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LAST UPDATED: June 17th, 2022

20/20 Tax Resolution is a tax resolution firm that started in 1998 and is based in Broomfield, Colorado. It is one of the longest standing and most experienced tax relief companies in the industry. 20/20 has helped over 26,000 businesses and individuals with their IRS and state tax liabilities. 20/20 Tax Resolution claims to develop compassionate solutions for taxpayers and can help anyone with their tax liability issues or tax problems.

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20/20 Tax Resolution is available in all 50 states. The website has a page dedicated to showing results in every state for both state and IRS; such depth and quality in past tax service is something rarely seen on other websites in the tax relief industry.

This range of availability gives more customers the opportunity to work with 20/20 Tax Resolution. It also has tax resolution services for both individuals and businesses.


20/20 Tax Resolution provides various services for individuals and businesses working with the Internal Revenue Service. Some of these services can help solve tax debt or other financial needs. 20/20 Tax Resolution helps taxpayers fight penalties and win tax benefits:

  • Tax Levies - the tax authorities at 20/20 Tax Resolution can help you lift or fight IRS tax levies. A levy is an action the IRS takes in order to seize your property due to tax liability or tax debt.
  • Tax Liens - the company will help you fight tax liens, which give the IRS the right to take your property before creditors. However, a tax lien does not necessarily mean the IRS inevitably will take your property.
  • Penalties - the company will help you fight tax penalties, which are usually 5 percent of the amount of unpaid taxes for every month your tax return is late.
  • Wage Garnishments - 20/20 Tax Resolution can help you fight garnishments. A wage garnishment is a specific type of levy which will give the IRS some of your weekly wages.
  • Offer in Compromise - the company can help customers get an Offer in Compromise (OIC). An OIC is an IRS program which allows any qualified taxpayer to settle for a lower tax debt amount.
  • Penalty Abatement - the company can help customers file for penalty abatements, which allows any taxpayer to remove or lessen certain penalties.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief - the company can help you request innocent spouse relief, which can relieve you from penalties applied because your spouse filed their taxes incorrectly or inappropriately.
  • Individual Taxes - 20/20 Tax Resolution can help you with individual tax problems.
  • Business Taxes - 20/20 Tax Resolution can help you with business tax problems.
  • Installment Agreement - 20/20 Tax Resolution can help you set up an IRS installment agreement, which is a kind of payment plan for tax debt due to unfiled tax returns.


20/20 Tax Resolution provides a blog with various financial categories. Some of these blog posts are to help people learn more about tax issues such as general tax debt help, appeals, and taxes. Some posts show a little more depth in discussions of political actions, the impact they can have on financial issues, and why individuals and businesses should care. While 20/20 doesn't offer any other financial education resources or tools, the blog is very informative.


Over the years, 20/20 Tax Resolution has provided its clients with access to over 100 employees to help create and set goals for clients' tax issues and debt. These employees consist of Enrolled Agents, Juris Doctors, and other tax experts who understand the ins and outs of tax law. The attorneys on 20/20 Tax Resolution's team are also licensed Enrolled Agents and act as Enrolled Agents, not lawyers.

Each 20/20 Tax Resolution client will participate in a free consultation to assess the financial situation and to determine the plan of action. 20/20 will then have full communication with the taxing authorities at the Internal Revenue Service on the client's behalf.

It's important for a tax debt company to have professionals certified to the degree that they can fully represent clients before the IRS. There are laws that prevent anyone unqualified from representing you before the IRS, so there are regulations requiring adequate service. The presence of such tax professionals should be seen as another sort of quality verification for customers.

Industry Partners and Additional Services

20/20 Tax Resolution partners with Taxfyle to help clients prepare taxes and audit past tax returns. Taxfyle employs Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who are skilled in preparing taxes accurately and ensuring that past taxes were completed correctly.

20/20 Tax Resolution also partners with Bench to offer bookkeeping services. These services help 20/20 Tax Resolution clients reconcile financial information from past years to ensure that taxes were completed and filed correctly.

Past Clients

A unique difference in 20/20 Tax Resolution is their ability to provide contact information for past clients if requested, so consumers and/or clients are able to hear testimonials in real-time. Reading testimonials online is one thing, but speaking with an actual client on the phone can help you understand someone else's experience more accurately. We were a little skittish about privacy breaches; however, these former clients had agreed to future communications of this nature.


The company holds important certifications, accreditations, and memberships with some of the industry leading standard organizations, including an outstanding rank with the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the National Association of Tax Professionals. 


The Bad

  • Limited Online Cost Information

Limited Online Cost Information

It would be nice for 20/20 Tax Resolution to offer general cost information on its website or to make it possible to receive a quote online. However, the cost of tax resolution services depends on the kind of tax debt issue and what it will take to resolve the issue. Interested potential clients should take advantage of the free consultation to learn more about possible solutions to their tax problems and how much those services would cost.


The Bottom Line

Overall, 20/20 Tax Resolution is a tax resolution firm that has done something right by remaining in business since 1998. It has a great team of professionals and offers various tax resolution services to help clients with their needs. 20/20 Tax Resolution's services are available nationwide and allow potential clients to talk to past clients. We recommend calling 20/20 Tax Resolution for a consultation and investigating whether the company truly does offer compassionate solutions to your tax problems. Take advantage of the free consultation to learn more about cost information and compare 20/20 Tax Resolution to other top tax relief companies in the industry.

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