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LAST UPDATED: July 28th, 2023

Energizer is synonymous with batteries and battery production. Since 1896, the company has been a global leader in mass battery production. Brands that are owned and operated by Energizer include Energizer, Eveready, Rayovac, and VARTA. As a leader in battery development and manufacturing, it only made sense for the company to transition into the solar battery market. 

Products that are manufactured by Energizer consistently sell and perform well. Brands that align with and fall under the Energizer Holdings group are ranked either #1 or #2 in most global markets. The company continuously works to optimize its technology and manufacturing capabilities to bring affordable and reliable products and systems to a wide range of customers in need of battery powered units. 

In 2021, Energizer officially entered the solar battery market drawing on its wealth of experience in mass producing durable and long-lasting batteries. The aim of the Energizer Home Power system was to create a unit that was easily adaptable, meaning it would connect to any type of solar system while also decreasing installation headaches as the system itself is straightforward to connect. The Energizer Home Power system is an owned product under the Energizer Holdings umbrella.

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The Good

  • Subunit Connections
  • Energy Intelligence
  • Connection Process
  • Durability

Subunit Connections

Most solar batteries on the market today are modular to some extent. That means that homeowners can add additional units to bolster storage and output capabilities. However, one thing solar battery clients have to keep in mind is the space required to add these additional bulky units to the main solar battery. 

Competing solar batteries available on the market require that additional storage units be stacked in front of the main system or underneath it. This has caused a number of space headaches for homeowners. With the Energizer Home Power system, units can be installed directly on the wall to the left or the right of the main unit limiting how much usable space is required. 

Energy Intelligence

Energizer has created its own energy intelligence software for clients to monitor the solar battery’s activity. A number of solar battery manufacturers include remote monitoring capabilities, but few include all of the features that the Energizer Home Power intelligence software offers. Features include:

  • 24/7 battery and energy monitoring and control
  • Data and real-time tracking of energy production, use, and output
  • Web, iOS, and android access
  • Real-time notifications of energy usage data
  • Virtual power plant connection provider energy trading capabilities
  • Set battery to charge off grid when pisces are low and then release energy when prices are high allowing for additional savings

Connection Process

A driving force for Energizer when developing its own solar battery was creating a system that was easily adaptable to the installed solar system, the property, and the overall energy network of the home. Unlike the hard wiring that is required for many solar batteries to operate properly, the Energizer Home Power system utilizes bluetooth connection that will automatically start to communicate with the solar system. This “plug-and-play” technology drastically reduces installation costs and seamlessly connects with the previously installed solar system. 


When most people think of Energizer, they think of the company’s Energizer bunny mascot and associate that marketing ploy with long-lasting and durable batteries. Energizer has created battery products that have stood the test of time for over 100 years now.

Energizer has applied this mindset of creating a durable and reliable product to its Energizer Home Power system. The chemistry make-up and shell of the unit is designed to withstand extreme conditions. Some solar batteries have to be installed indoors as they are not built to handle any sort of alternative conditions. The Energizer Home Power can handle adverse conditions and continue to perform as expected. 


The Bad

  • Limited Power Output
  • Outage Coverage

Limited Power Output

While the Energizer Home Power system is modular and extremely adaptable, the sub units that can be added to the main storage unit simply allow for additional storage capacity. That means that the amount of stored energy that can be held at a given time will increase, but that does not have the same effect on the power output.

Regardless of how many subunits an Energy Home Power customer adds for additional stored energy, the continuous power output capabilities will remain the same — hovering around 5 kW. This will allow for main appliances to remain functional during outages or peak rate times, but not what other solar batteries on the market can provide. 

Outage Coverage

A driving factor for many solar battery customers is to create an alternative energy source during power outages. One reason many homeowners have a solar battery installed is to keep the home operating as usual even during inclement weather conditions or other factors that result in utility grid outages. While some solar batteries can offer this level of storage and subsequent power output, that is not necessarily the case with the Energizer Home Power system.

With an Energizer Home Power unit, stored energy will be used to keep main appliances within the home running. It is not designed to create an energy independent property. That means homeowners will have to pick and choose what appliances will continue to receive power as the system itself is not designed to backup the entire property as usual. 


The Bottom Line

Energizer, a global leader in the battery industry, released its own solar battery solution for residential use. The Energizer Home Power system allows for subunit connections, but unlike its competition, the subs can be added to the left or right of the main unit instead of stacking in front of or underneath.

Each Energizer Home Power customer will have access to the company’s energy intelligence platform allowing for complete monitoring, prioritization, and system alerts. The Energizer Home Power system allows for seamless connection to previously installed solar systems and saves homeowners on installation as it is a plug and play set up.

The durability of the Energizer Home power system also should not be overstated as the battery is designed to last. After all, Energizer is known for creating durable, long-lasting batteries for over 100 years. 

While there are a number of reasons those in the market for a solar battery should consider the Energizer Home Power system, there are limitations to what it offers that prospective buyers should be aware of. While additional subs can add to the storage capacity of the system, the power output abilities remain the same around 5 kW. In the event of a power outage, the Energizer Home Power system is designed to simply keep main appliances running, not power the entire home as usual.

Homeowners who currently have a solar system installed and are looking for a modular way to store excess energy will likely benefit from what the Energizer Home Power system provides. However, those looking to transform their residence into an energy independent source, the Energizer Home Power system is not the ideal option. 

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Moureen Meggers Ennis, TX

Prices do not meet the needs of the consumer at all. The agent I spoke with was pushy and rude.

1 month ago Edited August 3, 2023


Review Source

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Kimeffa Stephney Sacramento, CA

It is a good price and very easy to use..I love the simple instructions on how to use the power at home.

10 months ago