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    Showtime and Starz Now Bundled with Amazon Prime
    Almost as if the original content arms race has been forgotten, Streaming TV companies are moving forward with new plans. The first movers are Hulu and Amazon, who have arranged deals with movie networks like Starz and Showti...
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    What's Special about MUBI, the Streaming Film Site?
    Just weeks after Netflix began streaming videos online back in 2007, Mubi did too. Mubi founder Efe Cakarel didn't plan to compete head-on with the already-famous Netflix. If you think of the streaming TV and movie industry i...
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    Why Streaming TV Is Better
    Why is Netflix so much better than cable TV? Why is Amazon Video just as good? Why are there dozens of other streaming companies that could easily overtake your monthly entertainment dollars? Isn't it because we kno...
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    There's a New Way to Enjoy Movies with Faraway Friends
    Imagine being away from a loved one for weeks or even months. You talk on the phone a lot but it would be nice to experience your usual activities together, wouldn't it? Well, now you can do at least one together. Not togethe...
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    The Fastest ISPs for Streaming Netflix and Where They're Available
    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and similar streaming services are, more and more certainly by the minute, the future of home entertainment. Frustratingly, our home internet speeds are not always fast enough to stream our favori...
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    Your Movie Bucket List: Spotlight on Billy Wilder
    For today's Classic Movie Bucket List, we're going to look at the work of director Billy Wilder. Billy Wilder came to Hollywood from Austria at the age of 27 to escape Nazi Germany. His roots were as a screenwriter - a ...
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    5 Ways to Stream Free Movies & TV Without Netflix or Amazon
    You probably already know that you can watch some movies and television shows free on Youtube. But I'll bet you didn't know that there are a lot of other sites you can stream shows for free. Of course, even those these ...
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    Amazon Prime Instant in March: What's New
    The folks over at CNet have gotten hold of Amazon Prime's new movie releases coming for March. Since I'm all about adding value (but you knew that about me, didn't you?), I'm listing the movies in reverse chronolog...
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    Your Movie Bucket List: Valentine's Movies
    Last week I introduced this weekly column, Your Movie Bucket List, by informing you of my obsession with classic movies. It's not an official diagnosis, per se, but I am being prescribed popcorn and soda to cope with it, so ...
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    Television As We Know It On Its Way Out?
    Sixteen Years. That's how long Netflix CEO Reed Hastings believes broadcast television will exist as we know it. To prove his point, Hastings has scheduled a summit (to be held in Utah of all places) which will host executiv...

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