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LAST UPDATED: January 24th, 2023

Delta is a global manufacturer known for its innovative designs and products relating to renewable energy equipment. The company has grown to be a leader in providing switching power supplies and DC brushless fans, power management services, components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking solutions, and renewable energy equipment and technology.

The Delta solar products can be found all across the world. There are sales offices and manufacturing options in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Mexico, India, and in various countries across Europe. The Delta research and development team has been recognized for its ability to manufacture efficient energy solutions which is evident in its inverter technology and design. The range of Delta inverters is on par with any top performing competitor in the space. 

Delta remains steadfastly committed to making improvements to environmental protection strategies by utilizing green and lead-free production and waste management programs. Delta continues to be a leader in these efforts. 

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The Good

  • Inverter Products
  • Performance Ratings
  • Transformerless Inverters
  • High Efficiency and Production

Inverter Products

Delta offers a rather robust and inclusive inverter inventory. Between offering both string and hybrid solutions, Delta provides clients with a number of options including the following:

  • Solivia TL 20/TL 15
  • Solivia Series 3.0-7.6kW
  • Solivia Rapid Shutdown
  • M125HV
  • M250HV
  • M4-TL-US (M5, M6, M8, M10)
  • M42U/M36U
  • M8OU/M6OU

Each inverter comes with its own strengths, so depending on the energy usage of the client, Delta likely has a quality solution. 

Performance Ratings

An independent solar testing panel, known as PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), conducts reviews of solar products as an independent organization. PVEL conducted inverter testing which included solar inverter manufacturers allowing its products to be reviewed and ranked. PVEL rankings are consistently recognized as unbiased and accurate. In its testing panel, PVEL found Delta to the top performer in the following areas:

  • Powered Thermal Cycling    
  • High Temperature Operation    
  • Low Temperature Operation    
  • MPPT Efficiency
  • AC Operational Envelope
  • DC Operational Envelope
  • Transient Response
  • Ground and Arc Fault

Delta inverters are some of the most elite solar inverters in the industry, competing with all of the top brand name products. 

Transformerless Inverters 

A key feature that should be noted for researching consumers is the fact that Delta offers transformerless inverters. For context, the traditional inverter will have a transformer that syncs the voltage with the utility grid and home appliances. 

With Delta inverters, there is an option to take advantage of transformerless inverters. These inverters utilize a computerized multi-step process as well as installed electronic pieces to convert DC to high frequency AC energy, then ultimately back to DC before becoming a standard-frequency AC. Not many residential inverter manufacturers offer transformerless inverter solutions, but Delta does. 

High Efficiency and Production

Inverter effeciency is another metric that interested solar clients often track. Efficiency directly impacts the return on investment when having a solar system installed, which is why it is a key performance indicator of solar equipment.

The average solar inverter has a peak efficiency rating that hovers around 95 percent to 98 percent. Any inverter in that range is considered to be a quality inverter. Delta inverters boast peak efficiency ratings of 98.3 percent. 


The Bad

  • Limited Warranty
  • High Price Point

Limited Warranty

For most homeowners, solar systems are a long-term investment. As a result of substantial upfront costs, many solar clients are invested in equipment and performance guarantees and warranties. Inverter manufacturers commonly offer warranties that, on average, cover products for 10 years.

The Delta warranty is somewhat lacking, especially compared to competing manufacturers’ products. Currently, Delta only offers a five-year warranty on its inverter products, despite them costing more than other products on the market. 

High Price Point

A key consideration for many prospective solar clients is the cost of the solar equipment. The cost versus the potential savings is something most researching consumers focus on when deciding what equipment to have installed and what installer to go through.

Due to advanced technology and above-average performance specifications across the board, Delta inverters cost more than other inverters available for residential use. There are some more affordable Delta inverter solutions, with starting prices hovering around$1,000. However, the most elite Delta inverters cost as much as $3,900.


The Bottom Line

Delta offers a robust solar manufacturing operation that benefits residential and other prospective solar clients on a global scale. For homeowners, Delta manufactures a number of inverter products ranging in system type. This enables Delta to satisfy the needs and desires of a wide range of homeowners.

The performance ratings of Delta inverters have consistently been top ranked in a number of performance metrics by independent organizations. Delta offers transformerless inverters, an innovation not commonly found within the industry. The efficiency ratings of Delta inverters is also worth mentioning as it ranks as one of the most efficient inverters on the market.

Despite offering a number of benefits and positive solar solutions, there are drawbacks to what Delta provides its customers. First, the warranty is limited, especially compared to industry coverage averages. Since Delta inverters are high quality, they come at a price making its products more expensive than its counterparts. 

Prospective solar clients looking for one of the more high-quality and efficient residential inverters will likely benefit from what Delta provides. However, those looking for a more affordable solution may want to consider alternative products. 

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