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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

LG Chem was founded in 1947, which would serve as the mother company of LG Energy Solution. The company claims to be the global pioneer of the lithium-ion battery as it began the research and development phase of the project long before competitors within the industry.

In 1992, LG became one of the earliest suppliers among top lithium-ion producers. By 1999, LG Energy Solutions was responsible for the first mass production efforts of lithium-ion batteries, placing its products in the forefront of the market.  

Despite being the first, LG remained committed to improving its technology and products. In 2000, the first U.S.-based research and development center was founded, and the official ESS battery business was launched a decade later. The first of the RESU series would win the EES Award in 2016 for its performance. Finally in 2021, LG manufactured the world’s largest utility-scale battery energy storage project in the world. 

LG Energy Solutions provides global production and research and development efforts on a global scale — the only manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries to do so. With multiple battery solutions to choose from, homeowners will likely find a solution that benefits their backup and solar energy storage needs. 

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The Good

  • Efficient Solar Energy Management
  • Fully Covers Daily Electricity Use
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process
  • Chemical Technology

Efficient Solar Energy Management

Homeowners that have solar panels and inverters installed could potentially miss out on another money saving energy source by not having a battery backup system installed. It’s no secret that most solar systems produce the most energy at midday. However, if a homeowner without a battery or storage system runs into this situation, that energy will simply go to waste as it will not all be used before the sun sets. 

The LG RESU Prime battery provides more efficient solar energy management allowing homeowners to store peak hour energy production and use it to power the home all night. This will add to the utility savings and ensure that the energy produced is actually used. 

Fully Covers Daily Electricity Use

With the whole home backup LG RESU Prime system, homeowners can rest assured that the unit will fully cover daily electricity use. This means that maximum energy and high power output is possible with the LG RESU Prime system during peak times and utility blackout. While not sustainable long term, the battery will provide all necessary energy to keep a home running normally. 

Advanced Manufacturing Process

Most batteries are bound to experience a shortened life expectancy due to manufacturing complexities. As time goes one, the materials that make up the inside of the battery will expand. This expansion can ultimately lead to cell distortions and these distortions within the cell can ultimately lead to a shortened battery life. 

This is something that LG RESU Prime owners do not have to worry about. Rather than using a “winding” technology, LG Energy Solution utilizes a lamination and stacking process when manufacturing battery cells. This makeup means that the cell’s components are stacked on top of each other in a designed and organized way.

LG Energy Solution designers have found that through laminations and stacking, there is a drastic reduction in the distortion of cells and extends or creates a more stable battery life. 

Chemical Technology

An interesting point to note is that LG Energy Solution has its roots in parent company LG Chem. LG Chem has worked within the chemical business realm for nearly a century.

This extensive chemical knowledge is something no other battery supplier can draw from. In fact, very few battery suppliers have any sort of chemical background at all even though lithium-ion batteries are directly made up from chemical technology. The expertise and insight into the chemistry behind the product sets LG products apart from the rest of the industry.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Pricing
  • RESU Prime Batteries Required

Undisclosed Pricing

Most suppliers are unable to give a hard and fast price. This is due to several components like installation costs or modular add-ons. That being said, there is generally a range or starting price researching customers can draw on to help determine the best quality for the price.

Unfortunately for those interested in the LG RESU Prime unit, these numbers are simply not disclosed. Homeowners interested in having the LG RESU Prime storage system installed will have to go through a dealer or obtain a quote directly through LG Energy Solution to get an idea of what the final cost will be. 

RESU Prime Batteries Required

Many homeowners looking to purchase a solar battery and storage backup system are interested in reducing overall utility bills and becoming as energy independent as possible. A common question is whether or not having a battery or storage system installed will allow a property to go entirely “off grid.”

The reality is the LG RESU Prime battery is not designed to run a whole home entirely off grid. It is generally used to provide energy during blackouts or when the solar panels are not producing energy.

In order to go off grid, homeowners will have to purchase several RESU Prime Batteries that will have to be replaced as time goes on to maximize energy independence. This adds to the overall cost of energy equipment.


The Bottom Line

As a pioneer in the chemical battery field, LG has created a dependable solar battery system. Coupled with an LG solar panel system, the LG RESU Prime allows homeowners to maximize solar energy produced. 

By installing the LG RESU Prime, homeowners can maximize energy and the high power output which allows the entire home to continue to be powered during peak times and untimely blackouts. LG utilizes an advanced manufacturing process to produce better cells resulting in longer battery life. Unlike other providers, LG comes with a chemical background, something most battery suppliers cannot claim.

There are a number of reasons homeowners should consider the LG RESU Prime for solar battery backup use, but there are limitations to be aware of. For starters, there is not even a pricing range available for researching customers trying to determine which system to go with. This includes both installation costs and the equipment itself. Additionally, if a homeowner truly wants to go off grid, the additional purchase of multiple RESU Prime batteries will be required to do so.

Homeowners who utilize solar panels to generate their home’s energy would benefit from what the LG RESU Prime battery and storage system offers. Rather than letting any produced energy go to waste, the LG RESU Prime effectively stores and powers the property during non-peak production hours saving money in the long run. 

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