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LAST UPDATED: June 8th, 2022

Founded in 2016, Home8 is a newcomer to the industry that has brought ease of use into the do-it-yourself home security and automation market. The company has won many awards and received recognition for its innovation and comprehensive systems.

Home8 is compatible with the following platforms: 

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple Watch
  • Dropbox
  • Google Assistant
  • Honeywell
  • IFTT
  • Kwikset
  • Lockstate
  • Nest
  • Philips Hue
  • Schlage
  • Yale

The Home8 Total-protection platform covers connected security, safety, video, care, energy, and automation control under one mobile app, and the Home8 cloud-app offers collaborative video-verification, in-view local 1st-responder calling, secure video privacy and user control for priority emergency response.

Home8 offers affordable starter kit systems with easily expandable add-on devices and optional professional monitoring, but it also offers free basic service.

ProtectionMate A - Apartment - $49.99

  • 1 H1 Gateway (Hub)
  • 2 Door/window sensors
  • 1 Window sticker
  • 1 Free Camera

ProtectionMate H - Home - $99.99

  • 1 H3 Gateway (Hub)
  • 2 Door/window sensors
  • 3 Window stickers
  • 2 Free cameras
  • 1 Keypad
  • 1 Motion sensor
  • 1 Keychain remote
  • 1 Yard sign (after 2 months service subscription)

ProtectionMate C - Care - $99.99

  • 1 C2 Gateway (Hub)
  • 1 Free camera
  • 2 Panic buttons

ProtectionMate B - Business - $149.99

  • 1 B2 Gateway (Hub)
  • 6 Door/window sensors
  • 3 Window stickers
  • 2 Free cameras
  • 1 Keypad
  • 1 Motion sensor
  • 2 Keychain remotes
  • 1 Siren

Additional devices are available to add-in to your starter kit, with four camera options ranging from $29.99 to $129.99. 

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The Good

  • Portable
  • Expandable
  • Many Options
  • Simple Setup
  • Pro Monitoring Available
  • Mobile App


Home8 is a great fit for many people. The system is wireless and portable, so it can be used by renters or those who relocate often as there is no need to sign a lengthy service contract and/or face early termination penalties.


The system is highly expandable, with many components available for users. Home8 has several starter packs that each focus on specific areas like security, automation, and safety. Unlike many of its competitors, Home8 allows customers to purchase its gateway as a standalone device.

Many Options

Other components are available to purchase a la carte. This allows customers to truly customize their systems to meet their needs. 

Simple Setup

The company has one of the more technologically advanced systems. There is no pairing required; customers simply turn on the gateway, install the app onto their mobile device, and turn on the component. The software easily recognizes the devices and pairs them automatically without the user going through multiple steps to get the devices to register into the system.

Pro Monitoring Available

Home8's DIY systems offer professional monitoring for $19.99 per month, or just $0.66 per site, per day. On top of that, this professional monitoring service doesn't require any long-term contracts. 

Mobile App

The Home8 mobile app lets users manage multiple properties monitored by its system, within one app. 


The Bad

  • High Speed Internet
  • No Video Doorbell
  • Less Variety in the Starter Packages

High Speed Internet

Home8's systems require a high-speed internet connection to function. This is common for most DIY systems, but is a problem for those with spotty or unpredictable internet coverage. This system is not a good fit for these individuals. The company advertises brands that are compatible with its system, but does not give a list of specific products. With the sheer volume of products available to customers in home automation, a list online would be extremely helpful.

No Video Doorbell

The company does not report that it is compatible with video doorbells or with smart locks. These are compatible with others' systems.

Less Variety in the Starter Packages

Home8's starter packages are primarily focused on one aspect. Most companies offer several components in their starter packages, giving customers the ability to create a more comprehensive home security/automation package. Home8 offers its components individually, but by not having a diverse mix of components in the starter package, the cost of the system rises rapidly if customers attempt to build a package that is comparable with competitors' starter packages.


The Bottom Line

In the highly competitive home security and automation market, Home8 is unique with its "Zero Pairing" feature that revolutionizes installing devices on the system. System alerts are unique in that they are videos or photos sent directly to the owner's mobile device. The owner can then determine the proper course of action. The company's app even has a one-push feature when an alert is received to connect the user to the proper authorities, streamlining the response.

Starter kits do not include as large a variety as do those of many of its competitors, so purchasing components a la carte may become quite expensive.

Home8 has some of the best features available in a DIY app and is recommended over the competition for its technological advances.

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Paul kaufhold Englewood, CO

I looked at all the systems online and at Best Buy. This was the only one that you could get that met my needs. I got too many people in and out of my house so I just needed camera and self observation of alerts. No need for the monitoring. It does this and works great. At a great cost. I’ve even added cameras with a second hub. Tech help is super., too. Stop looking...buy this solution.

5 years ago

star star star star star

rich Brooklyn, NY

Home * alarm system is very easy to install by following the simplified directions. Once install and configured with the the base unit, your system is ready to go. Downloading the app is also easy from your smartphone and the alarm is operational. Any break in the system will trigger the audible alarm and an immediate notification to you via email. Camera's can be accessed via smartphone and monitor your home. customer support is always available when problems arise.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Dee Focht Cementon, PA

Love this security system. Works for me to monitor all doors, windows. If I am in another room or basement, hear a noise, I can use my cell phone to monitor all rooms & doors. And, pet person that I am, I use my monitors when I am out to check on my pets. This system is so simple to use and offers many options. Many times I have left home and did not set the door security till I reached my destination. Great when on a trip. You can view in real time what is going on at home. Very affordable priced, whish is also a plus.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Angie Waggoner East Bernstadt, KY

I love everything about this system. I am not the experienced person at installing electronics. I worried for nothing! They are so easy to install and connect that I didnt even have to call my son for help! Now I have the peace of mind because I can check on my house, disabled husband and dog while I at work. Every home needs Home8 in their homes!

5 years ago

star star star star star_border

Justin Tolentino Las Vegas, NV

I have the Home8/OpLink TripleShield system, and I purchased two 2x camera systems for friends - all of them are nice. The only complaint I have is that the viewing app for the system can only be active on 1 device at a time (I'm on the free service plan, that may be different on the paid plan $10/mo) - I cannot be logged in on my iPad and iPhone, only 1 or the other.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Debora Gil Casado Madison, WI

I looking for a device that would allow me to check in on my 85 years old mom, when Im downstairs, at the store. ect. This system was perfect with no monthly cost Video good, sound good. I'm in the process of upgrading to the 360 degree camera to have 2 way communication.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Larry Detroit, MI

I love my Home8 Security System. The cost of the system is very reasonable. The greatest feature is Home8 app on your cell phone. It the alarm is tripped at your home, it also goes off on your cell phone wherever you are.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Jeff Popowich Warren, OH

This is easily the best and easiest to set up system you can buy! I have had this system for over three years now. Anytime I have had any issue at all, the technical support has walked me through the solution immediately.

5 years ago

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Lacey Rochester, NY

I gave two stars because their customer service is so poor. I rather give one but the system is a great one. A good starter system. Although the cameras are sensitive to light and the sucky agents did nothing to help I ended up finding my own way to fix it. The system again is good but I rather leave this company and go through another provider that’s how bad their customer relations is.

5 years ago

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The system has very good functionality but most of it is blocked unless you pay for the full monthly service. Many of those features still remain free under a numbers other similar product. I transitioning to one of those products now.

5 years ago

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Nice device for home security. Been using Home8 since it was named OpLink many years ago. Love the alerts while traveling.

5 years ago

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Kevin Brennan Perkiomenville, PA

Excellent product. Get updates frequently. Very easy to use. No issues connecting new devices. Logging works well. Customer service is excellent.

5 years ago

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Super System - bought it for my parents to monitor if they were taking their meds. Installed one in my own house subsequently

6 years ago

star star star star star

Rick Mathews Soddy, TN

Easiest setup for any system to date. Pretty much plug and play No need for router setup and porting

5 years ago

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Jeff Denver, CO

Customer service is horrible. Left message waited three weeks for call back...nothing. Contacted me after negative review. Now only one user can use this after stating on website two can...they want 20 a month for second user...

6 years ago

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Edward Mills Waterbury, CT

System offline. No cloud connection. No one answered their support phone. Chat is offline. I think they went belly up.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

tina beatty Brunswick, OH

Spent tons of money by adding several components for the company to CLOSE 3years after my purchase.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Adam Simcik Southington, CT

No , it's junk , can't ever get the camera up and now the door opener doesn't work , junk

5 years ago