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LAST UPDATED: April 7th, 2023

Heartland Tax Solutions emphasizes clear and open communications with clients as a vital aspect of the company’s tax services. The company employs Enrolled Agents and Case Managers whose job it is to nurture an atmosphere of trust with clients through expertise and hard work. Heartland Tax Solutions is a tax relief company headquartered in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and is a division of The Heartland Group, Inc.

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The Good

  • Widespread Tax Relief Services
  • Business Services
  • Successful Tax Resolutions

Widespread Tax Relief Services

Every tax relief company needs to have wide variety of tax relief services. Each taxpayer has a different financial situation and has accrued different penalties with varying levels of complexity. Because of this, clients needs two things: an expert who can adapt tax resolution strategies to fit the client, and a tax relief company that provides a long list of different tax resolution options.

Heartland Tax Solutions does provide a variety of tax relief options:

  • Payments arrangement
  • Settlements
  • Adjustments and corrections
  • Penalty abatement
  • Lien releases
  • Lien subordinations
  • Holds
  • Extensions
  • Offers in compromise (OIC)
  • Audit reconsideration
  • Business restructuring
  • Levy releases

Customers can at least be assured that Heartland Tax Solutions does provide an adequate amount of services. This knowledge should help customers feel more comfortable trusting the advice of the tax professionals at Heartland Tax Solutions.

Business Services

Sometimes, the reason your business is in tax trouble is because of improper structuring and not necessarily because you can’t make payments. Heartland Tax Solutions employs experienced business professionals and tax experts with years of experience in restructuring small businesses. This business tax experience makes Heartland Tax Solutions an attractive company for those struggling under the weight of business taxes.

Heartland Tax Solutions will streamline your business operations in a way that resolves the weight of tax debt. The company promises to help you achieve tax compliance through its business tax relief services.

Successful Tax Resolutions

Unfortunately, Heartland Tax Solutions’ website does not provide adequate information on pricing. Potential customers must schedule a free consultation in order to get accurate pricing information. However, the company website does provide value in other ways. Customers are able to view many, if not all of, the company’s most successful tax resolutions to date.

For example, one client was able to achieve ‘Currently not Collectible’ status and paid $0 of a $156,000 debt. Another client, who was liable for $303,178, was able to set up an installment agreement with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) through Heartland Tax Solutions, making just $100/month payments. The company was also able to make an Offer in Compromise (OIC) with the IRS and settled over $30,000 in debt, achieving a one-time payment of $2,500.

Success stories like these are common. However, one notable takeaway from Heartland Tax Solutions’ success is how varied the methods were in achieving it. These varied successes are further evidence that Heartland Tax Solutions does provide the quality of expertise that it advertises. This company has all of the signs of a tax relief service with a high probability of successful tax negotiation.


The Bad

  • Lack of Pricing Information

Lack of Pricing Information

Customers have no way of gauging how much the company’s tax services will cost. Of course, each individual’s tax situation is different; this makes pricing difficult within the tax relief industry. However, companies can, and sometimes do, provide price ranges or estimates online to help customers make the right decision. Unfortunately, Heartland Tax Solutions has not published any pricing information online.


The Bottom Line

Heartland Tax Solutions does not provide clear pricing information on its website. The company is also missing important information involving minimum debt requirements, company history and experience, and state availability. However, this information can likely be deduced from a free consultation. As long as customers find the consultation fits their satisfaction, we see no reason not to recommend Heartland Tax Solutions because of its apparent expertise.

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David Hurley Asheville, NC

This company promised me that if I paid them to get started, they would immediately notify the state that I was working with them and that the state could no longer take action. LIE 1 I paid and it seemed to be going well. I was introduced to my team. My wife and I had to fill out a power of attorney. Since we were in different locations, I had my wife send hers in. They sent mine to the state and tried to talk to them about the account. The state said they needed both. Heartland went dark for 2 days after the state asked for the poa from my wife. So... the state garnished all of the money from our accounts... before Christmas. Over 7k - gone. So much for the protection letter that would prevent them from taking action. Heartland FINALLY sent my wifes power of attorney.... 8 days later! Their excuse was that the assistant tasked with sending it said he did and then got Covid so they couldn't check. LIE 2 At this point, my wife and I pleaded with the state to release the levy on our account. They finally did, but Heartland took the credit. I asked to speak to the owner and was put in contact with a sleezy liar named Ian C. After telling him my story, his response was simply "we are not going to see eye to eye so let's just agree to disagree". He said he would just refund me the 1050 we paid and that he thought his team did a great job. What a tool. They sent me a refund request that basically says if you want this refund, you are agreeing to not leave bad reviews or take us to court. Good luck with that! We are taking them to court and I will leave a review everywhere I can to make sure this doesn't happen to another family ever again. They SHOULD NOT be in business. Heartland is horrible company. DO NOT use Heartland Tax Group.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jared Beechum

These people called me and I made the mistake of letting them draft a fee from my account. Biggest mistake I ever made. After things got going it seemed like it was going ok and then bam what I was told was a fee turned out to be an initial fee and they increased what they said I owe them by 2400.00 so I said forget it and asked for my 1500 dollars back and now they wont even take my call. I feel I am the victim of a telephone scam and I’m out hard earned money!

2 years ago

Heartland Tax Solutions Logo

Reply from Heartland Tax Solutions

Hello Mr. Beechum. I seem to be having some trouble finding your file. Were you ever a client of ours? If so can you provide to me the phone number associated to this file, or email that we would have on file?

Nov. 8th, 2021

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Tammy Sides Huntington Beach, CA

So I got an IRS lien filed on me. Heatland got this information and started calling my cell phone 3 calls in an hour the last call they left a message 10 minutes later they call my work place I answer the phone and they proceed to want to talk to me about the Lien. What kind of business would call you at work to talk about a personal matter. If I wasnt already working with a RUSH TAX SOLUTION (who are awesome by the way) I definitely would use them.

5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Stacey Fregosi Huntersville, NC

So far- not good! I hired Rush. For ALOT of money. They sold my account to Heartland and now Heartland is asking for a monthly fee. Heartland said that Rush did not pay them to handle my account and now I have to pay them. I’m in the process of researching how this could possibly be.

1 year ago

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Paul Gamache Plant City, FL

Horrible!!! If I could give a negative star I would. They took my money, promised they would resolve my case but did absolutely NOTHING!!!! They told me to hire a professional to go over my tax return and locate the error and then send the information to them. Yeah seriously they told me to do it myself and then contact them.

5 years ago