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LAST UPDATED: March 12th, 2023

Apricot Solar provides residential solar solutions to homeowners looking to cut electricity costs while reducing their carbon footprint for a reasonable price. Apricot Solar understands that there are plenty of misconceptions surrounding the solar industry, and the Apricot Solar team is ready to answer any and all questions or concerns.

Teaching residential property owners just how efficient and fiscally responsible solar can be is the main focus of Apricot Solar. The company offers installation and financing, making Apricot Solar a full-service solar provider. 

Apricot Solar is doing all that it can to make solar the go-to energy source for American households. Understanding financial restraints solar projects can create, Apricot Solar works to help its clients cut installation and equipment costs by using different strategies. 

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The Good

  • Tier-1 Equipment Partners
  • Financing Options
  • Broad Service Area
  • Expanded Warranties

Tier-1 Equipment Partners

Not all solar panels are made the same, and not all panels or inverters utilize the same technology. This is why equipment partnerships within the solar industry are so important. Clients want the best technology installed on their roofs, so many solar companies work directly with tier-1 manufacturers to satisfy that demand. Apricot Solar partners with three of the most competitive and efficient solar manufacturing companies in the industry: SolarEdge, LG, and Panasonic

Financing Options

While solar has grown to be more affordable in recent years with federal and state tax incentives, it can still cost homeowners thousands of dollars to purchase a system upfront and pay a professional service to come and install it. Apricot Solar has created a financing process that can fit various financial circumstances. 

The cost for installation requires $0 down with Apricot Solar, and clients can still have solar panels installed on their roof with a new reduced electric rate. Apricot Solar has reached agreements with a number of financing and leasing partners allowing for affordable pricing options.

Financing options will vary based on the client, but some options include 0% interest rates and terms that can last up to 30 years.There are no hidden fees or pre-payment penalties with the Apricot Solar financing program. While many solar installation companies offer financing options, not many offer terms as flexible or rates as low as Apricot Solar offers. 

Broad Service Area

Solar is typically a local service, meaning a vast majority of solar installation companies only service one state or a select few cities or counties within a state. Very few solar installation companies have been able to expand in order to service more than one state. Even fewer solar installation companies service three or more states.

Apricot Solar has been able to do just that, servicing California, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Utah, Illinois, and Nevada homeowners. This sets Apricot Solar apart from the rest of the industry as the company can service more prospective solar companies than the average solar installation operation can. 

Expanded Warranties

Having a solar system installed on a home is a financial investment. While the savings will add up over the years, the initial investment can still be costly. To protect clients’ investments, solar companies typically provide warranties.

Apricot Solar provides the following warranties:

  • 25-Year System Warranty — Apricot Solar offers a 25-year system warranty and production guarantee. 
  • 10-Year Roof Warranty — Additionally, Apricot Solar offers a 10-year roof guarantee protecting clients from leaks or other structural issues. 
  • Production Guarantee — Apricot Solar is so confident in the solar systems the company installs that it offers its own production guarantee. This means that if a system were to function improperly for any reason, Apricot Solar will either add panels to the connection, conduct necessary repairs, or reimburse the client.

While equipment and workmanship warranties are standard in the solar industry, backing up the actual energy production is not the norm. Apricot Solar is willing to protect clients’ energy production at its expense.


The Bad

  • No NABCEP Certification
  • No Battery/Storage Solutions

No NABCEP Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), is widely regarded as the gold standard certification organization for professionals working in the field of renewable energy. The organization offers certification for solar installation services, solar sales practices, and even inspection-related skills.

Typically, solar companies will have at least one NABCEP-certified professional on staff. While it is not required to be NABCEP certified to sell or install a solar system, it is viewed as important. Apricot Solar does not have any NABCEP-certified professionals in-house at this time. 

No Battery/Storage Solutions

Solar installation companies typically offer full-fledged solar solutions. This includes the installation of solar panels, inverters, and batteries or solar storage. Whether it is through the same manufacturer partner or a specialized battery or storage provider, most solar installation companies will provide battery or storage installation solutions to clients looking to protect their homes from power outage situations.

However, Apricot Solar only installs the solar systems themselves; there are no battery or solar energy storage solutions available through the company at this time.


The Bottom Line

Apricot Solar is a full service solar provider that has partnered with some of the best and most technologically advanced solar manufacturers in the industry. Additionally, Apricot Solar provides unique financing options to clients that operate in varying budget restrictions. The company also offers warranties to protect every clients’ solar investment.

Potential Apricot Solar clients should be aware of a couple of concerns prior to hiring the company for solar services. First, Apricot Solar does not have a NABCEP-certified professional on staff. Second, the company does not offer battery or storage solutions at this time. 

Even with its limitations, Apricot Solar is one prospective solar customers should look into for solar installation services. The lack of certification is a concern, but Apricot Solar does install high quality equipment. Those interested in using Apricot Solar should conduct thorough research and ask for further clarification on points of concern before making any commitments. 

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Daniel Takacs Corpus Christi, TX

I was one of those people who had a bad solar experience with one of those fly by night solar companies that took my money and never answered my calls when starting getting double billed because their system wasn't producing what they promised me it would produce. The guys at Apricot were able to come into my new home and came up with a new system that was made just for my home. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is thinking about going solar. They were able explain in detail exactly how much money they would be able to save me right upfront and it didn't cost me anything. Everything from beginning to end was taken care of in an informative and professional manner. I will tell everyone thinking about going solar to go with the Net-Zero & Apricot Solar , hands down the best experience I've ever had.

8 months ago

star star star star star

THA Follow Thru Baltimore, MD

Quick install, immediate savings! All around flawless experience!

11 months ago