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LAST UPDATED: January 12th, 2024

Schneider Electric dates back to 1836 when the France-based operation was founded to provide operation and shipping services for the heavy machinery market and steel and iron industry. From there, the company transitioned in weaponry design and development. When the war subsided, Schneider Electric dove into the construction and electricity industry. 

Through its operational transitions, Schneider Electric has remained committed to producing products that benefit buyers and push technological limits. Today, Schneider Electric provides home automation, smart electrical network supervision, energy control and monitoring, and power production and distribution. 

As for solar efforts, Schneider specifically manufactures solar inverters for commercial and industrial needs and hybrid inverters/ chargers for residential clients. Schneider Electric was recognized in 2021 by Corporate Knights Global 100 Index as the world’s most sustainable company further emphasizing the standard the company has set of creating a more sustainable future on a worldwide level. 

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The Good

  • Robust Transformer
  • Dual Chamber Design
  • Reliability Testing
  • System Benefits

Robust Transformer

Inverters designed by Schneider Electric incorporate what independent organizations have labeled a “robust transformer.” This is due, in part, to the inverter’s isolated design. The transformer manufactured by Schneider Electric offers an industry-best surge capabilities with a high overload rating. This allows for two times the power. 

The transformer in the Schneider Electric XW Pro inverter also allows for quieter operation and superior temperature range. These components together allow for increased efficiency beating out many transformers in the industry. 

Dual Chamber Design

The Schneider Electric XW Pro inverter utilizes a dual-chamber design. This type of design allows for increased thermal management and improved performance reliability. That is because the sensitive electronics within the system are kept separate from the heat-generating elements like the transformer and power bridge. The dual-chamber design then allows for increased heat and airflow management allowing for long-term performance and durability.

Not all inverters incorporate this style of design which may hinder future performance and decrease reliability as the system ages. Schneider Electric buyers do not have to worry about these performance threats thanks to the design of the unit. 

Reliability Testing

Each Schneider Electric inverter undergoes a rigorous testing phase before the series is released and before each individual product is sold. This testing includes a process known as MEOST, or Multiple Environment Over-Stress Tests. This test is conducted utilizing a HALT chamber. These tests determine the environmental limits the unit can perform in and ensure optimal performance.

Not all inverters undergo this same level of testing. For those living in environments with extreme temperature and weather conditions, a Schneider Electric inverter is proven to work despite inclement weather conditions. 

System Benefits

Homeowners who decide to have a Schneider Electric hybrid inverter installed will enjoy a number of associated benefits not necessarily standard among other competitor products in the industry. These benefits include backup power ability, flexibility, installation, and energy management capabilities.


The Bad

  • High Initial Cost
  • Monitoring

High Initial Cost

The most recent inverter release from Schneider Electric, the XW Pro 120/240 V hybrid inverter, provides a number of high-level solutions allowing for peak energy conversion. However, homeowners will have to pay a hefty price for this level of performance.

The unit itself starts at $3,495 which does not include the costs associated with installing the inverter system. As a result, Schneider Electric inverters can cost more than other options on the market with similar performance specifications. 


Since Schneider Electric produces hybrid inverters, there are restrictions in terms of what can be tracked and monitored. Schneider Electric offers remote monitoring and control with insights to certain performance metrics. These can be accessed online or through the mobile app, but the actual data that is displayed can be limited.

When compared to microinverters, hybrid inverter monitoring only shows how the system as a whole is operating. There is no way to break down performance by individual equipment units to determine functionality of each connected piece. 


The Bottom Line

Schneider Electric has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality products. This includes the company’s solar inventory. When homeowners decide to install a Schneider Electric inverter, the equipment comes with a robust transformer to ensure that the conversion process is completed as outlined. The dual chamber design allows for industrial-level strength that provides long-term durability.

Each Schneider Electric inverter undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance for decades to come. Benefits of Schneider Electric inverters include flexibility, straightforward installation, and backup power capabilities. 

Drawbacks of Schneider Electric inverters include the initial investment and monitoring capabilities. The latest Schneider Electric inverter costs more than the average hybrid inverter, and the monitoring platform only allows for whole system data.

Homeowners looking for tried and tested equipment will likely benefit from what Schneider Electric offers. There is a hefty cost that buyers should be aware of prior to making a final purchasing decision. 

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