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LAST UPDATED: June 14th, 2023

Choice Tax Relief takes an education-based approach to the complex tax relief industry. Rather than promise or make commitments to clients before understanding the breadth of the case, Choice Tax Relief provides a customized service to those in desperate need of tax relief solutions. Throughout the entire process, Choice Tax Relief will help clients understand the work that needs to be done and how it will impact payment schedules, requirements, and overall debt amount.

Choice Tax Relief was founded by experienced CPA, Logan Allec. Allec has garnered attention within the industry for his regular educational efforts where he provides detailed and informative courses through videos. The information provided in these courses is generally not disclosed by tax relief companies, but Allec believes in providing transparent solutions to clients. 

On behalf of clients, Choice Tax Relief will work to resolve tax debt issues at both the federal (IRS) and state government levels. Along the way, Choice Tax Relief professionals will also offer education, so clients know exactly what they are facing and how to avoid these problems in the future. 

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The Good

  • Tax Representatives
  • Education Resources
  • Tax Relief Options

Tax Representatives

The experienced staff at Choice Tax Relief is one of the main considerations prospective clients should mull over when making a final decision on a tax relief provider. The staff at Choice Tax Relief includes the following professionals:

  • Experienced CPAs
  • Former IRS officers
  • Tax specialists

This team has the knowledge and insights needed to offer customized and tailored solutions for each case that comes their way. Not all tax relief companies have both CPA experience in addition to former IRS insights. 

Education Resources

Aside from the company’s commitment to transparency, its educational focus is what separates it among tax relief providers. Believing that clients are capable of understanding the complexities associated with taxes and then offering insights that can be utilized for better financial habits is a specialty of Choice Tax Relief and CEO Logan Allec. Allec has been featured in a number of media outlets sharing his knowledge and expertise including but not limited to the following:

  • Forbes
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Huff Post
  • USA Today
  • NBC
  • Bankrate
  • US News
  • Marketwatch

Tax Relief Options

Each case is handled on an individual level and the company executes a full analysis and investigation into each situation. Following this analysis, Choice Tax Relief professionals will share with clients exactly what solutions are available for the particular scenario. 

The most common form of tax relief solutions available through Choice Tax Relief include the following:

  • Offer in Compromise
  • Currently Not Collectible Status
  • Installment Agreement

Many providers will guarantee one solution will work and will be unable to live up to those guarantees. Choice Tax Relief will be transparent and honest in what tax relief solutions it will employ on the client’s behalf to yield the best possible outcome.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Pricing Information
  • Substantial Tax Debt Required
  • No Tax Prep Services

Undisclosed Pricing Information

Choice Tax Relief has failed to publicly disclose costs for its services where others in the same space have made this information available. 

Once a client agrees to terms with Choice Tax Relief, all services and cost breakdowns will be made available and the client will know all of this information upfront before any charges are incurred. 

Substantial Tax Debt Required

Companies that offer tax relief solutions generally have certain requirements prospective clients must meet in order to be eligible for services. This is generally due to the fact that those with minimal debts can likely get out of trouble without professional intervention.

However, the minimum tax debt that a prospective client needs to have incurred with Choice Tax Relief starts at $10,000. That means that Choice Tax Relief is really only helping those who have significant tax debt. This eliminates a number of clients looking for a service but have not yet met the minimum requirements. 

No Tax Prep Services

Since Choice Tax Relief focuses heavily on its proven tax relief approach and providing educational resources to its clients, the company has yet to venture into the tax preparation side of the business. 

While tax preparation is not a requirement of tax relief services, many providers offer it as a way to help clients get on their feet after incurring significant tax debt and ensure that all necessary information is filed properly. This allows clients to immediately start out on the right foot as they venture into a new world of positive financial practices. Unfortunately for Choice Tax Relief clients, this is not an offered service at this time. 


The Bottom Line

Choice Tax Relief provides comprehensive tax relief solutions and educational opportunities to those in need of resolving tax-related issues but are unsure where to turn. The team at Choice Tax Relief is well versed in the tax relief space and will provide customized solutions to ensure best possible outcomes while helping clients lay a foundation of better financial practices.

The educational resources is where Choice Tax Relief stands out from the competition as the company, starting with its founder, believes in making clients aware of the intricacies of tax code and relief solutions. The actual solutions and process by which Choice Tax Relief operates allows for positive results that set clients up for future success. 

While there are a number of reasons to consider Choice Tax Relief for tax relief help, there are limitations that prospective clients should be aware of. Despite being transparent in a number of areas, there is no public pricing information making it difficult to determine the affordability of Choice Tax Relief services. Additionally, to secure Choice Tax Relief services, prospective clients have to reach a minimum debt amount that is rather substantial compared to other providers. Lastly, it should be noted that Choice Tax Relief does not offer any tax preparation services to clients either. 

Considering all the solutions and educational opportunities offered through Choice Tax Relief, those in need of a professional tax relief service provider should consider utilizing Choice Tax Relief to get the situation rectified. 

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