Eternify Maximizes the Money Your Favorite Artist Earns from Spotify

George Hancock Jr.

Last Updated: April 8th, 2021

While Taylor Swift may be the most popular and well-known anti-Spotify activist, there are others in the fight. Some aren't vocal, but they're making a difference. For example, Ohm and Sport are not well-known yet. They just released a track on Spotify, but they're not content to earn money the way artists on the streaming platform usually do.

Besides the track, Ohm and Sport created Eternify. It's a website that streams 30-second clips of any song you want. The stream comes from Spotify and artists earn from Spotify when you stream at 30 seconds is the minimum length a song needs to be played before the artist earns money. It's been estimated that artists earn $.005 for a 30-second listen. Spotify claims it's a little higher, around $.006 - $.008. Whatever the actual range is, artists earn it more times if the first 30-seconds of their songs are played over and over, without any pause in between the beginning and the end. A full-length stream of a song that's 10 minutes long costs Spotify the same as a 30-second sample of the beginning of it, presumably. Eternify streams the first 30 seconds of any song you want, on repeat, and helps artists earn more money. Of course,  you might want to turn the volume down. 30 second clips can get played out pretty quickly.

This isn't the first team of tricksters that has fooled Spotify. A band called Vulfpeck once made an album of nothing but silent tracks, according to The Verge. They then encouraged all of their fans to stream the album during sleep. The proceeds, about $20,000, were used to fund the band's tour. As you would assume, the album was removed by Spotify. Maybe it would remain if the band hadn't requested streams during sleep. In the daytime, maybe fans would have listened to commercials without turning the volume down. Commercials, after all, are how Spotify earns money when non-paid users stream.

Go earn your favorite band some money while Eternify is still online. Something tells me it won't be available for long.

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