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LAST UPDATED: August 30th, 2022

Soleeva Energy is a full-service solar installation and manufacturing company. The company has been in business for over a decade, serving residents of San Jose and the Bay Area in California. Soleeva Energy is licensed, insured, and received an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The team at Soleeva Energy is multilingual and has the ability to serve customers in English, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, and Spanish. 

Soleeva Energy installs residential and commercial solar systems. It also sells solar backup batteries and electric vehicle chargers — but Soleeva Energy’s patented solar technology is what truly sets it apart. 


The Good

  • Self-Cooling and Cleaning Technology
  • Free Monitoring for 5 Years
  • 30-Year Warranty
  • Various Financing Options

Self-Cooling and Cleaning Technology

As a manufacturer of its own solar panels, Soleeva has patented some unique technology. Soleeva’s CoolAir solar panels use self-cooling technology. This helps the panels last 5–10 years longer than the average solar panel. This is because the cooling system slows the breaking down of silicon solar cells. 

Soleeva’s Skye solar panels use the company’s self-cleaning technology. The panels are able to get rid of dust and dirt buildup using nanotechnology. This eliminates the need for regular maintenance and allows the panels to produce up to 25 percent more energy than the average solar panel. 

Soleeva Energy manufactures its own solar panels in the United States. Soleeva uses a variety of inverters from SolarEdge, Sonnen, SMA, and Enphase. 

Free Monitoring for 5 Years

Customers can take advantage of panel monitoring for five years after a system’s installation, with no extra cost. This monitoring is done through an online portal which is accessible by phone, tablet or computer. After five years, customers who want to continue monitoring their solar system can extend monitoring with extra payments.

30-Year Warranty

Soleeva’s U.S. manufactured panels have a 30-year warranty, competitive with the best warranties in the solar industry. Workmanship is included in this warranty, which is another strong bonus. However, this 30-year warranty does not apply to inverters or production. Soleeva Energy inverters have a 15-year warranty, and the production warranty is 25 years. 

Various Financing Options

Soleeva Energy works with multiple financing partners to provide its customers with a variety of financing options. Customers have the opportunity to purchase solar in cash, using credit-based financing, or using non-credit based financing. 

  • Purchase in Cash — All payments on the solar system are made upfront, and customers begin saving immediately on utility bills.
  • Credit Based Financing — These loans are customized based on FICO credit score. Payment starts one to two months after installation. Monthly rates are fixed and vary from 1.99% to 3.99%
  • Non-Credit Based Financing — There is no credit score required, payments don’t begin for 18 months, and payments are made on property tax bills. 

Soleeva Energy’s financing options include the opportunity for 100 percent financing with $0 down. The company works with the following financing partners: Dividend, Renew Financial, Sungage Financial, Energy Efficient Equity Inc., PACE Funding, and Ygrene Works.


The Bad

  • No Leasing Options
  • Bay Area Only

No Leasing Options

While Soleeva Energy does provide multiple options for financing, the company does not have any leasing options. The website indicates that Soleeva Energy will not offer leasing options in the future either. 

Bay Area Only

Only those who live within or near the California Bay Area can take advantage of Soleeva Energy’s unique products. The self-cooling technology is perfect for residents of this area, but unfortunately those outside of California do not have access to these products. 


The Bottom Line

Soleeva Energy’s patented technology not only makes maintenance easier, but it increases efficiency and energy savings. Additionally, existing customer reviews indicate that customers typically have a positive experience with Soleeva Energy. The biggest downside of the company is its location limitations.

We recommend Soleeva Energy to California residents who hope to implement a high-quality, long lasting solar system. Those outside of the Soleeva Energy service area will need to explore solar options elsewhere. 

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Soleeva’s innovative solar panels are the most efficient on the market, with our proprietary cooling technology that boosts energy transfer rates and prevents overheating and proprietary cleaning technology which nullifies the need to regularly clean and maintain the panels. Offering electricity, these panels are low-maintenance, self-cleaning, and easy to install.

Our energy efficiency solutions are holistic and personalized to fit your specific needs and your budget. We offer free estimates and $0 down financing options for California homeowners through our partners.

As your trusted home energy specialist, we want to make an impact with you and provide solutions to accomplish your goals — whether it's a more comfortable home, lower energy bills, greener living or all of the above.

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