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LAST UPDATED: November 17th, 2023

Enphase has risen to prominence as a global supplier of solar and renewable energy technology and equipment. The company is the world's largest and leading supplier of microinverter technology and has made an increased effort to provide affordable battery storage systems. While the Enphase specialty is definitely its microinverter products, the technology of those microinverters can be found in the production and standard of the Enphase IQ battery systems. 

Through Enphase, homeowners will have access to the Enphase IQ Battery system. These systems provide an all-in-one solar backup battery power solution which increasingly important to those who regularly experience utility grid outages or inclement weather that impacts traditional energy flow. 

With an Enphase IQ battery, homeowners will have access to the IQ load controller which allows for automatic monitoring and controls of a number of appliances and home features. Each Enphase IQ battery encompases PCS integration which puts the power of control back into the hands of the homeowners while also simplifying installations. Enphase IQ products can also be paired directly with generators for extended grid outage necessities. 

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The Good

  • Enphase Battery Options
  • Swappable Microinverters
  • Simplified Installation and Claims Process
  • Afforadable

Enphase Battery Options

Unlike its competition, Enphase IQ offers varying battery solutions to homeowners looking for storage options. There are four different Enphase models to choose from and each unit is modular for increased power and capacity needs. 

IQ Battery 3

  • 3.5 kWh total capacity
  • 3.36 kWh usable capacity
  • 67.2 V nominal DC voltage
  • 1.28 kVa continuous power output

IQ Battery 10

  • 10.5 kWh total capacity
  • 10.08 kWh usable capacity
  • 73.5 V maximum DC voltage
  • 3.84 kVA continuous power output

IQ Battery 3T

  • 3.5 kWh total capacity
  • 3.36 kWh usable capacity
  • 75.6 V maximum DC voltage
  • 1.28 kVa continuous power output

IQ Battery 10T

  • 10.5 kWh total capacity
  • 10.08 kWh usable capacity
  • 3.84 kVa continuous power output
  • 96% round trip efficiency

With four battery systems to choose from, Enphase clients are likely to find a system that works best for their budget and energy needs. 

Swappable Microinverters

As the leader in microinverter production, installation, and sales, Enphase has a leg up when it comes to inverter technology. All Enphase IQ systems provide swappable microinverter capabilities. This is an important feature, particularly as the system ages and components get worn down.

With swappable microinverters, Enphase IQ systems can quickly and easily be repaired as the entire unit does not have to be returned in order for it to be fixed. This swappable component allows for the system to be repaired in a matter of minutes. 

Simplified Installation and Claims Process

One of the most unique aspects of the Enphase IQ battery is its installation flexibility. Due to the actual unit’s size, each battery is designed to be able to be lifted by two people. This allows for increased ease of installation and removal if necessary. No extra equipment is required to mount an Enphase IQ battery or for service repairs decreasing the additional installation expenses other companies have to charge clients.

It should also be noted that Enphase IQ comes with both all-in-one support and an automated claim process. This means that the Enphase team can actually handle issues from a remote location instead of homeowners having to wait for a specialist to come out to their home.

Also, systems covered under the warranty can receive automatic replacements with self-generated shipping labels. Other providers are not offering this level of flexibility or customer care.


Solar is expensive all around. The solar system itself with panels and inverters will cost a homeowner thousands of dollars once finally paid for. Solar battery systems are the same. All in, battery solutions can cost thousands of dollars, especially once installation of the storage unit is actually calculated.

In terms of affordability, Enphase offers one of the more economical solutions on the market. With its basic/standard Enphase IQ solutions, clients may see a starting cost of $3,000 which is substantially lower than other options on the market. Enphase battery products are also eligible for tax incentive programs which can lower the overall cost of the system. 


The Bad

  • Decreased Power Output
  • Designed to Work with Enphase Microinverters

Decreased Power Output

Due to its size and handling capabilities, there are limitations to the Enphase IQ system in terms of actual power output. The IQ batteries, in comparison to other products on the market, has a below average power output. This means if homeowners want to run their air conditioning unit during a blackout, multiple high grade IQ systems will need to be installed. Otherwise it is best that homeowners go with an entirely different system, especially if their power output needs far exceed what Enphase IQ offers.  

Designed to Work with Enphase Microinverters

Similar to other storage solutions, the Enphase IQ products are designed to work with systems where Enphase microinverters were installed as part of the whole home solar system. While an Enphase IQ system may still function with other solar equipment and brands, it will not be as efficient and there is a higher chance of missed connections and communication errors throughout the systems. Enphase clients should consider Enphase IQ battery solutions, but clients of other inverter providers may want to proceed with caution. 


The Bottom Line

Enphase provides whole home and essential battery solutions for homeowners looking for a power backup or increased energy independence. There are four battery options to choose from that fall under the Enphase umbrella. This allows homeowners to find the solution that meets their homes’ needs in a more flexible fashion.

The Enphase IQ provides swappable microinverters which means that if a homeowner is in need of any type of repair, no return is necessary. The installation process with Enphase battery products has also been simplified as each system allows for two-person life capabilities and an all-in-one support automated claims process. Enphase offers more affordable solutions to the battery storage issue and its products qualify for a number of tax incentive programs depending on the state a homeowner resides in. 

While there are a number of reasons homeowners should consider Enphase IQ options, there are limitations to these systems prospective clients should be aware of as well. Since the systems are smaller in size for handling purposes and sit on the more affordable range of the pricing spectrum, there is a decreased power output to expect. The Enphase IQ batteries are also designed to work with Enphase microinverters rather than be paired with varying components from other manufacturers. 

Enphase clients considering having a battery solution installed should consider the options available directly through Enphase. However, homeowners who do not have Enphase microinverters installed as part of their solar system may want to look into other alternatives.

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