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LAST UPDATED: December 23rd, 2023

Eveready has a long history in the battery business. The company got its start in the early 1900’s when the company manufactured the first handheld flashlight. At the time, Eveready was known as the American Eveready Company and with the help of the National Carbon Company (responsible for creating the first D-sized dry cell battery), the flashlight revolutionized lighting and power.

This partnership ultimately led to Eveready creating its first battery, the AA battery, in 1907. That innovation would spark subsequent technology advancements as Eveready would release another compact vest battery, the AAA battery, in 1911. 

Today, most people will recognize Eveready for its manufacturing efforts. The company is responsible for manufacturing Energizer and Eveready battery products. In fact, the manufacturing side of the business in Eveready is an owned operation under the Energizer Holdings umbrella. The company synonymous with long lasting batteries is the parent company to Eveready. 

As the go-to manufacturer of popular battery sizes and brands, it was only natural for Eveready to get into the solar battery industry. The company launched the Energy Vault as a compatible and affordable solution for residential property owners looking for a system that could effectively communicate with photovoltaic installed systems and store renewable energy to utilize during peak pricing hours or power outages. 

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The Good

  • Expandable Capacity Sizing
  • Compatibility
  • Installation and Continued Work
  • Monitoring

Expandable Capacity Sizing

Depending on the storage and power output needs of the client, Eveready offers an expandable solution that addresses capacity specifications. Clients can get up to four subsequent modular additions to expand storage capacity. Capacity options break down as follows:

  • 5.1 kWh
  • 10.2 kWh
  • 15.3 kWh
  • 20.4 kWh

While many solar batteries are modular, not all manufacturers offer this wide of a variation when it comes to storage capabilities. In an attempt to create a solution for all residential property sizes, Eveready Energy Vault has four models to fit those needs. 


The Eveready Energy Vault is an AC-coupled system that more often than not seamlessly pairs and connects to any solar system previously installed. Eveready Energy Vault customers have rarely reported issues with the system connecting and effectively storing solar energy created by the solar system.

Additionally, the Eveready Energy Vault can connect to virtual power plants. This is a feature not commonly found in competing solar batteries, bolstering the Eveready claim that its batteries are flexible and compatible with varying equipment. 

Installation and Continued Work

Installation costs add to the overall upfront price homeowners are faced with covering when having a solar battery installed. The more complex and difficult the installation, the more the client will have to dish out. Generally speaking, the systems that are more complex to install are also complicated to repair making maintenance work difficult.

Due to the chemistry, compatibility, and flexibility of the Eveready Energy Vault, installation is straightforward and the unit itself is considered to be low maintenance. This will save the property owner hundreds, or potentially thousands, in the long run. 


With the Eveready Energy Vault, buyers can take advantage of the Eveready web portal or mobile app for monitoring purposes. Whatever can be monitored and displayed within the app is right there at their fingertips. Some clients like to monitor every aspect of their solar batteries settings and priorities, while others are more interested in power usage and consumptions. Whatever the focus, Eveready offers a monitoring solution through its app.

One point to note regarding the Eveready monitoring platform is the system will alert the user of potential issues and offer remote diagnostics so problems can be fixed before a professional repair is necessary. Not all monitoring platforms associated with solar batteries include this feature.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Round Trip Efficiency
  • Warranty Term

Undisclosed Round Trip Efficiency

Most solar battery manufacturers will release a data sheet with all battery specifications displaying how the battery is intended to perform. A number of these metrics truly distinguish some solar batteries over others. One of those key performance metrics is the round trip efficiency percentage.

Round trip efficiency measures the percentage of the electricity that is stored in the unit that can later be retrieved and used to power the property. That means that the higher the round trip efficiency percentage, the less energy is lost during the storage process.

This figure is important because it details how efficient a solar battery conducts one of its main purposes. Most manufacturers disclose the round trip efficiency percentage, but that is not the case with the Eveready Energy Vault. 

Warranty Term

Despite being part of the biggest battery brands in the world, the Eveready Energy Vault warranty is somewhat lacking. While the protection terms on solar batteries is not as long or as comprehensive as solar panels or inverters, the industry on average covers its products and production for 10 years.

The Eveready Energy Vault is only covered by the manufacturer warranty for 7 years. There are also limitations in terms of cycles used that could terminate the warranty before that 7 year term is up. Homeowners that feel more comfortable with guaranteed term protection may want to look into other solar battery options. 


The Bottom Line

The Eveready Energy Vault is manufactured by a company synonymous with battery quality. For residential clients, Eveready Energy Vault offers expandable capacity sizing options, meaning there are varying solutions for storage needs based on the amount of electricity a homeowner wants stored for peak hours or outages.

As an AC coupled solar battery, the Eveready Energy Vault is also compatible with the solar system, seamlessly communicating with solar panels to properly store and release energy when desired. It also can be connected to virtual power plants, a unique connectivity feature. The unit itself is not as cumbersome as other products on the market making it easy to install and maintain. This saves money for clients in the long run.

Lastly, monitoring is available through the Eveready app where homeowners can set power priorities. 

Despite offering a number of quality features to solar users, there are drawbacks to the Eveready Energy Vault that prospective buyers should be aware of. Despite releasing a number of primary and secondary specifications, it is unclear what the round trip efficiency of the Eveready Energy Vault is. The warranty term also only covers the system for 7 years even though the industry average is 10 years or more. 

Residential property owners looking for an expandable storage system with quality compatibility components will likely benefit from what the Eveready Energy Vault provides. However, those interested in the efficiency of the battery and its coverage over a period of time may want to look at other options. 

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