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LAST UPDATED: October 15th, 2023

Comcast Xfinity X1 is a live TV and streaming service and device that brings your live TV, sports, streaming services, and music together. It can be accessed on your TV or watched on the Xfinity Stream app. 

Unlike other streaming TV services, Comcast’s Xfinity X1 is an interface and an app that combines your live TV cable subscription with a DVR service and place for you to watch other content such as from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, and more. Xfinity X1 includes hundreds of channels, DVR, and 4k Ultra HD viewing capability. You also get access to free shows and movies on demand. 

Xfinity X1 customers also gain access to Peacock Premium for free (a $4.99 per month value when this was written). Peacock Premium is packed with content from NBC and Telemundo including next-day airings of current hits, live sports, and every movie and show available on Peacock. 

One limitation of the Xfinity X1 streaming TV service is that you must be both an Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet customer in order to sign up for the Xfinity X1 DVR and streaming app. Depending on the area that a customer lives in, this may cost an extra monthly subscription or the Xfinity X1 service may be free. This lack of transparent pricing is confusing and inconvenient considering there are competitors that offer a clear pricing structure.


The Good

  • Voice Remote
  • Peacock Premium Included
  • DVR Cloud Storage
  • Consolidate All Media

Voice Remote

The X1 service comes with a voice remote which is a convenient feature. Users push a button on the remote and state what they are searching for and results appear instantly. Gone are the days of scrolling endlessly through long lists of channels and show options looking for your favorites. The X1 voice remote also allows you to ask questions like “When is the Dodgers game?”

Peacock Premium Included

Xfinity’s X1 service currently includes a Peacock Premium subscription. This will save you $4.99 per month and is loaded with content from NBC and Telemundo. Peacock Premium is great for those that love NBC shows and content, live sports, and Telemundo shows. If you don’t regularly watch NBC or Telemundo, then it may not be such an exceptional value. 

DVR Cloud Storage

The Xfinity X1 service is essentially a DVR add-on subscription to your TV service with cloud storage so that you can access content from the streaming app anywhere you go. Digital Video Recorder, or DVR, lets you record any TV program and watch it when convenient. DVR also allows you to rewind and fast-foward live TV, pause a show or game, and more. 

Unlike many top competing TV services, Xfinity X1’s DVR is stored in the cloud. It is not a hard drive DVR like most competitors offer. There are positives and negatives with the cloud storage model. The X1 service provides 500 GB of data storage, which is equal to about 60 hours of HD programming. This is very small compared to other hard-drive DVRs, but it is comparable to most other cloud storage DVRs. A major benefit of DVR cloud storage is that you can watch your shows anywhere through the Xfinity X1 streaming app. 

Consolidate All Media

One big benefit of subscribing to Xfinity X1 is that you can consolidate most of your media in one place. Do you have subscriptions to Hulu, Spotify, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more? You will be able to access them all in one convenient platform. Many other streaming TV services allow this but not all, and many don’t offer as comprehensive a list of compatible streaming apps available. One major streaming app that is not available on X1 is Disney+.

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The Bad

  • Must Have an Xfinity TV and Internet Subscription
  • Significantly Less DVR Storage Space

Must Have an Xfinity TV and Internet Subscription

In order to subscribe to Xfinity X1 you must have a subscription to Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet from Comcast. Depending on your location, you then may be able to add X1 to your subscription. Your area may be a limiting factor and you may not be able to subscribe to Xfinity TV and Internet and/or X1. Prices for all of these services are not readily available and can vary drastically based on your location. If you are a first-time subscriber, Comcast will likely offer you a discounted temporary rate. 

Significantly Less DVR Storage Space

The Xfinity X1 DVR is a cloud storage system which means that you will have much more limited storage capacity than a hard drive DVR. Many competitors offer customers the option of having both a high storage capacity hard drive DVR and a cloud option with limited storage capacity. Xfinity’s X1 DVR has a storage capacity for 60 hours of HD programming. Some competing DVRS can hold over five times that many hours. The smaller storage capacity may not be an issue depending on the number of people using your DVR.


The Bottom Line

Xfinity X1 offers a lot of cool features that could make your TV viewing experience better. However, it's not for everyone. The main thing you need to have before subscribing to Xfinity X1 is Comcast’s Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet services. If you do not already have a subscription to these two services, then it is likely not going to be a great deal for you and your family. It’s a service that is really well-suited for those who are already subscribed to Xfinity TV and Internet.

Those who are already Comcast customers will appreciate that they may be able to add the X1 service for free depending on where they live. There is very little pricing information available, and it varies drastically by area and by customer contract but some state that the price is in the $10 per month range. The Xfinity X1 service includes nice features like a voice remote and a streaming app allowing you to watch your DVR content from the cloud. Are you a fan of shows like This is Us, Superstore, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place? You should also consider the X1 subscription upgrade if you enjoy watching NBC and Telemundo shows and live sports. Comcast includes a Peacock Premium subscription for free with an X1 subscription, giving you access to a massive library of NBC and Telemundo content.

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Adam Fuchs Burnsville, MN

I recently had to switch from USI fiber to Xfinity when I moved to a new building. I new going in that Xfinity was pricey and they always sneak in extra charges, but it was the only option available. What I didn't expect was being lied to repeated, an extra 28.5% charge on my first bill, and not getting the proper equipment to even set it up when I picked up my self install kit. First thing, I picked up an install kit from a an Xfinity store and I have one TV and a cable modem. They didn't give me a splitter so I can actually set them both up at the same time. If I'm getting both cable and internet from your company, it should be kindergarten math to give me the one thing I need to use them both at the same time. So I had to drive all the way back to the store to get the proper gear. Next, knowing they love over charging, I watched my first bill like hawk. Sure enough, they tacked on $58 in extra charges. So I called and spent 2 hours convincing the 'customer service' rep that I only had one TV and the getting a splitter does mean I have the two tvs and boxes they tried to charge me for. Also that I hate DVR, never use it and would never have signed up for premium DVR on my actual TV nor on the fictitious TV they claimed I have. I got him to confirm my bill would be changed to the actual price I signed up for. Of course, that was a lie. Several days later my bill had not changed. Just to change up my frustration vehicles, I decided to try the Xfinity chat this time and spent a little over another hour convincing the chat person of everything I had talked to the phone person about—apparently they don't take notes for my file or they couldn't read or something. At the end of the chat, I asked for a transcript so that I have it in writing that both this month's bill and every bill going forward until the end of my promo package would be what I signed up for. He said that I could download a transcript after closing the chat. Another lie, there is no way to email or download a chat transcription after closing. So, I immediately opened another chat and spent nearly another hour convincing the next person of everything that I had said to the previous two. I did actually get her to paste a transcript of the chat in the window so I could copy it—the only positive outcome of what is now 4 hours of my life wasted. She stated multiple times that my current bill would be switched to what my package rate is, and that would be the same for all future bills but that it may take up to 3 days to show on the website (because apparently Xfinity has the slowest databases in the world and unlike every other online bill I pay they have to have mice manually run the changes and push the buttons to get things to update, or something). Of course, yet another lie. Those chat conversations happened on 5/20. It's now 6/5 and my bill is due 6/11 and still shows as $58 dollars above what it would be. Thankfully, I at least have it in writing that it should have been changed so that I can open a credit card dispute when the charge goes through. but the fact that I have to go through all that is ridiculous. Maybe lying is a new service they are rolling out, and that is what the $58 is actually for?

2 years ago

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Silver Surfer Boston, MA

Xfinity is ok once you sign up but after that they spike the price up and add all these crazy fee's so i left there services and would not recommend them to anybody. over charging for internet, there just a company trying to trick people who do not know about streaming services so keep your money people.

11 months ago

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Amanda Hellewell Orem, UT

I don't know what was wrong, but we were given this service free when we switched out internet services and went able to use it at all. There wasn't anything the company could do on their end either. It felt like a waste.

4 years ago

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very high in price very pore on service to and you only get tv for what you pay for

3 years ago