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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Lithion has taken the solar battery industry by storm producing battery backs and modules that incorporate integrated manufactured cells. These cells allow battery packs to store and release power. Lithion is responsible for producing battery systems that benefit industrial, medical, robotic, military/defense, and residential clients. The batteries produced by Lithion incorporate proprietary technology. 

The Lithion manufacturing plants develop and produce both lithium iron phosphate and lithium-ion battery cells, modules, and battery packs. In production, Lithion follows the standards outlined by the Battery Council International and follows all designed form factors. Lithion’s products are scalable and offer flexible powering solutions. 

Whether clients are in need of rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery packs or modules, Lithion has a solution. The headquarters are in Henderson, Nevada where the company’s 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located complete with a fully automated production line. Lithion offers in-house engineering, design, and testing capabilities. 

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The Good

  • Products Offered
  • Residential Systems
  • Off-Grid Capabilities
  • Savings Generated

Products Offered

While Lithion is heavily focused on the battery industry, it offers a wide range of products that span outside of traditional solar battery systems. Products designed and produced directly by Lithion include:

  • Lithium modules
  • Primary cells
  • Custom packs
  • Secondary cells
  • ESS residential
  • ESS commercial
  • Electromechanical and cable assembly

The research and development department of the Lithion operation takes a more far-reaching approach to battery technology and design. Most manufacturers do not branch out into all of these battery elements but Lithion does.

Residential Systems

For homeowners, a number of battery solutions are available designed to bolster storage capabilities and cut costs. These systems also reduce the reliance on the traditional utility grid increasing overall independence. Residential products include:

  • Compact Series — designed for small homes and cabins
  • Stack’D Series — ground mounted and producing more storage
  • M50 — for large storage projects

Depending on the property needs, Lithion likely has a solution for every property and its size. Many manufacturers only offer one streamlined residential solution, but Lithion recognizes the need for size and flexibility. 

Off-Grid Capabilities

One of the biggest draws to Lithion products is the ability to be “off-grid.” The term off-grid refers to a home no longer needing to rely on the utility grid to supply and disperse energy. Since utility grids are susceptible to blackouts, the energy disruption puts families in danger. Lithion products can remedy this.

Most battery manufacturers will make lofty promises of off grid capabilities, but then will have limited storage space. With the stackable series offered by Lithion, homes can truly obtain an off grid status. 

Savings Generated

Since Lithion conduct rigorous testing on its products, one performance factor that is worth noting is the savings that is generated when Lithion products are installed. This is particularly the case for residential clients. Since energy prices continue to rise on an annual basis, opting for a more affordable and clean solution provides substantial savings.

In most states, there are time-of-use rates which means that afternoon and evening energy prices are higher than the typical morning rates. With a HomeGrid battery system from Lithion, homeowners can save during those peak times and avoid those inflated late-day energy costs. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Pricing
  • Unknown Performance Metrics

Undisclosed Pricing

A glaring data point that is missing from the Lithion product releases is the starting price point. Since investing in renewable energy sources is typically expensive up front, prospective buyers are interested in what the initial investment is going to be. Most battery manufacturers will release this information publicly.

It is unknown how much Lithion products cost, so residential clients will have to undergo a consultation or make contact with the company directly in order to gain access to those numbers. 

Unknown Performance Metrics

It is common practice for solar equipment manufacturers to publicly disclose a number of performance metrics in regards to its own technology and systems. These standard metrics make it easy for prospective buyers to quickly determine factors that are important for their individual needs and make an informed purchasing decision.

Unfortunately, Lithion has not disclosed a number of standard performance metrics including depth of discharge rating, integrated inverter presence, and price. These are key data points that researching clients are interested in knowing. 


The Bottom Line

Lithion provides quality battery systems to those looking to reduce electricity costs and increase overall energy independence. Through Lithion’s manufacturing efforts, there are a wide range of battery and module products available for a large client scope.

For residential clients, a number of battery solutions are available depending on the specific property needs and current energy usage. With a Lithion battery pack, homeowners can become increasingly independent with off-grid capabilities included. 

Despite offering a number of quality features and battery solutions, prospective buyers should be aware of some limitations prior to purchasing Lithion products. First, there is no pricing information publicly disclosed, so it is difficult to compare costs and determine affordability. There are also a number of performance metrics that have not been released also making it difficult to compare to other comparable products. 

Homeowners looking for a wide selection of battery solutions and having a system installed that is essentially guaranteed to cut costs would likely benefit from what Lithion offers to its clients. However, there are critical pieces of comparative data missing making it difficult to determine the overall quality in comparison to other manufacturers’ products. 

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