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LAST UPDATED: June 4th, 2023

BYD was founded in 1995 as a high-performing motor vehicle manufacturing operation in China. Since its founding, BYD has grown to become a top enterprise that specializes in IT, automobile, and new energy solutions. 

On the global scale, BYD is recognized as the largest supplier of rechargeable batteries, with its nickel-cadmium products, lithium-ion batteries, and chargers/keypads being produced and sold all over the world. BYD is also responsible for manufacturing the second most cellphone shells in the world. 

With the BYD Battery Box, both residential and commercial clients can access a number of modular LV and HV solutions. BYD Battery Box products offer a number of high voltage and capacity specifications and highly technological implementations. 

The BYD Battery Box has earned a number of global awards for its safety standards and performance metrics. All battery box products are TUVRheinland Certified. 

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The Good

  • Backup and Off-Grid Solutions
  • Battery Box Options
  • Self Consumption Optimization Feature
  • Modular Application

Backup and Off-Grid Solutions

A vast majority of the battery and storage market requires utility grid connection for power to be stored and then utilized during an outage. And while these battery solutions will provide power to a home even during a grid outage, it is only a temporary solution as the stored power will ultimately run out. So while homeowners can go off grid for a period of time, it is not a long-lasting solution. 

With the BYD Battery Box, homeowners have the potential to utilize a backup and off-grid solution. The high discharge capacity means that homeowners can be disconnected from the electrical grid and still expect total operation.  The ability to be completely detached from the utility grid is unique to Battery Box products. 

Battery Box Options

There are a number of ranging voltage options for BYD clients to choose from when it comes to selecting the appropriate Battery Box. Prices for each system can vary substantially as the increased capacity and continuous power providing systems will cost more. 

High voltage solutions available through BYD include the following Battery Box systems:

  • Battery Box Premium HVS (5.1, 7.7, 10.2, and 12.8)
  • Battery Box Premium HVM (8.3, 11.0, 13.8, 16.6, 19.3, 22.1)
  • Battery Box Premium HVL US (12.0, 16.0, 20.0, 24.0, 28.0, 32.0)

Low voltage solutions available through BYD include the following Battery Box systems:

  • Battery Box Premium LVS (4.0, 8.0, 12.0, 16.0, 20.0, 24.0)
  • Battery Box Premium LVL (15.4, 2xLVL 15.4)

Not many battery manufacturers within the industry offer this many models to choose from that incorporate the same technology with varying specifications and power standards, but BYD does. 

Self Consumption Optimization Feature

Each BYD Battery Box system incorporates the self consumption optimization feature. This technology keeps renewable energy at the forefront of the design ensuring that sustainable energy is the future. 

With a number of solar and clean energy subsidies and tax programs decreasing around the globe and the continuous rise in electricity rates, it is becoming more expensive to address energy costs. 

The BYD Battery Box provides an economical alternative to actually consume the energy the PV system is generating on its own. Throughout its lifespan, the BYD Battery Box will help homeowners reduce monthly costs and efficiently use all generated energy. 

Even with a storage system, capacity limits restrict homeowners from storing and using all of their produced energy. With BYD, these capacity limits are extended to meet production. 

Modular Application

In addition to offering a wide range of products, the BYD Battery Box is extremely flexible and modular allowing for a system to meet any application desired by a property owner. Whether it is a single family residence or a commercial property, a BYD Battery Box system can be designed to meet storage and power needs. 

Clients can also opt to gauge what energy storage and continuous power needs are required and then add to the system from there. While many battery solutions are modular in nature, there are limits to how many units can be added to meet a home’s needs. These limits do not apply to the BYD Battery Box. 


The Bad

  • Recalls and Performance Issues
  • DIY Installation

Recalls and Performance Issues

Throughout its innovations and model improvements, BYD has been forced to recall a number of Battery Box products. This was particularly the case early on in the product’s development as the systems encountered conditions not previously tested for performance.

BYD Battery Box products struggled to maintain power and capacity specifications in cold weather areas and other united malfunction due to a defective component that had the potential to be exposed to water. 

While BYD has always pushed to make improvements and advancements with its products, it did come at a cost when those systems did not meet standards the company had set. Before making a final purchasing decision, homeowners should conduct further research into a particular model to determine if recalls or performance issues are a factor. 

DIY Installation

The streamlined design makes for relatively straightforward installation work. While there are BYD partners available for outsourced work, this will drive up the overall cost of having a BYD Battery Box installed on a property. 

There are instructions available to clients that need to use the DIY installation method. Most batteries require professional installation. This does ensure that the system is connected properly and running at its maximum efficiency. With a DIY installation method, there is greater room for error and mistakes. 


The Bottom Line

BYD Battery Box offers a wide range of solutions for varying client types all across the globe. Those looking for a true backup and off-grid solution will find products and systems that meet that criteria through BYD. There are a number of models with a wide range of specifications designed to meet the needs of each property it is backing up.

Each BYD Battery Box comes with a self consumption optimization feature making BYD a more economically friendly choice. Regardless of the standards or energy needs that a client desires, a BYD Battery Box solution can be designed to meet those power goals. 

There are a number of reasons those looking for a backup solution should consider BYD products, but there are limitations to be aware of as well. Early models of the Battery Box were recalled for performance issues, particularly with struggles experienced in cold weather.

While BYD has made its products easy to install, clients will be responsible for installing the battery box unless they decide to outsource that work independently. 

Homeowners looking to truly go off the grid with a battery backup solution should consider a BYD Battery Box product as it is one of the few systems with the capacity and continuous power rating that can meet those needs. 

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Tracy Haney Youngstown, OH

Pretty good battery box. Overall works great for what I'm using it for.

8 months ago


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Dellise Lauderdale Louisville, KY

It has great customer service representative to help you with your needs

1 year ago Edited February 1, 2023