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LAST UPDATED: February 22nd, 2023

Torus provides a revolutionary solar and energy management product designed to help individuals decrease their dependence on the traditional utility grid. With Torus products, clients can access renewable, clean energy and store unused energy for future use without having to deal with constantly fluctuating energy rates imposed by municipalities. Torus has created a new solar battery/storage system for residential purposes. 

The Torus Station operation is relatively straightforward. First, power is generated by the sun or other renewable energy sources like wind or hydro energy. The Torus Station collects and stores that clean energy which can then be used to power a property. Even during power outages, energy stored in the Torus Station will be accessible. The Torus Station is also a “smart” device meaning it can automatically shift energy consumption based on learned behaviors and patterns. 

The Torus Station is a kinetic battery generator. While it will store excess power generated by renewable energy generators, it will also provide supplemental power throughout the day when rates are traditionally expected to increase. Power is also dispersed at night and can be accessed in emergency back-up situations when the utility grid is down. 

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The Good

  • Monitoring Capabilities 
  • Power Generation
  • Integration

Monitoring Capabilities

The most impressive aspect of the Torus system is the monitoring capabilities it puts into the hands of the buyer. With the Torus system and accompanying mobile applications, home owners can see the following:

  • Impact — Clients can view reports on generated energy and quickly see where money is being saved, emission impact, and overall reliability on the utility grid.
  • Real-time analytics — Clients can quickly see energy activity within the home and take advantage of the extra power generated by altering energy use.
  • Predictive weather data — With the predictive weather data feature, clients can schedule when appliances that consume a lot of energy and EV-charging take effect.
  • Automation abilities — Clients can integrate with a number of home systems and make automated adjustments. 

While many solar storage and battery systems offer some sort of monitoring capabilities, few offer the data and technology provided by Torus. 

Power Generation

The solar batteries and storage systems currently on the market solely cooperate and communicate with traditional photovoltaic solar systems. While solar is an excellent and reliable source of alternative energy generation, it is not the only energy generator currently available for use.

The Torus system is able to fully connect to the solar system utilizing traditional solar panels and inverters. However, it can also work with wind power generation systems and hydro power generation systems. This is something no other solar battery on the market can claim. 


The Torus system, in conjunction with the monitoring capabilities through the mobile application, allows users to integrate a number of appliances and systems to allow for reliable tracking and make adjustments when necessary.

The Torus system can fully integrate with smart thermostats and other smart appliances, as well as EV charging products. This allows clients to essentially automatically shift energy use during those peak energy production/generation times. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Performance Specifications
  • Round Trip Efficiency
  • Available Summer 2023

Undisclosed Performance Specifications

There are a number of performance specifications clients are typically interested in when evaluating battery and storage systems. These specifications are directly tied to the overall performance of the product.

Since the Torus system has yet to be released, a number of performance specifications are simply unknown. This makes it difficult to compare the quality of the Torus system to those currently competing within the solar battery market. Undisclosed performance specifications for the Torus system include power, depth of discharge, coupling options, and even warranty details. 

Round Trip Efficiency

Of the known performance specifications, the round trip efficiency rating of the Torus system is a concern. In preliminary testing, the Torus system only has an 88 percent round trip efficacy rating. While the system is not affected by ambient temperature fluctuations, this efficacy rating is still concerning. 

In comparison, other battery and storage solutions currently on the market average a round trip efficacy rating in the high 90s with some batteries boasting 98 percent. Efficiency is linked to overall performance of a system, and the Torus system is lagging in this area. 

Available Summer 2023

A major drawback for residential property owners looking to install renewable energy products is the actual availability of Torus systems. Currently, the Torus battery pack is only available for reservation as the product is not yet operational. 

Interested clients can reserve a Torus battery system, but the earliest these products will actually be sent out summer of 2023. Other quality battery and storage solutions are currently on the market with no wait required.


The Bottom Line

Torus is a new battery solution designed to work with renewable generators and provide quality storage capabilities. The Torus Station is monitored and compatible with a high-quality monitoring system that can be accessed entirely from a mobile device. These monitoring capabilities include automatic adjustments based on data and behaviors.

Unlike other solar battery units, the Torus system is compatible with a number of renewable energy power generators. Its integration capabilities and performance lifespan are another reason residential clients are taking notice of Torus products. 

Despite offering a new technology within the renewable energy industry, there are limitations associated with the Torus battery system. Since it has not been released, there are a number of undisclosed performance specifications, making it difficult to compare to batteries currently on the market.

The round trip efficiency rating is also substantially lower than current solar batteries. Lastly, the Torus system will not begin shipping out to buyers until the summer of 2023. 

Residential property owners looking for a system that is compatible with a number of power generation sources will likely benefit from what Torus has created. However, those interested in immediately installing and accessing solar storage will need to consider alternative battery solutions. 

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