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FinishLine Tax Solutions is a tax service provider with a wide variety of services ranging from tax relief to tax preparation. The company has CPAs, Enrolled Agents, IRS tax attorneys, and other tax professionals to tackle tax debt for the average consumer. Also, FinishLine offers a one-on-one consultation call to help set up service with its knowledgeable staff. The company offers a written guarantee of service. 


The Good

  • Guaranteed Service and No Minimum Debt Required
  • Wide Variety of Tax Services
  • Available Nationwide

Guaranteed Service and No Minimum Debt Required

FinishLine Tax Solutions offers a unique guarantee to its customers that is extremely rare to see. The company provides in writing a guarantee not to stop working on a client’s case until “full tax resolution is reached.” This guarantee is invaluable that a company will not stop until the client is satisfied. 

Along with the unique guarantee policy, the company states it will provide service to anyone in tax debt regardless of the debt amount. Most companies will not work with a client until there is at least $1200 of debt.

Wide Variety of Tax Services

FinishLine Tax Solutions specializes in tax relief and offers a competitive level of service for individuals, the self-employed, and business owners. 
The company’s range of services includes the IRS hardship program, Wage Garnishment Release, Bank Levy Release, IRS Fresh Start Program, and many more. 

With FinishLine having former IRS agents in their employ, the company can be ahead of the curve on current information. This can come in handy when needing to discuss services like IRS Installment Agreements. 

Although FinishLine doesn’t focus primarily on tax-relief, its diversified menu of services can make it a one-stop-shop for all things tax-related. 

Available Nationwide

FinishLine Tax Solutions offers its services to all 50 states. Being available in all states is a unique feature of FinishLine because not all tax resolution companies offer their services to every state. 

Along with being available in all states, FinishLine also has a physical office located in Texas. Many tax relief companies do not offer a physical location, which can cause doubt in legitimacy. 


The Bad

  • Missing Key Accreditations 
  • Negative Customer Reviews 

Missing Key Accreditations

FinishLine Tax Solutions does not show evidence of having any industry accreditations on its website. Accreditations hold companies to a centralized standard that they must fall into compliance with annually. Audits maintain this standard by specific organizations that manage accreditation, such as the National Tax Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) or the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS). 

Negative Customer Reviews 

Many online reviews from customers who have used FinishLine Tax Solutions state that the company is challenging to work with. Some customers have stated that once they paid for the service, they felt they didn’t get their money’s worth, and when requesting a refund, they were pressured to stay with the company. 

Although the company does offer a guaranteed service, this could harm the service in the end if there isn’t a healthy balance of when to suspend the service at the customers’ request.


The Bottom Line

Compared with other companies, FinishLine on paper offers a robust level of services to its clients when it comes to tax relief. The guarantee and no minimum debt policy of the company are quite valuable and challenging to come by. 

When comparing their reviews against other companies and considering what others are saying, it does raise suspicion that the company might promise more than can be delivered. There isn’t an explicit declaration of terms and conditions found on the companies website or accreditations from popular, trusted industry organizations like the NATP. 

Overall, it would be highly recommended to check with other tax relief companies before conducting business with FinishLine Tax Solutions. It is never a good sign when customers in multiple reviews state they had difficulty reaching a company and getting a refund. 

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FinishLine Tax Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Can the IRS/state really take my assets?

Yes, the IRS/state has the legal right to seize assets in the form of wages, bank accounts, investments, vehicles, and in rare instances, even your home to settle an outstanding tax debt. In fact, the IRS/states are the only entities in the entire country that can legally seize assets without a court order.

If I hire FinishLine Tax Solutions, will you guarantee me a savings of "pennies on the dollar" on my tax debt?

Absolutely not! And no company can guarantee that. Any firm that flat out guarantees "pennies on the dollar" savings on a client's tax debt is not only incredibly misleading these clients, but is essentially operating illegally. FinishLine Tax Solutions, however, guarantees a full tax resolution option that may include negotiated settlements. This can allow for some taxpayers to pay less than the original amount owed to the IRS.

Could I go to jail if I don't resolve my tax problem?

Technically, yes. However, since FinishLine Tax Solutions takes a serious and aggressive approach to resolving all of our clients' tax matters, FinishLine Tax Solutions can virtually guarantee you that you will never have to worry about going to federal prison.

Does FinishLine Tax Solutions guarantee its services?

Yes. FinishLine Tax Solutions guarantees that it will not stop working your case until full tax resolution is reached in the form of a customized resolution program that satisfies both you and the IRS and/or state taxing authority.

How long does the resolutions process take with FinishLine Tax Solutions?

Reaching tax resolution with FinishLine Tax Solutions can range anywhere from 30 days to over a year based on the complexities of each individual case. 

How soon will FinishLine Tax Solutions begin working on my case?

FinishLine Tax Solutions will begin immediately upon retaining our services. The collections division of the IRS/state is extremely aggressive so the company matches their level of aggression in terms of pursuing resolution for our clients.

How will this affect my credit?

Hiring FinishLine Tax Solutions will potentially improve your credit rating as the company will work to ultimately have all levies and liens discharged. Discharge of federal tax liens from your credit report will ultimately improve your credit scores.

Is FinishLine Tax Solutions a law firm?

No. FinishLine Tax Solutions is a full service, nationwide tax resolution firm which employs tax attorneys, CPAs, tax analysts, enrolled agents, former IRS agents, and other tax professionals.

Does FinishLine Tax Solutions handle state tax matters?

Yes. FinishLine Tax Solutions specializes in resolving IRS and all state tax matters.

Does FinishLine Tax Solutions handle business tax matters as well?

Yes. FinishLine Tax Solutions also specializes in all tax matters relating to personal and business tax issues, including corporate return filing, payroll tax issues (940s and 941s), audit representation, audit appeal, etc.
Message from
FinishLine Tax Solutions

At FinishLine Tax Solutions, we offer aggressive help with resolving back taxes and any IRS problem. We DO NOT make outlandish promises to our clients. However we do guarantee to each of our clients that we will establish a tax resolution plan designed to resolve their tax problem in a manner which is within their ability to pay and that does not create a financial hardship. Additionally, as long as our clients do their part, we will ensure that there is protection in place from any unforeseen wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens, and/or asset seizures. In essence, we will not stop working until our clients' tax matters are resolved on their own terms and satisfies the IRS at the same time.

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