is straightforward and easy to use. You simply create an account, enter some basic personal information directly on PriorTax's site and the company 


The Bad

  • Termination of Contract at Company's Discretion
  • Missing Key Accreditations 
  • Main Focus Isn’t Tax Relief Service
  • Business Hours Have a Small Time Frame 

Termination of Contract at Company's Discretion

PriorTax doesn’t have a clear outline of the policies to protect the consumer when it comes to a money-back guarantee. In the terms and conditions of the company, it raises concern for the consumer that PriorTax can terminate the contract of services at the company's discretion. Following the termination of the contract, there is no outline to a refund process. 

A few reviewers expressed frustration that “the service was not completed” to their satisfaction and they were left with no customer service guidance to resolve their issues. 

Missing Key Accreditations

PriorTax does not show having any of the industry’s accreditations. Accreditations hold companies to a centralized standard that they must fall into compliance with annually. Audits maintain this standard by specific organizations that manage accreditation such as the National Tax Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) or the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS).

Thus, we don't know if PriorTax has a tax expert or tax professionals on staff, or just operates mostly through its online services.

Main Focus Isn’t Tax-Relief Service

PriorTax offers a variety of tax services, but it does not specialize in tax relief services. The offerings for tax relief are limited to a few options for additional services. The additional services the company offers under tax relief are limited to the following:

  • wrongful lien notice
  • wrongful seizure notice
  • wrongful liability notice
  • release of federal tax lien
  • penalty abatement
  • IRS installment agreement

In comparison with other companies in the industry, this list of services is limited in its capability to fully represent a consumer. The main focus of leans towards helping the taxpayer in dealing with a previous tax year.

Business Hours Have a Small Time Frame 

PriorTax offers only limited hours to reach them, 11 a.m.–5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. For consumers living outside of the eastern time zone, this might be challenging time frames to work in if needing assistance throughout the process. 

The company does offer a live chat feature; however, the feature is listed as not available. The option to send an email is available as well, but specific reviews claim PriorTax is slow to respond and in some cases no response at all. 


The Bottom Line

In comparison to other tax relief companies, PriorTax has a proven understanding of dealing with late filings of taxes. The company offers a competitive range of services to help consumers achieve their tax resolution goals. PriorTax has been in business for 15 years, giving the company valuable experience in the industry. 

The company does not specialize in tax relief, but it does offer the service at a competitive price of $700 for debt up to $10,000. Anything above $10,000 requires a consultation with an agent, and consultations are available for a limited time frame during the week. 

While PriorTax reviews are good overall, the company is missing accreditations, and the refund policy is unclear. For a consumer looking for an industry expert in tax relief, we recommend comparing more qualified companies that specialize in tax relief service and offer additional tax relief services that tailor more to any unique circumstance. 

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