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LAST UPDATED: August 16th, 2023

Oxford Tax Partners is a back tax defense and preparation firm. Oxford Tax Partners can help you file your tax return and help with any tax problem you may encounter. Oxford Tax Partners only highers tax attorneys to represent its clients. It also offers flexible payment plans for the cost of its services.

It is based in Chicago, Illinois and specializes in helping clients resolve back taxes, settle debt, negotiate with the IRS, and more.

Oxford Tax Partners is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP). It is not a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS).

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The Good

  • Variety of Tax Services 
  • Two Step Tax Resolution
  • Experienced Staff 
  • Money-Back Guarantee 

Variety of Tax Services 

Oxford Tax Partners offers a variety of services, including IRS audit defense, wage garnishment resolution, lien and levy removal, offer-in-compromise settlements, CNC settlements, PPIA settlements, and tax planning and preparation.

For those going through an audit, the company utilizes tax attorneys to represent clients before the IRS. A tax attorney will review the client's audit notice, gather all necessary documents, and create a step-by-step plan to improve tax situations and avoid court prosecution issued against individuals or companies.

Some of these services provided by Oxford Tax Partner's attorneys include assistance in cases of tax scam, tax scheme, and false claims made by the IRS against individuals. It provides a free consultation for clients, and then a team of tax preparers prepares the tax files.

Oxford Tax Partners asserts that its goal is to help individuals understand the tax issues that are unique to each client's situation, while also working to minimize tax liabilities.  

While Oxford Tax Partners focuses on helping clients settle their IRS tax debts, they hope to help clients permanently avoid negative tax problems through what they call the OnTrack program.

The team associated with the program monitors the given tax accounts 24/7, prepares federal tax returns every year, and offers robust accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services to their business clients. Oxford Tax Partners charges a monthly fee for this program.

The prices for individuals and families fall between $25 and $100. The number of services provided through the program depends on the chosen option. The higher the price, the greater number of services.

Costs for businesses start at $250 per month.

In addition, the Oxford Tax Partners helps both large corporations and everyday Americans complete and amend their federal returns every year, providing the following tax preparation services: preparing personal income tax returns, preparing corporate income tax returns, planning comprehensive and long-term finance and tax plans, planning AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax), planning business payroll tax, and bookkeeping.  

Two Step Tax Resolution

Oxford Tax Partners has a two step tax resolution process.

The first step is to investigate the clients tax situation through a financial interview with the client and by contacting the IRS and State for tax compliance and history data. 

The second step is to negotiate a resolution. Oxford Tax Partners has a Resolutions Team dedicated to this task.

Experienced Staff 

Oxford Tax Partners utilizes both certified public accountants and tax attorneys to help clients resolve tax debt and save money. The company boasts that its tax attorneys and tax preparers are tenacious and work diligently on behalf of clients.  

Money-Back Guarantee 

If clients are unsatisfied in any way, they can receive a full refund in the first two weeks of service. For customers who are unhappy after those first two weeks have passed, Oxford Tax Partners will still return all unused retainer fees. 

A money-back guarantee is a rare quality in a tax relief company and customers should pay real attention to any tax relief company that promises to lower your tax debt with a guarantee as a backup. 


The Bad

  • Website Lacks Information
  • No Live Chat Feature

Website Lacks Information 

Oxford Tax Partners' website view lacks transparency.

First, it does not release or explain fee information. However, since the fee is based on the amout of work required for specific tax situations, there is a high level of variablity. Oxford Tax Partners also offers its clients flexible payment plans for its services.

Second, the website does not provide any educational articles or resources, something generally appreciated by customers seeking tax assistance.

Finally, though the website states that Oxford Tax Partners has offices in every region of the country, it does not list specific locations. However, it has a contact form online, so interested consumers can learn more information and schedule a free consultation. 

No Live Chat Feature 

Oxford Tax Partners does not have any kind of live chat feature. which is something that several other competitors offer to benefit their customers. 


The Bottom Line

Oxford Tax Partners is a tax firm that is clearly confident in the quality of its tax services; otherwise, it wouldn't offer a money-back guarantee. Because tax law firms employ tax attorneys, you know the company has a firm grasp on the complexities of tax law.

The tax professionals at Oxford Tax Partners are capable. The company professes to help customers with IRS audit defense, wage garnishments, tax lien or tax levy removal, offer in compromise settlements, Currently Not Collectible (CNC) settlements, false claims, and Partial Payment Installment Agreement (PPIA) settlements. 

Oxford Tax Partners claims to be able to help any kind of business-related or individual tax issue, whether that be preparing taxes and guiding tax decisions for home-based businesses to assisting in cases of tax fraud.

The company is a member of the NATP and employs experienced staff members. While the money-back guarantee is convenient, the company lacks transparency and provides little information upfront, such as pricing, costs, and fees. Consumers should use the free consultation to learn more specific details about costs for their situation and payment plan options.

Overall, Oxford Tax Partners has a lot of positive aspects and would be a reliable choice for tax relief services.

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Tim Thomas

I had issues with IRS payments and when I called to ask for info was told to call IRS they had finished their work.

4 years ago

Oxford Tax Partners Logo

Reply from Oxford Tax Partners

Hi Tim, thank you for your feedback. In looking at your file, we completed all of the work to resolve your tax file in March 2018. You then contacted us in August 2018, stating that due to fraud on your bank account, you needed to change the bank account that the IRS was using for Installment Agreement. Please note that, as we had already completed all work for you previously, we had revoked our Power of Attorney in March 2018, as per protocol. When you contacted us again, instead of gaining Power of Attorney from you again and charging you an additional, your Case Manager thought it best to provide some guidance to you (via email), free of charge, regarding how you could address your bank account issue with the IRS. If there is any confusion on this, we're more than happy to have a direct dialogue with you. Please reach out to us anytime at .

May. 6th, 2019

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susan watson Terryville, CT

I have been trying to reach Oxford Tax Partners for days. When I do get through, I am given the run around, transferring me to other agents, and stating that they can't hear me and to call back. I paid Oxford over $5000 to resolve my tax issues a year ago, and have not gotten one piece of information since then.

5 years ago Edited September 14, 2021