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LAST UPDATED: February 19th, 2022

FilmOn is an internet-based television streaming service that is based out of the UK. Their platform has access to over 90,000 hours and 600 channels of content that is either paid or subscription based. The company's platform includes Cinebx and Allied Film libraries. Users also have the ability to create their own live and VOD streaming channels. The availability of certain channels depends on the country where the service can be received. FilmOn started getting into mobile media in 2010. They were one of the first streaming services to have mobile apps available for clients. The website has been involved in some legal issues in the United States over copyright issues. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court. For a while, standard network channels, such as ABC, Fox, and CBS, were not available due to the lawsuit. FilmOn has also experienced legal complications with a company called Double Verify.

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The Good

  • Available in the United States and United Kingdom
  • Parental Controls
  • Mobile App
  • Social Media Functionality
  • Remote DVR Recording

Available in the United States and United Kingdom

FilmOn has varying availability in the U.S. and the UK. FilmOn offers a streaming platform that provides on demand content to their subscribers. In addition to providing on demand productions, FilmOn provides a few other features to their users.

Parental Controls

With FilmOn, it is possible for parents to set parameters on what their children see from within their paid account. However, there is some questionable adult content during the preview when a user signs in.

Mobile App

There is basic app support for FilmOn. Compatibility for both iOS and Android devices are also available. There is also functionality available for the Kindle video platform.

Social Media Functionality

Subscribers can access live video that is posted by users, but overall, the content comes across as spam. Theoretically, it could be possible to post your own documentaries and helpful tips with the broadcast functions. It is also possible to schedule recording with FilmOn.

Remote DVR Recording

While subscribers will not be able to stream full-length series on FilmOn, it is possible to purchase a cloud service to record your favorite series. This can be automated with the TV schedule. There is a "record now" button that lets you record content if you have a paid remote DVR subscription.


The Bad

  • Overall Quality
  • Quality of Paid Service
  • Expensive


The most questionable aspect of the FilmOn business model stems from the quality of the content and video. The platform looks and operates a lot like YouTube in terms of format. This means that when viewed through a mobile browser, the video might not always work across mobile devices.

Quality of Paid Service

The paid service is a little bit more expensive than the big streaming providers. Per month, the paid subscription costs $14.95. If you get a one-year subscription, the service is $149.99. It is also important to note that there are not as many well-known videos on the platform. Subscribers have stated that FilmOn consists of the largest library of B-quality streaming and video-on-demand content on the Internet. There are some documentaries about famous people from Hollywood, but not actually any movies that star some of these individuals. The DVR services are a little bit on the expensive side. While this is a great feature, sites like Sling do have a three day video replay if you miss your favorite live TV shows. Ten hours of DVR time is $9.99 per month. Additionally, you can also get 300 hours of remote DVR time for $190 per year.


In some aspects, FilmOn looks like an expensive rip-off of YouTube. Users did not necessarily appreciate the "like/dislike" functionality of the website either. There is a "poop/like" vote, which is a little tacky for a paid service.


The Bottom Line

The platform has a history of lawsuits in the United States where major carriers like ABC and Fox have been dropped over the years. Users have been taken back by the lack of legitimate videos on the website. There doesn't appear to be any actual mainstream movies or television shows on the site. Rather, there are a lot of podcasts and user-generated content that doesn't contribute to a positive viewing experience online. Though it is a place to watch TV and stream shows, we recommend selecting a different streaming service, hopefully one that stays out of court and doesn't have spammy content. Subscribers can expect the following with FilmOn:

  • Sync with DVR to control remotely
  • Limited content library
  • High monthly rates
  • Involved in several lawsuits
  • Podcasts available to stream
  • Mobile app available for different operating systems

We recommend reviewing the top rated companies before making a final decision.

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John Root Dublin, L

Subscribed for 2 years as a means of getting UK tv abroad. Never viewed the on demand channels has they appeared either ancient B movies or complete junk. The tv streaming worked fine initialy but then started to freeze - buffer etc....on a 1Gb fibre connection. Picture quality is never above acceptable. Either low quality (very low) or high quality (poor) and far below quality of the competition streaming services and the free players like BBC and All4. Not renewed the subscription due to price hike, nil reply from customer service and substandard streaming compared to free - cheaper- better alternatives.

4 years ago

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David Forster Lisbon, 11

For 3-4 years I have used Filmon in Portugal only for UK terrestrial channels mainly plus news sites etc. Some occasional buffering but generally quality not too bad. Price is expensive but not extortionate. Customer service can be erratic. Overall 2-3 stars is a fair rating.

2 years ago

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Bri O'Brien

The service has been down since Sunday, January 7, 2018. No one can view the recordings they set up...they just have a bar across them with the word "waiting." The support site is down, the regular web site is down, and emails bounce, sometimes after days. One customer said they couldn't be reached by phone, either. They posted three times in their Facebook discussion group ( to "be patient" referring to customers as "family," but their behaviour is no way to treat family or customers. Countless numbers of us customers from all over the world have commented to FilmOn and each other in all three threads (we're being more supportive of each other right now than FilmOn has ever been to any of us and before this happened, we never knew each other existed), sharing how upset we are, how much money we're out, and recommending alternatives, though one guy is spamming us with his own company and harassing us individually in Messenger (trying to exploit the situation for personal profit). No one from FilmOn has come into the message threads to answer our questions, reassure us, shown any kind of good faith or integrity, or demonstrated that they have any interest in providing any service or support. They said their service would be back up two nights ago and nothing changed. They claim they are waiting for one network (USA Network...never heard of it) to come back online and the whole thing would be working again, better than ever with more channels than before. As time goes on and nothing happens, this increasingly seems like empty promises. Many customers are cancelling subscriptions and getting refunds through credit cards and PayPal. The majority agree that the lack of communication and terrible way we've been treated by FilmOn is just plain inexcusable. The behaviour appears to be that of a business in its death throes, not one that has any chance of recovery. They are definitely very unprofessional in the way they have handled this. In fact, the way things seem to be shutting down, it's starting to look rather "fly by night" and some customers are beginning to speculate that this may be what's really going on.

6 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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I have embedded filmon on a website for the last 3 years. I invoice them for adverts shown and for users subscribing to their premium services. For the last 3 months they have ignored my emails, not paid my invoices. Very disrespectful to people who have been doing business with them for a length of time. I came to rely on this money to help pay the bills etc. They used to pay, and they used to reply to em ails, every time. Now they owe me around £350 and will not reply to me for some 90+ days. I have emailed head office, affiliates dept, messaged their Facebook page and their MD himself, nobody replies, and those who do just say "We will pass this on to the affiliates department." Disgusting behaviour and no excuse. I hope they get shut down after losing many cases in the the courts.

7 years ago

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steven orosz

so I thought I would try it , big mistake . NO support at all after numerous attempts to fix my account they offered NOTHING ! the service is very poor the video keeps freezing so I thought maybe if I re-installed it it would work , my subscription was deleted & I have nothing now , I used it for 4 days & half the time it froze , I contacted them many times about this issue & they offered NOTHING !!!!!! you should avoid this service as if it where the plague it is by far the worst I have ever had the misfortune to have dealt with , seriously DO NOT PURCHASE THIS !

6 years ago

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Terrible Customer Service Department, could even say they were rude, yes I made a mistake in registering by spelling my email incorrectly, but to be ridiculed is not acceptable especially when you are dyslexic. Shame I couldn't award no stars!!!

5 years ago

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michael cohen

Nightmare!Bought a year prescription received virtually nothing first 6 months and no help.Now works very occasionaly for no seemingly good reason.Total waste of money.Requests for help completely ignored.Rubbish company and almost total waste of money.Never again!

6 years ago

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Don Simms

1. They have the same 1 to 2 minute advertisement in a row- birth control for women. 2.They have a big letter “FILMON” advertisement in the upper right corner of screen that interferes with the screen presentation. We'll be deleted this channel for sure.

6 years ago

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Alex Mann

I have had filmon for years ... and suddenly they're ramped up their charges and starting to charge for free to air TV ... I'd been a paying client for years and now I'm going to quite ... what a rip off

6 years ago

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Chris Scutt

Absolutely awful company service non existent. Help themselves to money ot owed to them and refuse to refund just offer useless extra facilities. Paypal of no help so only action left is to cut all ties with Filmon

6 years ago

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They started as a free service, embedded into Windows10 when it came out. Now they charge an arm and a leg for poor quality service. Crooked and pathetic!

6 years ago

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trying to watch itv but as always it continually freezes for a second at a time every 30 seconds - very annoying

4 years ago

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Maria Stilesville, IN

Expensive subscriptions channels freezes a lot and customer service is non existent. Wouldn’t recommend.

6 years ago

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Myra Millican

I paid for a month by PayPal, and after less than 3 weeks, I didn't get any more TV, only ads and a black screen.

7 years ago


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Alyssa Scott Mesa, AZ

Customer service was great when I had a problem. I needed some assistance and that’s what I got.

5 years ago

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Rubbish doesn’t work & no help from their support team

6 years ago