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LAST UPDATED: March 8th, 2023

SolarEdge is a global manufacturer of smart energy technologies and products. The company has combined industry-leading engineering tactics with innovation to continue to be a leader among other manufacturers. The smart energy solutions developed by SolarEdge allow home and property owners to power properties while pushing the limits of solar energy. 

The company was officially founded in 2006 and its development and manufacturing efforts quickly took the industry by storm. SolarEdge is known for its development of the DC optimized inverter. This technology transformed the way energy is harnessed from the sunlight and then utilized in PV solar systems.

This development paved the way for the SolarEdge intelligent inverter which maximizes energy generation while lowering the cost of the energy produced by the solar system. 

Today, SolarEdge offers products for residential, commercial, and large-scale utility usage. The manufacturing efforts put out a number of energy efficiency products like PV, battery storage and backup systems, EV charging stations, home energy management tactics, grid solutions, and even virtual power plants. 

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The Good

  • PV Inverters Offered
  • Peak Efficiency Rating
  • Compatible Whole Home Battery
  • Individual Panel Optimization and Monitoring

PV Inverters Offered

For nearly two decades SolarEdge has worked to put out some of the highest performing solar inverters on the market. For residential clients, SolarEdge offers a number of inverter lines to choose from, including:

  • SolarEdge Home Hub Inverters
  • SolarEdge Home Wave Inverters
  • Three Phase Inverters

Not all manufacturers offer different inverter lines, especially in the residential market. However, SolarEdge continues to expand its product offerings while bolstering the technology that put the company on the map. 

Peak Efficiency Rating

The biggest differentiator when it comes to SolarEdge inverters is their efficiency capabilities. The peak efficiency rating measures how well energy harnessed from the sun is managed by the system overall. The higher the efficiency rating, the better the product performs. Typically, the higher the efficiency rating, the greater ROI on the system overall as well.

SolarEdge inverters feature a staggering 99.2 percent peak efficiency rating. This is by far the best efficiency level on the market. Homeowners looking to maximize efficiency and savings would benefit from a SolarEdge inverter. 

Compatible Whole Home Battery

Not only does SolarEdge offer high quality inverters, but its inverters are compatible with a whole home battery providing parietal or full-home backup power when needed. 

A total of three SolarEdge home batteries can be connected per inverter installed, which offers industry leading storage and backup numbers. Homeowners would no longer be dependent on the utility grid as SolarEdge offers solutions that minimize the effects inclement weather has on the power supply. Not all manufacturers offer compatible parts to offer this level of independence and stability. 

Individual Panel Optimization and Monitoring

The presence of the DC optimizer and the installation techniques used to fit them to each panel allow for individual panel optimization. That means each and every panel is custom built to provide the most efficient performance possible.

Additionally, this individual panel optimization allows for individual panel monitoring. This is what sets SolarEdge apart from the rest of the industry. Having the ability to monitor each piece of equipment is vital for those that have systems installed on rooftops with potential shading problems. Other inverter manufacturers cannot offer these features. 


The Bad

  • Additional Equipment
  • Potential Failure Points

Additional Equipment

A major downside to SolarEdge inverters is the additional equipment required for installation and maximization of performance efficiency. In order to work as designed, all SolarEdge inverters require the installation of an additional DC optimizer. While this equipment has tremendous upside, it can cause potential issues. 

A DC optimiser must be installed and correctly fitted to each panel. This additional installation work and equipment will add to the total cost of the inverters and the system as a whole. So if the cost is a huge aspect of decision making when it comes to picking an inverter, SolarEdge may not be the best solution. Other inverters on the market do not require this additional technology providing cheaper options. 

Potential Failure Points

With the need for additional equipment, there is a domino effect in terms of how that affects the entire solar initiative. The need for DC optimizers on each panel requires additional connectivity points. The reason homeowners hire professional solar installers is because of the knowledge needed to install these systems correctly.

By adding more equipment to the overall network, there is the potential for future failure points. If connection of each piece of equipment is not done perfectly, there is a good chance there will be issues in the future. Other inverters do not require this additional equipment, thus lowering the chances of these failure points. 


The Bottom Line

SolarEdge is a manufacturing leader within the inverter market and keeps its competition in check. Through SolarEdge, residential property owners can take advantage of a number of available products. 

Where SolarEdge truly shines is its ability to put out products that maximize efficiency. The SolarEdge inverters are no different boasting the industry’s best peak efficiency rating. The SolarEdge inverters are compatible with the SolarEdge Home Battery which allows for energy independence and decreases reliance on the utility grid. Another key element of the SolarEdge inverter is its individual panel optimization and monitoring capabilities. 

There are a host of reasons to consider SolarEdge inverters when installing a PV system, but there are drawbacks to the brand as well. For example, SolarEdge inverters will require the installation of additional equipment. This additional equipment is why SolarEdge inverters are so efficient. With additional equipment and connection requirements, there is an increased chance for failure points throughout the inner workings of the system.

Those looking for highly efficient inverters that can be easily monitored and provide increased energy independence would likely benefit from what SolarEdge offers. However, those looking for the cheapest inverter option may want to consider other products. 

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