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LAST UPDATED: June 13th, 2024

Delta Electronics was established in Taiwan in the early 1970s manufacturing power supplies and DC brushless fans. Eventually, the company grew into a global innovator providing and leading industries in power management solutions, manufacturing electronic components, identifying industrial automation systems, and eventually transitioning into renewable energy systems and solutions. 

While Delta Electronics is widely known for its manufacturing and development of inverter products, the company also produces residential storage and battery systems that provide a quality service. The company produces and sells its battery, the Delta BX6.3 on a global scale reaching China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, and the United States.

With the number of products and technologies stemming from Delta Electronics, its no wonder that the company has been recognized for its achievements. On an international level, the company has been named as a leader in design accumulating dozens of awards in just the last 10 years alone. 

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The Good

  • Charging Sources
  • Round Trip Efficiency and Depth of Discharge
  • Low Maintenance Unit

Charging Sources

One of the most unique features of the Delta BX6.3 is its charging capabilities. A vast majority of the solar batteries and storage systems on the market require a utility grid connection. If the utility grid goes down, it does not mean that the system is rendered useless. In fact, the system will have a certain amount of energy stored that can be used to power the residence.

The amount of power that can be used and stored is limited, particularly for systems that require grid connection for charging. The Delta BX6.3 can operate off the grid and is still durable to provide energy during inclement weather situations. 

The beauty of the Delta BX6.3 system is that it can receive a charge with and without solar. The system itself can store solar power and charge on its own. Most other systems that are not connected to a solar system will have to receive a charge from the utility grid. The ability to charge itself allows for multiple charging sources and solutions. 

Round Trip Efficiency and Depth of Discharge

The Delta BX6.3 boasts a round trip efficiency level of over 96 percent. This is an important spec to note as round trip efficiency measures just how effectively the battery functions during one single cycle. The 96 percent rating is one of the best round trip efficiency marks in the solar battery industry.

The depth of discharge (DoD) is also a vital metric for battery customers to consider. This metric measures how much electricity can be sent through the battery without hindering or decreasing the system’s lifespan. The DofD of the Delta BX6.3 hovers around 98 percent which is on the higher end of this measurement in comparison to the rest of the batteries available on the market. 

Low Maintenance Unit

The Delta BX6.3 is a lithium-ion battery that generally allows for a longer lifespan and reduces the amount of maintenance required. The chemistry makeup of the Delta BX6.3 is designed to continue to function in extreme weather conditions.

Delta also runs its batteries through a rigorous form of testing to ensure the overall safety of the unit and protection through its durable shell casing. Not all solar batteries undergo this level of testing to ensure durability, efficiency, and safety, but the Delta BX6.3 has passed all of the benchmarks. 


The Bad

  • Starting Capacity
  • Cost vs. Output

Starting Capacity

The starting capacity of the Delta BX6.3 is a major drawback for many homeowners. Despite its charging flexibilities, the amount of energy that can be stored with just one unit hovers around 6 kWh. This is substantially lower than expected, particularly for a system that is designed to allow off grid capabilities.

In order to match competitor products in terms of capacity, homeowners will need to purchase multiple systems. That can bring up capacity specifications to around 12.6 kWh. Considering the cost, associated features, and benefits, it is rather limiting to have a system with a lower than average starting capacity. 

Cost vs. Output

Most solar batteries cost several thousand dollars to have installed. Depending on a number of factors, like tax incentive programs and whether or not a homeowner is having a comparable solar system installed, this upfront cost for the solar battery itself can be offset to some degree.

That being said, the starting cost in comparison to the actual continuous power output that the Delta Bx6.3 offers is concerning. The system itself costs just north of $9,000 for the one single unit. This is not astronomical in terms of starting costs of other solar batteries, but when the power output is considered, the cost is on the higher side. 


The Bottom Line

The Delta BX6.3 by Delta Electronics is a flexible energy storage system designed for residential use. The system itself can be charged through traditional means like the utility grid but can also take a charge from a solar system creating more independent and off-grid uses.

As an electronics manufacturer, Delta relies on its ability to continuously push and expand its technology capabilities. The actual specifications of the Delta BX6.3 should also be noted as the system provides some of the best round trip efficiency and depth of discharge rates in the industry.

The chemistry makeup of the Delta BX6.3 makes it a low maintenance machine that lasts longer than other battery elements.

There are drawbacks to the Delta BX6.3 that prospective customers should be aware of prior to purchasing. The starting capacity of the system is relatively low in comparison to its counterparts being sold in the same space. The upfront cost for the Delta BX6.3 is also higher than expected considering that limited starting capacity. 

Homeowners looking for a malleable system that allows for increased energy independence apart from the utility grid will likely benefit from what the Delta BX6.3 provides. However, those more interested in upfront capacity and power output specifications may want to consider other systems. 

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Kyla Lisa

I like delta bx solar batteries very strong and I like the way it can easily get charged with my solar panels

1 week ago


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Anita Mccune Chicago, IL

Wonderful reliable dependable q they do a wonderful job I would direct any of my friends and family to them.

1 year ago


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Josh Domeier

It's just great it's a wonderful thing to use I'm glad it became an app and it works out wonderful

1 year ago


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katt sommers Martinsville, IN

Works very good no issues great products great services

1 year ago