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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Redback Technologies is a new player in the renewable energy space, creating solutions that are specifically catered to handle the extreme conditions found in Australia. The company started manufacturing its own technologies and products in 2015. A group of tech enthusiasts started to look at the landscape of the solar market and realized that there were not many products geared towards what Australian households face.

Most solar batteries limited Australian households as they had to be installed indoors. These products were not designed to handle the extreme weather conditions the country faces throughout the year. As a result, Redback Technologies set out to create a solar battery solution that could withstand these extremities and effectively harness the power of the sun resulting in financial savings. 

In an effort to make renewable electricity more accessible and affordable, Redback Technologies continues to produce equipment that benefits homeowners and business owners alike looking to utilize clean energy sources rather than relying on the utility grid. 

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The Good

  • Storage Capacity Options
  • Potential Savings
  • Compatibility
  • Monitoring Capabilities

Storage Capacity Options

Each home is different. The energy output needs vary. The amount of solar energy produced will depend on a number of factors. It only makes sense that storage needs will also differ. As a result, Redback Technologies has created multiple storage capacity options to address these needs. System capacity limits breakdown as follows:

  • 7.2 kWh
  • 9.6 kWh
  • 14.2 kWh

By offering varying capacity options, clients can save on the system itself. Most solar battery manufacturers require the purchase of additional units or supplemental equipment. Redback Technologies clients can purchase the desired capacity upfront and have the unit arrive in one solid piece. 

Potential Savings

Solar companies like to use net metering as a sales tactic. It is a way for homeowners to feel as if their financial investment will quickly break even as a “credit” is applied when solar system energy is sold back to the grid. Many homeowners pass on having a solar battery installed for this reason alone.

However, what solar companies fail to disclose is the rates at which customers receive credits. The amount that utility companies pay for solar energy is generally less than what they charge solar customers during non-production hours. That means many homeowners are better off having a solar battery to store energy that is not being used immediately to rely on during these peak hours when rates become more expensive. This is the case for many Australian homeowners, which is why a solar battery may make more financial sense. With a Redback Technologies Smart Battery, the potential savings with a solar battery only increases the savings expected from the solar system itself. 


Since the technology developed by Redback Technologies is relatively new, the solar batteries created by the company are designed to work with almost all modern solar systems. There are some solar batteries that will only work with its manufacturer’s corresponding solar system, but the Redback Technologies Smart Battery can communicate with most previously installed systems. 

Monitoring Capabilities

When a homeowner has a Redback Technologies Smart Battery installed, it comes with monitoring access. Either through the mobile app or web portal, Redback Technologies clients can have complete control of their energy data. Customers will be able to monitor the following components:

  • Energy Use
  • Analytical Solar and Storage Data (for up to 2 years)
  • Solar Panel Production
  • Energy Exported to Grid

While many solar batteries come with some sort of monitoring, few provide access to energy output data as it relates to the utility grid. Redback Technologies clients will be able to access this information and make adjustments as desired. 


The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • Mounting Limitations

Limited Availability

As an Australian-based company, it makes sense that the products designed and manufactured there would cater to its local consumers. However, most solar battery manufacturers operate on a global level, selling products in countries all over the world.

As a relatively new player in the solar and renewable energy market, Redback Technologies has yet to make this international jump and remains committed to servicing its Australian customers. That means homeowners outside of Australia in the market for solar batteries will not be able to purchase or have the products manufactured by Redback Technologies installed. The availability is limited compared to other products on the market. 

Mounting Limitations

As competition within the solar battery space continues to heat up, manufacturers are continuously looking for that edge that sets their product apart from the rest of the equipment on the market. One way manufacturers are working to do this is by making more compact solar batteries. This reduces the space taken up once the solar battery is installed and makes it less cumbersome for the homeowner. 

Unfortunately, the solar batteries sold through Redback Technologies are anything but compact. The batteries themselves are almost five feet tall and can only be placed on the ground. Wall mounting is not an option with a Redback Technologies Smart Battery. 


The Bottom Line

Redback Technologies has created its own “Smart Battery” designed specifically for homeowners. Customers that purchase a Redback Technologies solar battery have multiple capacity options to choose from. Depending on the solar power production and energy needs of a property, it is beneficial to have multiple storage capacity limits to utilize.

While many solar companies will push net metering as a reason to have a solar system installed, the energy that is sold back to the grid does not equally compute what it costs to pull from the grid during the hours a solar system is not producing electricity. This increases the overall potential savings for homeowners that have a Redback Technologies Smart Battery installed.

The Smart Battery through Redback Technologies is compatible with most modern solar systems, making the connection and communication between varying brands seamless. Redback Technologies customers will have monitoring abilities to set storage and output priorities and view production and usage.

While there is no denying that Redback Technologies has created a quality solar battery solution, there are limitations that prospective buyers should be aware of before making a final purchasing decision. Currently, Redback Technologies Smart Batteries are only available to those in Australia unlike other manufacturers that have a more global reach. The actual smart battery unit is also large and free standing, meaning it will have to be on the ground and cannot be wall mounted to save space.

Australian homeowners looking for ways to maximize solar production and energy savings will likely benefit from the options available through Redback Technologies. However, residential clients looking for a solar battery outside of Australia will have to find an alternative solar battery solution. 

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