1. Time Warner IntelligentHome

Time Warner IntelligentHome is the home automation product offered by Time Warner Cable to its customers. Time Warner has began offering home automation in 2013 and has several packages from which customers can choose to create the perfect home automation for their needs. Home automation packages start at $39.99/month with an 18-month contract. Additionally, installation is performed by trained professionals who train new customers on their system at the time of installation.

Please note that residents of Hawaii are serviced by Oceanic Time Warner. Oceanic Time Warner has been the subject of a government action in 2013. The company was found to be in violation of the Federal Trade Commission's Risk-Based Pricing Rule, which states that companies must disclose to their customers if they are offered less than favorable credit terms based upon information which is found in their credit reports.

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The Good

  • Professional installation
  • Several home automation packages
  • Mobile apps available
  • Bundle services

Professional Installation

Time Warner IntelligentHome offers a basic home automation package to their customers. The monthly price for monitoring starts at $39.99. All of the systems are professionally installed, which the company often offers free of charge during promotions. Otherwise, standard professional installation is $99.99.

Several Home Automation Packages

Customers may choose one of five packages. All equipment must be paid in full at the time of the order and before installation. Each of the packages comes with an 18-month service contract. For those who already have some home automation equipment, Time Warner offers a package which may be able to incorporate this equipment. All packages come with a touchscreen control panel.

Time Warner offers the following packages:

Security Package: $99.99

  • Touchscreen control panel
  • 1 motion or glass breakage sensor
  • 2 door or window sensors

Security & Video View Package: $149.99

  • Touchscreen control panel
  • 1 motion or glass breakage sensor
  • 2 door or window sensors
  • Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Security & Energy Package: $149.99

  • Touchscreen control panel
  • 1 motion or glass breakage sensor
  • Smart Thermostat

Security, Video View & Energy Package: $199.99

  • Touchscreen control panel
  • 1 motion or glass breakage sensor
  • 2 door or window sensors
  • Indoor/Outdoor Camera
  • Smart Thermostat

Upgrade Package: $149.99

  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Compatible equipment from another home automation company can be integrated into an IntelligentHome system and additional equipment can be added a la carte

Mobile Apps Available

Users are able to control their system remotely as well by downloading an app to their Apple or Android smartphone. These apps should run with most systems, as long as the minimum requirements are met-iOS 6.0 or higher and Android 2.0 or higher.

Bundle Services

One of the features which customers found attractive was the option to bundle their phone, cable and internet with their home automation services for additional savings.

The Bad

  • Limitations in equipment
  • Minimal guarantee
  • Federal Trade Commission vs. Oceanic Time Warner

Limitations in Equipment

Time Warner does not offer the latest and top-of-the line packages and equipment; however, packages and optional add-on equipment are missing a few features which even some of the more basic packages offered by others in the industry are missing-home theater control and garage door controls.

Minimal Guarantee

Customers are only given three days to decide if they are satisfied with their systems without being charged an early termination fee. This may not be enough time for a fair evaluation of the system and its features. Additionally, the equipment all is sent and installed "as is" with little or no information provided about faulty or defective equipment and if it is covered by a warranty.

Federal Trade Commission vs. Oceanic Time Warner

In 2013, the FTC found that Oceanic Time Warner had violated fair credit laws and fined the company. Oceanic Time Warner is now being monitored to ensure that this practice does not continue.

The Bottom Line

For those who are looking for basic home automation features with 24/7 professional monitoring, Time Warner is an acceptable choice. The company offers professional installation and monitoring at a competitive price for residents of Hawaii; however, for those wanting more features and the ability to control their garage door remotely, this is not the best choice. There are no options available for these features in Oceanic Time Warner's packages.

There are no indications that the company has not followed through with the orders from their violation of FTC orders, and they are continually being monitored by the Federal Trade Commission. We recommend Time Warner for those looking for a very basic home automation system.

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