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HBO Now is a stand-alone streaming TV service for people who do not currently pay for cable TV (like Netflix and Amazon Prime). Subscribers have unlimited access to all of HBO's content at any time from anywhere. Now you can have higher quality movies without a cable TV contract. 

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The Good

  • High quality movies and tv series
  • Variety of devices available
  • Many original series

High Demand Quality Content

HBO has done a great job of making their past and present content available online. HBO Now currently has over 650 high-quality movies and almost 100 TV series.

Parental Controls

Parents have the ability to filter new releases, but there are some bugs editing out some of the older television shows and movies.

Variety of Devices

HBO Now is available on the following devices: iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Android phones and tablets, Android TV, Amazon Fire tablets, TV, Fire Stick, web browser, Chromecast, and Roku.

Original Series

HBO Now has over 125 original series for subscribers to enjoy. These series are exclusive to HBO and will not be available through any other streaming tv service.

Overall, HBO Now is a great alternative for someone interested in HBO content. It can be streamed on a wide variety of devices and is reasonably priced for high-quality content. Subscribers have unlimited access to all of HBO anywhere without a TV provider contract.

The Bad

  • Streaming issues
  • Higher price
  • Smaller library selection


HBO Now costs $14.99. This is a little more expensive than other streaming services, but HBO Now offers high quality of movies and TV series.

Library Selection and Variety

With HBO Now, subscribers are only going to get access to HBO-driven content. HBO Now doesn't offer the same high volume as some of their competition. However, they do offer over 650 movies and almost 100 TV series to choose from.

Streaming Issues

HBO Now is known to have streaming issues at peak times. In some cases, users may have to restart the app, their device, or even uninstall and reinstall the app altogether.

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The Bottom Line

If you don't have a current HBO subscription, and you want access to a great deal of HBO content, HBO Now is a great option to satisfy that need. HBO Now is a great way to extend your current cable subscription if you want to drop HBO from your current cable provider.

Also, HBO Now can be streamed on a large variety of devices, but the services are not the most competitive if you are looking for a large library of movie options.

We recommend reviewing the top rated companies before making a final decision.

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    Danny Krupp

    June 21st, 2016 New York, NY

    Many users will be aware that HBO NOW was down just as the Game of Thrones episode "The Battle of the Bastards" was set to air on Sunday night. There was the predictable (and perfectly appropriate) Twitter onslaught as many, many fans were unable to watch their beloved show. In our case—and I'm sure many others—GOT is the main reason we pay so much money to subscribe to HBO. In any case, I emailed HBO customer service to ask for them to make amends. (After all, if this had been any other paid event, such as a dinner out at a restaurant or a movie in a theatre, the management of a quality establishment would have both apologized and compensated their viewers appropriately.) I got a boilerplate response that ignored the content of my complaint. When I pointed out that their response was inappropriate, I recieved a second, equally boilerplate response that again missed the mark. I pointed this out again and let them know that I would be canceling my subscription if they did not attempt to recompense me. I received, immediately, a boilerplate reply explaining how to cancel my subscription. No apology, and no attempt at resititution. I will be canceling my subscription before the end of the next pay cycle.

  • 1

    Matthew Jackson

    June 14th, 2016 Lonoke, AR

    We bought this service to watch one program, and we've experimented watching it on different evenings. However, regardless of when we try and watch it, it stops playing every 2 minutes or so and stays stuck until I go restart it. We stream 4k content without problem, but HBONow just sucks. They didn't plan the on their servers at all. Horrible service.

  • 1


    June 4th, 2016 Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Amazing that HBO offers real old movies and for $15 a month totally not worth it! All movies HBO streams are even 30 years old... OMG I wasn't even born yet

  • 0


    May 31st, 2016 Memphis, TN

    Cost is way too high for what you get. Soon they will be selling their precious content to a company that can manage their product better.

  • 2

    Ray Hetherington

    May 26th, 2016 Lakeville, MN

    I get 60+ megs through my ISP. I almost never get dropped by Netflix. But, I almost always get dropped bt HBO Now. I get dropped about three times per hour of Game of Thrones that I watch. I then have to re-start the app and re-find my place in the episode. HBO Now sucks, technically. Also, their interface sucks compared to Netflix. You can't simply add a season of episodes to your watch list, you have to do it one episode at a time! HBO Now sucks!

  • 2


    May 8th, 2016 Jacksonville, FL

    HBO now for roku is awful. I will not be keeping it past the free trial period. Sound and picture have to be adjusted differently to other streaming channels which makes it cumbersome. If you pause during an episode or movie for too long, you can't resume from where you left off (resume option starts the episode /movie from the beginning so you have to scroll through and try to remember where you watched to). Glitchy going from one episode / movie to the next, usually have to exit the channel and go back. Does not navigate as quickly as hulu or netflix. Overall pretty crap for what they expect you to pay for it

  • 0

    Anshul Singh

    May 1st, 2016 Dallas, TX

    Like millions of other people, I was unable to log in for the GOT premier. That's when the real nightmare started. Out of all of the correspondence I sent them, HBO Now only responded once to tell me they were working on the issue. A week later and they haven't worked on jack. To make matters worse, I tried to reset my password, and the email to reset never comes through to my email. That's right, there customer service is incompetent, they can't even generate an email to reset a password. I have literally tried to reset it 15 times, and each time neither my inbox or my spam folder has nothing from them.

  • 0


    April 25th, 2016 Lancaster, NY

    Have heard a bunch of people talking about HBO NOW and was pretty excited to finally check it out and catch up on some good shows ive been missing out on. I downloaded the app and set up the free trial and everything to find out not only do they not let me use HBO and claim I need to renew my just started subscription that was the free month trial and pay the 14.99 to use it, but they removed the billing and payment info tab so I cannot even cancel and unsubscribe to get out of it. Ive gone through everything to try to find out how to unsubscribe and it seems the only thing I can do is get someone on the phone to take care of it at this point. Ive messaged on twitter, emailed their support and even sat on the phone on hold for over 2 hours to have nobody answer. All in all, If you wanna get jerked around and have to jump through numerous hoops to try out a service that doesn't even have everything your looking for and waste copious amounts of your time, then HBO NOW is your app!

  • 3


    April 25th, 2016 Reynoldsburg, OH

    Constant freezing. I have to reset my Roku all the time now. I'm battling through b/c of GOT but I swear; it bites.

  • 1

    Yosef Good

    April 24th, 2016 Cedar Rapids, IA

    I mean it took me an hour to get this setup and I can not hook it up so I can watch on my xbox but only my small phone HBO is secretly working for APPLE and other companies so we have to buy an iPad they make this as hard to use as possible with Netflix you can just login and use it with this you need a phd in their version of pure stupidity. Not even worth chewed up gum on the ground let alone 14.99 I wish I knew a way to get in touch with HBO to find out why they would do this but I have no idea how to do that

  • 2

    rick W

    April 19th, 2016 Lindale, TX

    HBO is not worth $14.99 per month, For $16 a month you can get HULU and Netflix, 5000 + movies and use a computer. Is HBO going backwards in time as people are dumping cable and satellite in the millions now. Cables dead and broadband is king, watch what you want, when you want with no sorry medical, lawyers and fake insurance commercials. CUT CABLE......

  • 0

    Donovan Coffey

    April 5th, 2016 Phoenix, AZ

    Literally screwed everyone over and refuse to fix service on computers and phones. Unable to watch and customer service won't help. Cancelled subscription

  • 0

    Smooth Move

    February 19th, 2016 Ephrata, PA

    I just completed a 30 free trial of HBO Now through ROKU. Ii is the worst experience I have ever had. Broken streams, freezes and hardware lockups that I do not have with any other channel on both my ROKU units, one streaming Stick and one console. The absolute worst part is HBO customer service. I could not sign onto the website, always getting a "Subscription needs renewed" message. I finally contacted support and was assured they would fix the sin on problem and then take care of the other problems after I gave them a copy of my purchase invoice and ROKU serial numbers. I sent them off and wrote them again 2 weeks later. The again assured me they were fixing the problem. EVERY time I wanted to watch a different HBO program I had to reset the ROKU box. Support never fixed anything and I was never successful signing on the the website to change settings on my account. Fortunately I was able to control the account through ROKU and cancel. I will never go back to HBO and I do not recommend HBO Now to anyone. I DO recommend if you are going to try it sign on through ROKU or another third party so you can cancel if you need to.

  • 6


    August 7th, 2015 Omaha, NE

    $14 a month is a little high for just non live shows, the best would be shows they show live but you have to wait a day to see those!