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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021

Nexia Home Intelligence is a subsidiary of the global company, Ingersoll-Rand. Other brands or subsidiaries of Ingersoll-Rand include American Standard, Schlage, and Trane-each of which offers products which are compatible with the Nexia Home Intelligence automation system. Nexia Home Intelligence offers an alternative to high-priced monthly home monitoring subscriptions, with a monthly cost of $9.99. Some customers have said that installation is difficult with their systems not working well, while others have likened the installation to pairing a hands-free device with a phone. Being technically comfortable is important though as the system is DIY. Nexia Home Intelligence is a good option for those wanting to install their own system which can be upgraded as their needs change.

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The Good

  • Full mobile access
  • Impressive smart hub
  • No cancellation fees

Full Mobile Access

Nexia Home Intelligence is a hybrid system which provides support and a control center PC or MAC as well as mobile devices-Android, iOS and Windows. Users are able to control many functions of their home remotely. Customers report that the mobile app versions do not allow for modification of rules (turn lights on when garage door opens, etc.), rather are simply used to control lighting, power, doors, etc. Nexia Home Intelligence is one of a few home automation companies with an app for the Windows Phone in addition to Apple and Android. Compatibility with each of these systems depends per device and operating system which the device is using. Users can, through their account on the website, link automations, for example to have the lights come on when the garage door is raised or front door opens. Users receive alerts on their phone (via a preset method, e.g., text message or push notification) if the system detects an unexpected event, so that they are able to address it immediately and appropriately.

Impressive Smart Hub

At the center of the system is a device called the Nexia Bridge, which acts as a hub, controlling up to 200 devices. These devices must be Z-Wave compatible. Nexia Home Automation lists several of their preferred compatible products online. Many of them are products which are owned by Ingersoll-Rand, Nexia Home Intelligence's parent company. The hub is small and can be easily hidden from sight. Z-wave technology has a typical range of a 60-100 feet radius. Many customers have reported that they were able to get 100 feet away from the hub. One hub can hold up to 200 Z-Wave devices. Many users appreciate being able to add devices to their system as they would like, without the trouble of renewing a service contract. Another feature of these devices is that as they are in use in the home, the devices begin to "learn" and adjust based on the user's habits, etc.

No Cancellation Fees

Nexia Home Intelligence charges their users a $9.99 monthly fee. Unique to many in the industry is the fact that Nexia doesn't require customers to commit to a long-term service contract and do not charge cancellation fees. Products can be purchased from and for around $90. This starter bundle includes the Nexia Bridge and Z-Wave compatible outlet. The monthly fee includes the ability to monitor one's home and limited cloud storage of video clips (if a one or more video cameras are installed). Users may terminate their service at any time since they are not locked into a service contract.

The Bad

  • Issues with starter kit
  • Poor customer service
  • System limitations

Issues with Starter Kit

Being that Nexia's Starter Bundle (and other compatible products) are available on, many customers have reported that they were surprised with the monthly fee. The company does a good job of putting their products available to a larger market, but not as good of a job of marketing it. Amazon customers report a wide range of experiences and expectations with their devices. The common threads of negative reviews indicate that the monthly subscription was a surprise. Also, the starter bundle is sparse, only offering the Nexia Bridge and one Schlage Home Dimmer Module. As such, to justify a $9.99 monthly subscription, many users feel that they need to add products to their system, which will quickly raise the cost of the system. There are reports of Amazon delivering defective products, but are replaced as long as the customers fulfill their terms of Amazon's return policy.

Poor Customer Service

Users have also complained about their experiences with customer service. Nexia Home Intelligence does not offer 24/7-support, their customer service hours are from 9am-8pm on Monday-Friday (Eastern Time) and limited hours on Saturday and Sunday. Customers report satisfaction with the mobile app, but are dismayed that all of the functions which they enjoy online with their PC or MAC are not represented with the mobile device. Specifically, they cannot modify the settings for any of their devices' operation, rather the app is designed to control the connected devices only.

System Limitations

As is the case with all internet-controlled devices, if there is a power outage or the internet goes out, the devices cease to function. Users are also surprised to learn that since their Nexia Home Intelligence System only monitors the status of connected functions and does not automatically alert emergency personnel, that the system may not qualify them for a discount on their homeowners' insurance policy.

The Bottom Line

At first glance and upon comparing to others in the industry, Nexia Home Intelligence appears to be a significant bargain with a monthly cost of $9.99; however, the cost for compatible devices can quickly add up. The technology and ease of setting up a system has been compared to that of connecting wireless headsets to one's phone, etc., so most people would likely be able to do so without experiencing major problems. This system is recommended for those with a little bit of technical background, and who are fully informed with both the benefits and limitations of the system.
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Kim Tyler, TX

I ordered an Ethernet to micro USB adapter from Nexia and was sent a power cord. The company refused to refund my shipping, even though it was their mistake. I was then required to pay shipping again to receive the original item I requested 🤦🏻‍♀️ They told me that it was impossible to refund shipping, which we all know isn’t true. I did a chargeback through my credit card and got the refunded in the end. Really bad experience!

3 years ago

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alex Hoffman Estates, IL

I have nexia on two of my homes I don't know why I dint change yet but I will nexia customer support is the worst they don't know anything and always tell you they need to scaled the issue and you get a phone call in 48 hours I still waiting since april to get a call I call again and the support guy said again I need to scaled the issue and we will call you back in 48 hours this was 2 weeks ago this week I call and same thing we call you

7 years ago