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Disney+ Revealed

December 31, 2019

Now that Disney+ has been out for a while, it's no secret how popular it is. Disney+ signed up 28.6 million subscribers...

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Favorite Christmas Traditions

December 19, 2019

One of my most favorite Christmas traditions started when I was in junior high. My parents decided one year to do "Secre...

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So You Cut the Cord. . . What Now?

December 18, 2019

Guest Post by Hilary Thompson So, you’ve cut the cord, but you’re still in the infant stage of online media...

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    Replace Cable for Less With These 6 Streaming Services
    The end is near-for cable, at least. For the last few decades, cable companies have ruled the world of televised programming, and customers have paid dearly. Without mercy and knowing full-well their advantage, cable co...
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    Dear Netflix: Why You’ll Never Be as Good as Video Rental Stores
    Dear Netflix, Like most of the civilized world, I've spent a lot of time with you lately. Which is why the following rant is going to seem out of place, even hypocritical. Netflix, my relationship with you comes down to this...
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    Giving the Green Light: How Consumer Reviews are Deciding Which TV Shows and Movies Get Made
    How many times have you left your cineplex lamenting how much better a movie could've been had a tone-deaf studio executive not meddled with it? Somewhere in there, the words "If they would've just..." probably cros...
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    Netflix and Amazon Deal At Sundance
    The traditional big-name behemoths have come up relatively empty-handed at this year's Sundance Film Festival. For the last thirty years, small distributors have come prepared with their usual festival productions, but new p...
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    What Do Streaming TV Subscribers Actually Care About?
    There are several streaming services competing for subscribers worldwide. There are some who will subscribe to multiple services for various reasons, and then there are those who are satisfied with just one subscription. Eac...
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    Netflix Wants Content Available Everywhere on Earth
    Using virtual private networks is common practice. A VPN like PIA can disguise the location of an internet user, allowing him to access content that would otherwise be prohibited in his region. VPNs are something almost...
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    Amazon Prime Video Is Better Than Netflix Because of These Features
    A $99 yearly fee might seem like a lot but it's only a few dollars more than you'd pay for a year of Hulu or Netflix. And you get more than just movies with that fee. You get free two-day shipping and access to Prime Mu...
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    These Are Netflix's Original Shows Debuting in 2016
    Fuller House isn't the only noteworthy show Netflix is pushing out this year. The company has several truly original shows on the way. By that I mean shows that are not continuations of cancelled shows. Interested? Here ...
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    Netflix Hacks: Watch With Friends Remotely and Browse Subgenres
    This month's headlines should serve as a wake up call for Netflix. The internet hasn't stopped talking about hacks that each make the streaming service a little more convenient. From finding good content more easily to gettin...
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    Having Trouble Choosing What to Watch on Netflix? Try This.
      Last night I wasn't using Netflix but I was browsing through Hulu's selection of movies. I ended up choosing the "comedy" genre. After flipping through the titles for probably 5 minutes, I started to get a little impa...

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