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Located in Boulder, Colorado, BC Tax was organized by top professionals in the tax resolution field with the singular goal of providing the absolute best tax services for clients. BC Tax believes that providing the absolute best service and putting the client first will attract a large, dedicated clientele. Since the company's start in 2000, it has helped thousands of individuals and businesses with their tax problems.

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The Good

  • Professional Staff
  • Variety of Services
  • Accreditations
  • Nationwide Availability
  • Low Minimum Debt Requirement
  • Good Customer Reviews

Professional Staff

BC Tax hires CPAs, enrolled agents, and other tax professionals to help taxpayers with income tax debt and other tax problems (like a tax lien, wage garnishment, or failure to file a tax return). Only CPAs, enrolled agents, and tax attorneys are authorized to represent clients before the IRS. Such experts are extremely important because nobody is more qualified to handle a customer's tax liability and debt penalties. Additionally, debt professionals are more likely to have relevant insights on tax laws that might affect your business, how to take advantage of any available tax credit, and identify the specific tax rate for your state.

Variety of Services

BC Tax offers a variety of tax services. The company provides tax debt resolution services including the following:

  • Offer in Compromise
  • Abatement of penalties
  • Installment agreement
  • Appeals/collection due process
  • Audit representation
  • New company start-up
  • Trust fund recovery penalty representation
  • Lien discharges
  • Non-collectible status

In addition, it offers asset protection, financial consulting, tax planning strategies, and tax preparation services.


BC Tax holds several important accreditations, which reflect adherence to best industry practices. It is accredited by the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Nationwide Availability

BC Tax is available in all 50 states. Any customer that needs help with their taxes will be much more likely to qualify for BC Tax's relief services.

Low Minimum Debt Requirement

The company requires a minimum debt of $1,250. This is lower than many competitors; the industry average is $7,500 to $10,000. For example, CuraDebt Tax Relief has a minimum tax debt requirement of $5,000. On the other hand, a few companies like Optima Tax Relief have no minimum debt requirement.

Good Customer Reviews

BC Tax Relief reviews paint BC Tax in a positive light. Reviews commonly refer to the company's efficiency and expertise in helping taxpayers to fight a federal tax lien, wage garnishment, and other tax debts and penalties. Whether you're an individual taxpayer who failed to file their federal income tax return or a business that needs help managing a mountain of back taxes, BC Tax Relief has impressed its customers with its multitude of taxpayer relief services.


The Bad

  • No Money-Back Guarantee
  • Undisclosed Prices

No Money-Back Guarantee

BC Tax does not offer a money-back guarantee. Many competitors offer a refund period, typically for 15 days.

Undisclosed Prices

Company representatives have stated that the price for its tax debt services starts at $1,250. However, BC Tax does not disclose any prices on its website. Consumers who need help with taxes will need to call the company to receive quotes for their specific situation.


The Bottom Line

In comparison to other tax relief companies like Optima Tax Relief or CuraDebt Tax Relief, BC Tax fairs rather well. BC Tax employs certified public accountants (CPAs), tax attorneys, and enrolled agents who can provide customers with important information regarding their tax debts (tax rate, tax liability, etc.).

BC Tax is an accredited company that hires tax professionals. It offers a variety of taxpayer relief services and tax resolution options. The company is available nationwide and has a low debt requirement. BC Tax does not offer a money-back guarantee, nor does it disclose prices.

However, BC Tax relief reviews speak positively of the company's tax expertise. Interested consumers will need to contact the company directly to see if BC Tax offers affordable tax relief for their specific situation.

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Sarah Wheat Ridge, CO

Long story short - BC has been doing our taxes for several years now and we would definitely recommend them! We love having the option to work with them remotely via the firm's secure system. It helps reduce the stress of filing and makes the entire process much easier. In addition, they really pay attention to detail. After a recent move, they caught that we were missing an important 1099 form that we would have absolutely would have forgotten without their help (it was mistakenly sent by our bank to our old address). The attention to detail ultimately helped us catch a mistake that would have had us overpaying our taxes by at least $4,000.

2 years ago

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Angela W Vineland, NJ

I actually received a call from them out of the blue, just shortly after I had gotten the levy notice, and they said they would do a little more research on my case. It wasn't even my fault that I had an IRS balance, I had a bad business partner, that wasn't reporting what he was supposed to and it ended up falling on me so I was responsible, but that is a whole other story. Anyway, I wasn't prepared for the upfront cost that they charged but I paid it anyway, and it was a good decision because overall they were really on top of it, and without getting into too much detail, they ended up saving me WAY more than the fee, so it was a good deal. I'd recommend anyone with the same problem to contact these guys.

3 years ago

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Richard Maurice Highland Park, IL

I have worked with a couple tax resolution firms before, and at first, I didn't think this one would be any different. They would spend a ton of time looking over my situation, only to say they couldn't help me. I was pretty surprised to see how many options I had when they finished looking over my paperwork. Granted, none of them were ideal, but they were better than the situation I was already in. At the very least, they were able to find options that other firms completely overlooked. I can't complain.

3 years ago

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Ronald Weaver Long Beach, NY

I honestly wasn't a fan of BC Tax right away. I was skeptical about the amount of time it was going to take them to file what I thought to be a simple appeal for me. I remained patient though, and I soon found out just how complicated the process really was. I wish I had realized that from the start so I could have worried a little less. In any event, they were not only able to complete my appeal, but they were able to see some mistakes on past taxes that my accountant had missed. I got a ton of money taken off my taxes owed, and I can't thank them enough for that.

3 years ago

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Robert Barrett Southfield, MI

In the course of dealing with unusually complicated and potentially expensive tax issues, BC Tax was the one firm of several I contacted who gave straight answers to my questions and was willing and able to help with complex reporting requirements that other tax professionals would not. The team have done a great job on my taxes this year and saved me money and a lot of stress. They are easy to work with, very thorough, keep me in the loop. Highly recommended and will use their services again.

3 years ago

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Samantha Avery Denver, CO

I contacted this office based on the reviews and I'm glad I did. The guy I spoke with was very helpful and referred me to another consultant since as an individual, their firm may be overkill. I appreciated his frankness and although he could have certainly taken me on as a client, he was unsure of my budget. I bet they take good care of their business clients!

3 years ago

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Rick England Arvada, CO

I was using the same tax resolution company for years and they weren't doing anything to help. I was very nervous about finding a new company figuring it would be more of the same. Someone in my family recommended BC Tax, so I called and scheduled a consultation and they had my problem fixed much faster than I had hoped. Megan and her staff are very professional and helpful throughout the process. I will definitely come back to them to do my tax filings in the future.

3 years ago

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La Lindenhurst, NY

If I could give zero stars, I would. This company reached out to me to resolve an issue I had with state taxes. I did NOT reach out to them. I don't know how they had my info, but they did. The man, Daniel R, who solicited me explained that they would go above and beyond to lower what I owed and most importantly, get rid of added fee's and penalties that NYS added. He also told me that NYS was going to freeze my bank accounts if I didn't take action immediately. I was told this would cost $500. Lies. They assigned a woman named Jazmin N to my case. Horrid. That is the only appropriate word I can use to describe her as. She asked for an additional $500 right away saying that they can't start to look at my files until payment is received. Ok, additional $500 sent. I hardly heard from her directly, and when I did, it was a request for more documents that would require more money to go over due to time lapse. I was completely frustrated with her. By this time, I'm in $2000. The exact amount of money that my added fee's and penalties were. I spoke to her asking when my payments will be lowered as promised and she starts yelling and talking over me while her secretary Laura H is whispering to her on what to say to me. Pathetic way to treat your paying clients. I called the company directly after that and requested that someone else take over my case. They had Jazmin call me the following day, low and behold, with such a sweet demeanor. Absolutely ridiculous. Two years later I'm in the same exact place I started when they conned me into such a "great deal" working with them. I could have called NYS on my own and made my own payment plan. I didn't need to spend $2000 for some random tax company in Colorado to do what I could have done on my own. They did absolutely nothing for me except put me $2000 more out of pocket. Come to find out that NYS doesn't even reduce fee's or penalties for any reason, only the IRS does. This company was a complete scam obviously knowing full well this to be true and the only reason I went through them. They talk a great game and perform the complete opposite. I highly recommend you do NOT use them for anything.

6 months ago

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Preston Nixon San Francisco, CA

I pretty much had to start my company over again on paper in order to resolve my tax problem and I wasn't sure how to do that legally so I hire BC Tax. The process was very time consuming and took much paper work but I got the results I was looking for.

3 years ago

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Gary Sawchuk Detroit, MI

At this time and junction in my life I reached out to a friend after being sent from pillar to post. She told me about BC Tax. The staff are very professional and so helpful. Anytime there is a question they are eager to help. I highly recommend the team to all of my friends and family.

3 years ago

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Larry Lance Indianapolis, IN

What an awesome company! I found them on a business directory and called for a consultation. I was impressed by the level of care and attention provided by everybody whom I spoke with. Not only did they take the time to help me, they also made sure I completely understood everything. They are patient and very easy to work with. Great service.

3 years ago

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I don't have much to say other than I got what I wanted which was that I saved a lot. I had back tax issues with my business and had already decided to pay it all. But I found this company on BBB and reached out. They took care of everything. I hopefully don't need to use them again but if anyone else does, give these guys a call. I saved a ton.

3 years ago

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Joe Brissette Metairie, LA

BC tax did an amazing job of resolving my tax matter. I did have to answer many questions and provide them some documentation but everything worked out in the end and my tax debt was reduced greatly.

3 years ago

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Tony Stratton San Antonio, TX

I have worked with BC Tax LLC for many years now and am delighted by their service. Their technical expertise has saved us lots of money on our taxes. They have become much more than our accountants; they are our friends!

3 years ago

star star star star star

Peter Parrish Houston, TX

After I hired BC Tax to help me with my IRS problems the whole process has gotten better. They explain everything they do and what I need to do and it makes dealing with the IRS so much easier.

3 years ago

star star star star star_border


I didn't actually get started with this company, but I wanted to leave a review for the reception staff. The girls at the front desk were so very nice and professional each time I called to talk about my file. I was AMAZED! They deserve some recognition too!

3 years ago

star star star star star

Mark Hassler

I have been working with BC Tax for years. They have done an amazing job at handling the complexities of my taxes and have always been on my side. I highly recommend them to manage your IRS problems!

3 years ago

star star star star star_border

MH Resaca, GA

If we had a question, they would always get back to us. They said they did not mind all the questions, it was there job to take care of us. Appreciate everything they did.

2 years ago

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Mary McGee Albany, NY

I really just want to say THANK YOU! They helped us with our IRS issue and now everything is back on track and not looming over us.

3 years ago

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Thomas Keats Secaucus, NJ

100% bait and switch. I failed to communicate with myself nor the IRS. They put me and my assets at serious risk. If they were licensed, it would be revoked. Used a licensed local CPA or attorney, or do it yourself.

11 months ago

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Josh Duker Nashville, TN

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. They charge a flat $1750 and then constantly want more money monthly for "additional time and work". They don't return calls and the IRS said they have had no communication from them about my case.

1 year ago

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John G Miami, FL

Very good experience. Professional and upfront from the beginning to the end.

3 years ago

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