Founded in 1992, SunPower is a solar company that prides itself on delivering reliable energy and long-term peace of mind for homeowners and businesses. The company is a pioneer in the industry and currently holds more than 750 patents for solar technology.

Known for manufacturing top quality, high efficiency solar panels that generate more power than conventional solar technologies and have a uniquely attractive, all-black appearance for itself and many other players in the industry, SunPower offers a few different options to help both residential and commercial consumers get started with renewable energy, but outsources most, if not all, of its projects to third-party solar installers.

Keep reading to discover The Good, The Bad, and The Bottom Line about SunPower, and check out SunPower reviews from real customers.

The Good

  • Purchase, Lease, and Loan Options Available
  • High Efficiency Panels
  • Industry-Leading Solar Panel Energy Production
  • Attractive Appearance
  • Compatible With Battery Storage
  • Online Monitoring
  • Lengthy Warranties

Purchase, Lease, and Loan Options Available

SunPower offers three different payment options for customers to choose from: solar leasing, purchasing with cash, and financing with a loan.

With the lease option, SunPower Capital owns the system and the customer rents the system from the company, requiring monthly payments. The lease comes with a 20-year performance guarantee, as well as easy options in case the customer needs to transfer the lease.

SunPower also offers outright purchase and financing options for customers interested in the tax credits and other incentives that come along with solar power ownership. Loan terms for solar systems typically range from 5 to 20 years and do not have any prepayment penalties attached.

The cost of a SunPower solar system ultimately depends on several factors, including current energy usage, available amount of unshaded roof space, the local utility’s net metering policy, and other factors. The easiest way to figure out exactly how much solar will cost you is to obtain a free quote from SunPower.

High Efficiency Panels

SunPower is on the cutting edge of solar technology and excels when it comes to innovation, design, and production of solar equipment, so customers can be confident that they will have high quality products on their homes.

In fact, SunPower makes the highest efficiency solar panels you can buy for your roof in today's market, and the company's solar cells are made of anti-reflective glass and coated with anti-reflective coating to ensure that they capture as much sunlight as possible. 

Industry-Leading Solar Panel Energy Production

SunPower's X-Series solar panels excel in terms of power generation and deliver 44 percent more energy per watt than competitive products. This means that SunPower can provide more clean power for its customers' homes with fewer solar panels.

SunPower panels also boast 75 percent more energy per watt than conventional solar panels, meaning that an investment in a SunPower system will ultimately pay off more in the long run.

Additonally, SunPower panels maintain their energy production much better than conventional panels in partly-shaded conditions, making them a better rooftop solar option for customers who live in a cloudy region or a relatively shaded area.

Attractive Appearance

In addition to being highly efficient, SunPower's panels are uniquely attractive and aesthetically pleasing. While many other companies in the solar industry offer traditional blue photovoltaic panels, SunPower's panels are all black, which helps them to blend in better with the rooftop on many houses.

Compatible With Battery Storage

SunPower's panels are compatible with the Freedom CPAP Battery produced by Battery Power Solutions. When a SunPower module is installed along with this battery, customers will still have access to electricity in the event of a power outage.

Online Monitoring

Online monitoring is extremely important for customers who want to see what the panels on their roof are producing and ensure that everything is up to par.

SunPower offers a helpful, convenient app for customers to do just that. The app provides important system information such as power output, savings, energy usage over time, and environmental effects.

There is also a consumption monitoring kit that provides more information than the app for customers who would like a more in-depth way to monitor their system. The consumption monitoring kit is installed by the dealer, but may not be compatible with all homes.

Lengthy Warranties

SunPower offers multiple warranties to protect its customers' solar energy systems, including a 25-year product warranty, which covers the equipment itself, and a 25-year workmanship warranty, which covers the labor and installation. The clean energy company also offers a 25-year performance warranty, which covers the customer in the event that their solar modules underperform in terms of electricity production and output.

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The Bad

  • No PPAs for Non-Commerical Buyers
  • Few In-House Installations
  • Customer Service Complaints

No PPAs for Non-Commercial Buyers

Many customers may be interested in obtaining a SunPower module through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) because this payment method typically includes some kind of $0 down option, which eliminates a barrier to entry for them to go solar.

Unfortunately, SunPower only offers PPAs to commercial customers, so consumers who are interested in a PPA for their home solar system will not have much luck with this company.

Few In-House Installations

SunPower is performing installations itself in select areas of California; however, SunPower panels are available in the following 18 states through a network of dealers:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Utah

The dealer you choose will end up being your installer and customer care center for the life of the solar PV panels, which creates a bit of confusion as to who should be contacted (the dealer or SunPower) in the event that any issues occur.

Customer Service Complaints

Many users on our site have provided negative feedback in regards to SunPower's customer service.

Common complaints include difficulty to reach a representative, company failure to return phone calls, slow response time, and inability to resolve issues.

The Bottom Line

SunPower offers a number of payment options, some of the most efficient solar panels in the industry, online monitoring for its customers, and a lengthy workmanship and product warranty.

However, the company does not offer PPAs to residential customers and outsources most of its installations, making it confusing for customers to know who to contact if there is an issue.

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Chuck Kuhn
July 18th, 2016 Milpitas, CA

2010 I decided to go with SunPower panels. Did my homework as 6 yrs ago not a lot of resources or dealers. Once I made decision on panels I shop distributors. When a panel has a warranty of 25 yrs, you can bet the dealer you buy from will not be around. So the Company SunPower is the key, they honor the warranty and had a track record of being in business. They just gave the local Children's Museum here 90 panels that saves the museum $67,000 a yr on electric. They are all over Northern Calif on large projects, schools, churches, commercial and of course homeowners. I like the monitoring system on my cell phone and can read daily output and compare usage monthly or dally from 6 yrs back. It's fun, and I usually get 4 to 6 hundred $$ back from PG & E as credit toward my gas bill. Do your homework. Oh I paid cash and got all the rebates from Government and State. The Government credit carries over year to years if you don't need the $$. Never had a problems panels or dealer who installed.

June 30th, 2016 Staten Island, NY

Do no tuse SunPower. I have had nothing but problems with sunpower and its supplier Amergy (Americian renewable energy since Sept of 2013. They don't return calls, lose paperwork file for permits late and the bigone they damaged my NEW roof and interior of my house due to leaks. I've been in contact w/ amergy about this and the women I spoke too was complaining they are loosing a fourtune due to ALL the repairs they have to make. Amergy sent someone to check out and repair the damage and they did not speak English!!! Sunpower contacted a company which does not do repairs (why contact them???) This company sent someoneone who said they would do the repairs.. Sunpower superviser says she will pass it on to her superivsor; this has been going on for over 2 months and I reported the damage over 4 months ago. Because of the damage they may be moldd in the ceiling and I told them that and this did NOT seam to be a concern to them, Do not use SunPower they 'don't" care. The only thing they worry about is profit!!!

June 29th, 2016 Phoenix, AZ

This company doesn't currently service Arizona. That's what this best company review says and I agree with that as far as their customer service goes. They do still have nine dealers in the Phoenix area but they mostly are just subcontractors that install the panels. SunPower has to agree on almost every thing that's done and that can be nearly impossible. Sometimes when you need to contact them, you will have to speak to their representative in the Philippines and it could be hard to understand exactly what they say. The company does have good panels and their leasing contract keeps your payment the same every year. The problem I have with them is their installer that did mine lost their state license, did shoddy work, and now it's difficult to get them to fix anything. They may eventually allow their dealers to truly maintain all their installations without so much difficulty but until then, I would wait or check out others. I've had three or four problems but my latest one is the pigeon invasion building nests under their solar panels. I can't have just anyone fix this problem because SunPower has to approve. I'm still waiting for at least some kind of document allowing me to go ahead or for them to choose someone. I need more than just a referral number to call if it's to an unlicensed, unbonded, and uninsured exterminator. I began calling about this in January and now there's so much nesting material under them that it's a fire hazard.

Sharon Siegel
June 29th, 2016 Middletown, NY

This company took a $1000 check on June 3, 2016 and promised it would not be cashed but was rather just to hold to show our interest. On June 23, 2016 we were paying a bill online and noticed that without any notification or communication at all, this $1000 had been cashed and the $1000 taken out of our account. We started emailing but no reply, and today after a couple of phone calls ended up getting sales pitch after sales pitch when we demanded this money back. We have now initiated a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and New York State Attorney General's Office. Beware when dealing with SunPower by New York State solar Farm. Our contact person is Tate Lacy.

June 14th, 2016 Hillsborough, NJ

As I was serving dinner, A sales representative from Renewable Energy, knocked on the door, I asked if he could please go solicit another house while we were eating dinner, he said, that we were the only house on the whole block that was approved for a Grant from the Government, I asked if he could come back another day, he said, that after that day the Grant would run out, there was also a rebate from the company which would allow us a generator, I kept saying the math, does not equal out at the end, He only made the offer for the lease agreement, I had no information on the solar panels, I asked if we could please have a couple of days to think about it, he said impossible offer is going to run out today, needless to say, to make us sign papers he promised us the moon, I signed the papers, because by this time, it is very late, we are tired, we did not read any papers, so in reality, I don't know what I signed, as a matter of fact, My Name on the Papers is Carla Tummolillo, but in reality, my name is, Assunta Tummolillo, Carla is a nickname which my dentist office has my care credit, maybe Thats how can the Government approve me for a grant, but its the wrong name. I asked for all the paperwork of the promises he made us, copies were never given to us, when I called to see if he could send us the copy, they said that the guy, was no longer working there. They Started Job early May finshed in either September or October. After they finished they sent us a bill, stating that we owe the $16,000 down and $205, but because there was a misunderstanding, they are willing to work with us and charge a monthly payment of $405, that means that the $16,000, turned to $48,000, also the panels they put in the front of my garage, during the day whlile we are at work, the snow melts falls off the solar panels right in front of the garage doors, causing damage to my driveway, after a couple of months my neighbors got solar panels but they are a newer model, so not only I got charged so much money, but its a discontinued item. The representative made no mention of a PPA, Living in New Jersey I do not think the solar Panels are worth it, I know there is a law that states, people have to get their money's worth, in New Jersey

June 8th, 2016 Staten Island, NY

I have had nothing but problems w/ sunpower and their contractors since sept 2013. After a year plus of delays the panels were installed. I put a NEW roof on so as not to have problems with leaks; well I was wrong, my roof leaks ans the water damaged 3 ceilings and a wall in my house. I called Amergy aka American Renewable Energy who sold me and had the panels installed to fix the leakes; they sent me a contractor who does not speak english.No response after I complained again. I then called sunpower they called amergy they did not get back to sunpower; this is not the first time this has happened. After calling sunpower they sent someone, this person said the leaks were due to faulty installation after more then 3 weeks still NO response even after I called and they said this report will be forwarded to the proper department. As of now I have stopped paying them and will not pat them till the repairs are done to my satisfaction.

Dave Moore
May 31st, 2016 Redondo Beach, CA

After researching several companies we decided to go with RESTART Solar for our 4KW PV system. We chose them for two main reasons: they use the best materials and components and they were very knowledgable and professional. First off they installed panels made by SunPower. The panels themselves are bit more expensive than other brands but they are American made and more efficient. The SunPower system delivers with 12 panels compared to overseas made panels needed up to 18 panels to deliver the same amount of power. That means you buy fewer panels and use your limited roof real estate more efficiently. Because you're buying fewer panels the total system cost is a little more but you get a much better product! installation looks great and everything was done properly with attention paid to how well it looked and how well it worked. Jon and Kyle guided us through the process and did everything from getting the permits to getting the inspection done after the installation. Our panels have now been producing sun energy for 6 months and we're very pleased with a “zero” SCE bill now! I can't say enough about our positive experience with installing SunPower panels from RESTART Solar!!!

Shawn K.
March 21st, 2016 Redding, CA

Had system installed in June 2015 by AES (Chico, CA). Deposit was $1k. Sales man was NOT pushy like other company sales people. They did clean install. I am Engineer and knowledgable about building codes. They designed they system and installed it beyond code requirements. They worked out what system size worked best for me (utility is PG&E, so tier pricing). My system was designed to keep me in the "cheap" teir. They did not over build/sell system. They were honest about government rebates and told me to check with my tax advisor to make sure I understood how the rebates work. other companies promised things that were not true. In 6 months have had ZERO issues with the system. The monitoring is easy to use. I have compared my system to other friends systems and mine seems to be more efficient (comes on earlier and produces more in low light / cloudy days).

Terry Chiccino
March 21st, 2016 Los Gatos, CA

Had SunPower panels working for 3 years. Absolutely no problems. Great power panels, system. Highly recommend them.

John Wanek
September 22nd, 2015 Greenville, SC

System in 3 yrs, 6000 inverter N/G had to wait 2 weeks for replacement inverter. Replacement in 4 hrs THEN DIED . 3 more days ,then service man checked (was a REFURBISHED unit ,NOT NEW) Am now waiting for sunpower to respond. NOT a reliable company ,just a lot of corporate PR .

M Friedman
September 15th, 2015 Miami, FL

I visited SunPower's website and completed the pop-up inquiry box. I received a call the following day from an "authorized" SunPower Contractor. I was not given any additional options if I wanted a SunPower PV system on my home. After providing the Contractor, in Miami, FL with a $13,000 deposit, I received nothing. The contractor has not returned calls for more than I month. The deposit was given more than five months ago. I contacted SunPower for some assistance and after nearly a monthly they offered to provide me with the names of other contractors but zero relief, not even a partial discount on the panels to help complete my system after sustaining a loss of $13,000. I would be very careful in dealing with SunPower they appear not to scrutinize their authorized contractors well and provided me no assistance after having a problem with their local contractor

September 8th, 2015

The Sun Power Maxeon technology is worth its value and will certainly augment the world solar energy scenario in the years to come

Desta Dunlap
June 15th, 2015 West Tehama County, CA

Sunpower Chico - Brian Aguiar, specifically - are fantastic! As anyone hiring a contractor knows, it always feels like there are delays and complications. This was NOT our experience. The timelines we were given were completely accurate and the system is flawless. We currently produce upwards of 85 kWh every sunny day! Also, VERY much to our surprise, a check came in the mail two months after our install. The check value was two months worth of the difference between our average PGE bill (prior to solar) and the monthly payment on the solar system! Completely unexpected - but they basically paid us for the wait time to have the system designed, permitted, installed and verified by PGE! AMAZING bonus! We love our system and now have a $0 PGE bill...can't beat that!

Terry and Jordan Neri
June 12th, 2015 Chico, CA

The professionals at AES Sun Power in Chico, Ca were terrific from the initial sales call to the completed project! We had to put up a dedicated structure for the panels, and AES handled everything from the design through the construction. Each day, workers left the property in immaculate condition. Everyone was knowledgeable, patient with our questions, and very professional in every aspect of the work! They exceeded our expectations and we are very happy with the result.

June 10th, 2015 Sacramento, CA

The whole staff was very knowledgeable about the different systems out there without ever "bad talking" the competition. The installation was done in a timely manner and on time. The crew was awesome and made sure they left our property the same if not better than before the install. The customer service is great. Had a problem with the monitoring and a service tech was out within an hour and solved the problem. I would definitely recommend Sun Power to everyone! They are the best hands down.