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LAST UPDATED: November 13th, 2023

Millennia Tax Relief (MTR) is a tax relief service provider based out of California that offers services across the United States concerning tax relief, back taxes, and tax prep.

The tax relief company offers a boutique approach to its services to tailor to a client's needs. Because of the company's boutique approach, standard prices are not listed and can be obtained via a consultation with a tax professional at MTR. The tax firm has CPAs, tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and advisors on staff to assist clients in all tax-related matters.

Millennia Tax Relief has been in business for more than 25 years and has an excellent online reputation based on its reviews from previous consumers. Millennia Tax Relief offers a unique approach to its clients by offering consultations between clients and tax advisors.

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The Good

  • Excellent Customer Reviews
  • Focuses on Tax Relief Service
  • Available Nationwide
  • Offers a Diverse Staff of Tax Professionals

Excellent Customer Reviews

The consensus around the web is that Millennia Tax Relief is incredible in its one-on-one service with clients. Sometimes the tax relief process can be intimidating and Millennia Tax Relief understands that and specializes in making it understandable for its clients. 

Tax relief has a lot of facets that are time-sensitive and can carry large penalties if not handled correctly. From the reviews available online, customers express they are thrilled with the swiftness of the firm stepping in and “getting the IRS off [their] back[s].” 

Focuses on Tax Relief Service

Millennia Tax Relief focuses primarily on tax relief solutions which can be rare in the tax industry for a firm of this size. Most firms or companies offer a wide range of services that drown out their focus on tax relief. 

The firm’s range of services includes the following:

  • offer in compromise
  • IRS installment agreements
  • penalty abatement
  • IRS tax discharge
  • filing back taxes
  • stop wage garnishments
  • levy releases
  • tax preparation
  • and more 

Millennia Tax Relief offers its clients assistance with IRS installment agreements, which can be a very intimidating process for the average case. Having a tax professional submit filings and negotiate on a clients behalf gets rid of any chance of making a mistake and securing a strong payment plan that fits with a clients budget. Often, a client will file an Offer in Compromise on their own and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rejects it for a multitude of reasons or sometimes something minor. 

Anytime that someone is facing IRS debt collections, hiring a firm can be the best solution to avoid any issues that can escalate to large penalties and actions against you. 

Available Nationwide

Millennia Tax Relief offers its services to all 50 states. Being available in all states is a unique feature of Millennia Tax Relief because not all tax firms provide their services to every state. 

Along with being available nationwide, Millennia Tax Relief has a customer service number available that links to a tax consultant to ensure all questions are answered. 

Offers a Diverse Staff of Tax Professionals

When working in tax debt relief where your money is on the line, having a diverse amount of experts is a valuable asset. Millennial Tax Relief employs tax attorneys, enrolled agents, CPAs, and tax advisors. 

A tax attorney can be a necessary defense to have in when it comes to representing a client in court when necessary. In contrast, an enrolled agent can represent a client before the IRS exclusively. 

Certified public accountants (CPAs), are tax experts in accounting matters and hold a license and can represent you in an audit with the IRS. A tax advisor can assist in preparing certain documents and planning out tax strategies.


The Bad

  • Harsh Refund Policy
  • Missing Key Accreditations 
  • Only Offers Consultations and Doesn’t List a Price Breakdown 

Harsh Refund Policy

Millennia Tax Relief has a strict refund policy that can carry a high cost if a client isn’t following specific guidelines or if a client isn’t happy with their service. There is a fee for an investigation that is non-refundable but can be applied to future services. 

There is a refund policy outlined but it doesn’t give too many details on how to receive a refund successfully. All refunds have to be approved by Millennia Tax Relief and are not guaranteed. The non-refundable fee of $500 is held even if a refund is awarded. 

Other firms in the industry offer a 100 percent money back guarantee, making this fee of $500 unique.  

Missing Key Accreditations

Millennia Tax Relief does not list any of the industry’s accreditations. The firm states that it has enrolled agents on staff who are approved by the IRS only. The IRS does not list these agents associated with Millennia Tax Relief in their database; This is an annual accreditation filed through the IRS. 

Accreditations hold companies to a centralized standard that they must fall into compliance with annually. Audits maintain this standard by specific organizations that manage accreditation such as the National Tax Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) or the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS). 

It is unclear if the firm is an accredited E-file provider. The IRS does not list the firm in its database of providers under Millennia Tax Relief. 

Only Offers Consultations and Doesn’t List a Price Breakdown 

If a client is looking to price shop and get a better understanding of what prices the industry charges, this information is not available on the firm’s website. There is a blog from 2019 that list holiday specials, but this information has an expiration date. 

Clients must obtain prices through a consultation with one of the firms’ tax professionals. Most companies throughout the industry have consultations for cases that have specific conditions, and all other general pricing is listed on their website.


The Bottom Line

In comparison to other tax relief firms, Millennia Tax Relief has a unique approach to the industry of a tailored client experience. Its history of being in business for more than 25 years gives the firm an edge — having vast specialized tax knowledge compared to its competitors in the industry. 

The firm has an excellent reputation online for having a great personal relationship with its clients. The majority of Millennia Tax Relief reviews seem not to mind the $500 non-refundable fee that can apply toward service. The minimum debt requirement would be something to look into before agreeing to the service; the website is not clear on what that amount might be. 

With the level of personal service Millennial Tax Relief offers, the firm would be a good choice for tax debt relief services compared to other companies in the industry. A comparison with other companies would be advantageous to the client to make sure the firm offers everything needed before agreeing to receive service and to ensure the non-refundable fee is not lost. 

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