"6 Seconds" app released, allows users unlimited skips

Abbey Dufoe

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

So you're listening to a station on the free version of Pandora radio app, but you can't seem to settle on music you'd like to listen to, and maybe you skip a few songs. Before you know it, you've reached Pandora's 6 skip song limit. What are you ever to do?

Enter new app "6 Seconds." Forbes reports that 6 Seconds is a radio-based streaming music app that pulls music from radio stations that you have to swipe left or right to listen to. The 6 Seconds app is similar to iHeart Radio, considering it plays music from stations around the country, but users can't choose which station to listen to. Instead, 6 Seconds allows users to search for songs, albums and artists or choose from a curated list of genres.

6 Seconds features a genre list much like Pandora's stations features. However, the experience of using 6 Seconds is much more like that of driving and listening to the radio; don't like the song? just swipe for a new one!

The streaming music app was developed by Michael Robertson, founder of MP3.com, and is available for free on Android and iOS. Robertson says "this 'song hunting' makes the listening experience fun and personal.''

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