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LAST UPDATED: January 24th, 2024

Huawei is a global leader in information and communications technology and production. The umbrella of Huawei infrastructure includes telecom networks, IT, smart devices and procuts, and cloud solutions. Huawei's goal is to provide digital solutions to clients across the world, allowing for more connected and intelligent reach.

A more recent endeavor is the Huawei development of residential and commercial solar products. The company is responsible for manufacturing both inverters and battery solutions that are compatible with photovoltaic solar panels. The company has quickly become a leader in inverter production, particularly finding success in Australia’s climate and harsh weather conditions. 

There is a flexibility associated with Huawei solar inverters that is unmatched within the industry. The Huawei inverters help increase electricity savings and offer an overall better experience with AI capabilities and active safety features.

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The Good

  • Optimizer Flexibility
  • Natural Convection Cooling
  • Active Arcing Protection
  • Technology Features

Optimizer Flexibility

Huawei products offer optimizer flexibility. Optimizers are put in place to bolster efficiency and allow for a greater return on investment. Some inverters require the installation of DC optimizers, while some inverters are not compatible with optimizers.

The beauty of the Huawei inverter is that it can work in both scenarios. Clients who want to improve efficiency and see increased performance can have DC optimizers installed. Those trying to avoid the additional cost do not have to install them. This flexibility is unmatched. 

Natural Convection Cooling

Those familiar with solar technology will quickly notice that the size of Huawei inverters are much more compact, lightweight, and generally more aesthetically pleasing than the competition within the market. That is because of the natural convection cooling technology that Huawei inverters possess. 

Traditionally, inverters require built in cooling fans to maintain an optimal operating temperature. Hauawei inverters incorporate natural convection cooling technology so these cooling fans are not needed. 

Active Arcing Protection

The active arcing protection is AI powered technology infused into each Huawei inverter. AI technology is used to bolster performance in a number of smart products, so it makes sense that it has done the same for Huawei inverters.

With active arcing protection, each Huawei inverter possesses the ability to utilize self-learning new arc features. This self-learning feature provides accurate arc fault detection and initiates inverter shutdown in a half a second. No other inverters possess the speed offered through this technology. 

Technology Features

The natural cooling and AI technology only scrape the surface of the technological benefits associated with the Huawei inverters. With the Smart String ESS, clients have access to the “digital turbo” package which includes the following technology features:

  • Chip technology
  • Power electronics technology
  • Communication technology
  • AI technology
  • Natural cooling technology

Not all manufacturers are as focused on the technological components of the inverter as Huawei is. 


The Bad

  • Limited Inverter Products
  • Monitoring Woes

Limited Inverter Products

Typically, inverter manufacturers will offer a few options to residential property owners looking to purchase inverters. Offering multiple products appeals to a broad consumer base.

Currently, Huawei only offers one residential inverter product: the Smart String ESS. This limits prospective clients as the Smart String ESS may or may not have all the features or benefits a homeowner is looking for. 

Monitoring Issues

Monitoring energy production and usage has become standard within the solar industry as clients are interested in specific performance metrics. Having the ability to track performance and energy usage allows clients to maximize their solar system’s capabilities and make adjustments where needed.

Unfortunately, a common complaint among Huawei consumers is the inaccurate and unreliable monitoring solutions available through the Huawei platform. Many have experienced monitoring disruptions or wide metric ranges suggesting an issue with the technology. This has not been the experience of clients utilizing other manufacturer’s monitoring products. 


The Bottom Line

Huawei offers competitive inverter products in a market where the technology is continuously evolving. With Huawei, the technology is a main strength of its inverter products offering proprietary optimizer flexibility.

Additionally, the size and structure of the Huawei inverters is uniquely small as it encompasses natural convection cooling instead of requiring additional fans. The active arcing protection is an AI powered feature that allows for self-learning and fault protection. In addition to utilizing natural convection cooling and AI learning capabilities, the technology behind the Huawei inverters sets it apart from its competition. 

While the technology capabilities of Huawei inverters is a serious reason to consider the manufacturer for key pieces of a purchased solar system, there are limitations associated with the products as well. Prospective clients should be aware that there is only one Huawe inverter product and previous clients have complained of poor and inaccurate monitoring.

Solar clients looking for inverters that encompass some of the latest technology and optimizer flexibility to bolster efficiency numbers would likely benefit from what Huawei inverters provide. However, those looking for multiple manufacturing options should consider another brand or manufacturer. 

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atokoose taiwo boluwatiwi Lagos, LA

Okay for real, I am a big fan of this company Huawei not because of their impressive customer service but because of the impeccable quality in thier products. Using huawei is my everyday life from phones to thier other tech products. Huawei Solar is the best solar system I had ever used even with a tight budget, been using the battery for years with any signs of reduction in its electrical output. This product never ever gave me an issue at all.

4 months ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Kanyin Esther

Huawei solar inverter is very good my husband ordered inverter series SUN2000 I was shocked they delivered it in time and it came with 5 years warranty

4 months ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Otim Jordan Kampala, 102

Huawei solar inverters are the best inverter I have ever used, it's easy to install and learning how to use, the Huawei solar inverter works efficiently without a break.

5 months ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Tyrone Walton Frankfurt am Main, HE

I did not know of this until I traveled abroad and when I used one it worked flawless. Charged my devices without incident and in a timely manner.

8 months ago