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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Solarwatt is a German-based manufacturing company that provides a number of renewable energy solutions to clients all throughout Europe. Within Germany, Solarwatt has become a leader in manufacturing both photovoltaic systems and solar module products. By incorporating “smart” energy management technology, Solarwatt has ultimately been able to create efficient and reliable storage systems designed for both residential and commercial use. 

One important note about Solarwatt itself is its industry leading nature. Solarwatt was the first company responsible for converting its entire product offering into a new generation of dependable glass modules. These innovations have been patented as the development in manufacturing technology is proprietary. 

To create the Battery Flex, Solarwatt teamed up with BMW to develop and manufacture a residential energy storage system that utilizes automotive cells. By partnering with BMW, Solarwatt was able to mass produce a solar battery that matches industry standards, is environmentally friendly when operational and when manufactured, and functions at a highly efficient level. 

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The Good

  • BMW Cell Modules
  • Integrated Internet Connection
  • Low Maintenance System
  • Affordability

BMW Cell Modules

The partnership between Solarwatt and BMW is a unique one. By combining manufacturing and designing forces, Solarwatt has been able to produce a product that can benefit nearly every home size and backup need. The combination of the BMW automotive cells with the Battery Flex storage system and the smart Solarwatt Manager, homeowners can expect the most efficient distribution of the energy across all components of the energy system. This partnership and combination of components allows for an optimized system, smart distribution, and clean mobility.

Not many battery manufacturers are willing to team up with other companies to design and manufacture an alternative solution to the solar battery and storage question, but Solarwatt has taken this step and placed its battery at the forefront of the European market. 

Integrated Internet Connection

One interesting point to note regarding the connectivity of the Solarwatt Battery Flex is the fact that the system itself is designed for integrated internet connection. Many solar batteries, once they have been installed, will remain at functionality level throughout their operational lifespan.

With the Solarwatt Battery Flex, this integrated internet connection ensures that all systems are automatically updated to include features and benefits as smart technology designed by Solarwatt continues to emerge. 

Low Maintenance System

The Solarwatt Battery Flex storage units are relatively compact in size and are made of strong outer shells. When turned on, the Solarwatt Battery Flex makes almost no noise and does not require regular servicing. 

The only maintenance exception is if a homeowner decides to install the unit outdoors. It should be noted that not all batteries can be installed outside, but the makeup of the Solarwatt Battery Flex allows for this flexibility in installation. Even with units installed outside, making sure dirt and debris don't build up over time is the only cleaning maintenance that would be required. 


Where the Solarwatt Battery Flex really sets itself apart from the rest of the industry is in its affordability. Most solar batteries and energy storage systems cost thousands of dollars to purchase and then another substantial sum to have professionally installed. That is not the case with the Solarwatt Battery Flex.

For the most basic Solarwatt Battery Flex unit, prices hover around €500 ($594) drastically undercutting competitors. Additionally, the simplicity and size of the Solarwatt Battery Flex requires only one installer, cutting the overall costs for professional installation as well. While many homeowners purchase more than one unit, it is still drastically cheaper than other solar batteries and energy management systems on the market. 


The Bad

  • Multiple Units Needed To Maximize Capacity
  • Availability

Multiple Units Needed to Maximize Capacity

A Solarwatt Battery Flex unit is designed for basic backup functionality. While this is not uncommon within the solar battery industry, it is important to note for those looking to maximize energy independence.

In order for a homeowner to accomplish this goal, multiple Solarwatt Battery Flex units will be required. Fortunately, the Solarwatt Battery Flex system is flexible and malleable, allowing for multiple units to be installed and work together to improve storage capacity and power rating metrics. With increased unit size, self-sufficiency will also improve from 55 to 72 percent. 


While Solarwatt is widely recognized in Germany as well as throughout Europe, its solar battery product has not made its way to the United States just yet. Despite offering internet connectivity and seamless communication capabilities, the sale of the Solarwatt Battery Flex is not commonly found throughout North America. It has potential to rapidly spread, especially since the Solarwatt Battery Flex only requires one professional for complete installation, but that development has not yet been made. American homeowners will unfortunately have to look into alternative energy storage systems. 


The Bottom Line

Solarwatt is an active renewable energy manufacturing operation that provides products throughout Germany and all of Europe as a whole. German manufacturing partnerships have allowed Solarwatt to create an affordable and reliable solar battery infused with BMW cell modules allowing for optimization, smart capabilities, and mobility.

With integrated internet connection, homeowners can rest assured that the system is always up to date and connected providing seamless communication between the solar system and the storage unit. The structure of the Solarwatt Battery Flex provides a low maintenance solution with three compact distinctions in the unit itself. The glaring difference between the Solarwatt Battery Flex and its competition is the affordability of this solar battery.

In order to reach its ultimate storage capacity and power distribution, homeowners will need to purchase multiple units. One single Battery Flex system on its own will simply offer generic backup solutions, but paired with additional systems, it can provide a level of energy independence.

While the availability of the Solarwatt Battery Flex is robust in Europe, these products have yet to make their way to the United States limiting its availability to North American homeowners. 

Homeowners based in Europe looking for an affordable, flexible, and high-performing solar battery will likely benefit from what the Solarwatt Battery Flex provides. This system is not yet available for United States clients. 

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