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LAST UPDATED: January 16th, 2024

Flex Power, a leading residential solar company, has solidified its place in the renewable energy market by seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Having successfully completed over 2,649 projects this year alone, Flex Power stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering homeowners an opportunity to save money and embrace sustainable living.

With a mission to enhance lives through reduced energy bills and increased reliance on renewable energy, Flex Power has earned its reputation as a trusted solar solution provider.


The Good

  • Advanced Solar Technology
  • Efficient Operations
  • Financial Accessibility
  • Trusted Partnerships

Advanced Solar Technology

Flex Power boasts state-of-the-art solar panels with a wattage ranging from 400 to 440 W. These panels hold certifications such as IEC/UL 61730 and CE Compliant, ensuring top-notch quality. The impressive 25-year warranty on home, equipment, and workmanship reflects Flex Power's confidence in the durability of their technology. With an operating temperature range of -50 F to +180 F and 98.2% efficiency, these panels are designed to withstand diverse climates while maximizing energy production.

The company's inverters, with a power range of 3.8kW to 7.6kW and 98.2% efficiency, contribute to an efficient and reliable energy conversion process. This attention to detail ensures homeowners benefit from optimal energy output, even in challenging conditions.

Efficient Operations

Flex Power stands out for its streamlined operations, delivering the fastest installation and activation processes. Homeowners can begin enjoying the benefits of solar immediately, without enduring unnecessary delays.

Financial Accessibility

Flex Power's commitment to accessibility is evident through its zero-dollar down options for qualifying homeowners. This approach allows customers to experience immediate savings without a significant upfront investment.

Trusted Partnerships

Collaborations with industry giants like LGCY Power and Sunrun showcase Flex Power's dedication to excellence. With a focus on technology innovation and a cleaner, more affordable alternative to traditional electricity, these partnerships contribute to Flex Power's success.


The Bad

  • Lack of Battery Information
  • Absence of NABCEP Certification
  • Lack of Verified Flex Power Reviews

Lack of Battery Information

While Flex Power mentions the innovative solar battery service, Brightbox, more detailed information about the battery, its specifications, and warranty terms would provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of their energy storage options.

Absence of NABCEP Certification

One notable aspect where Flex Power falls short is the absence of NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certification. NABCEP certification is widely regarded as the gold standard in the solar industry, signifying a company's commitment to high professional standards and expertise in solar energy installation.

Homeowners often prioritize NABCEP-certified installers due to the rigorous training and examination process these professionals undergo. The certification assures customers that the company adheres to the industry's best practices, ensuring the installation is carried out with precision and expertise.

Lack of Verified Flex Power Reviews

Flex Power would benefit from establishing a transparent and verifiable system for customer reviews. This could involve partnerships with well-known review platforms or the implementation of a robust customer feedback system. By taking this step, Flex Power can further instill confidence in potential clients, demonstrating a commitment to openness and accountability in its customer relations. In an industry where trust is paramount, verified reviews serve as a critical tool in assuring customers of a company's reliability and the quality of its services.


The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Flex Power emerges as a commendable choice for homeowners seeking a reliable and efficient solar solution. The company's commitment to cutting-edge technology, streamlined processes, and financial accessibility makes it an ideal partner for those looking to save money while contributing to a greener future.

Flex Power is best suited for homeowners in the 48 serviced states who value innovation, fast installations, and long-term energy savings. As the solar industry continues to evolve, Flex Power remains a shining example of excellence in residential solar solutions.

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Benjamin Carlson Greeley, CO

Nick and his team members were very knowledgeable and effective communicators, explaining the solar electrical generation system and its benefits clearly and simply and always having answers to my remaining questions. From the time the system was installed on our house five months ago, I've been happy with the impact on the electric bill; it averages closely to what Flex Energy said it would be.

1 month ago


Review Source

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Brian Keller Broomfield, CO

Everything went smoothly from the beginning and the system works great

1 month ago


Review Source

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Herb Daggers Greeley, CO

Good people to work with I would definitely recommend them

1 month ago