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LAST UPDATED: December 8th, 2023

ADT Pulse has been offering home automation since 2010. These systems are professionally installed and are available with many different features, allowing customers to adjust their home automation system to their specific needs and circumstances. Each home automation package is conceptualized during a free in-home consultation, at which time the trained representative assess potential customers' needs and creates an estimate which is tailored to each customer. As such, there is little information about pricing and the specific features included with ADT's services. Some potential customers have reported difficulty in obtaining this information directly through ADT's customer service. ADT Pulse is a good option for those looking for a company with a long-standing reputation, offering professional installation and able to customize their home automation; however, some might prefer a company which is willing to give more information before they welcome a representative into their home.

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The Good

  • Established company
  • Combines with home security

Established Company

Being a part of the ADT Corporation boosts ADT Pulse's credibility. ADT is the largest residential home security service company in the US. The company has over 6 million customers nationwide and over 130 years of experience, founded in 1874. While somewhat limited, ADT Pulse's selection of equipment is focused on the most relevant features to home security, making ADT Pulse an excellent add on service to ADT Home Security. Their guarantee ensures customers will receive a good working system. If during the six months following installation ADT is unable to resolve any installation or service issues, they guarantee a full refund of monthly fees paid and installation costs.

Combines with Home Security

In terms of home automation, ADT Pulse offers several basic features:
  • Security: Of course, ADT is a home security company. Consequently, customers of ADT Pulse gain access to high-quality motion detectors, door and window sensors, and video cameras that stream live feeds to your computer or web-enabled device.
  • Climate Control: Additionally, ADT Pulse offers customers the ability to automate, schedule, and adjust their thermostats remotely.
  • Lighting Control:Optional upgrade in which users can control both indoor and outdoor lights, set schedules, and control energy usage
  • Video monitoring: Optional upgrade in which users may monitor both the interior and exterior of their home and receive live or recorded clips on their computer or smartphone (running ADT Pulse's mobile app)
  • Fire, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Water and Temperature Monitoring: Optional upgrades in which users are alerted to the presence of these in the home. In the event of a perceived emergency, they may disarm the system or allow ADT professionals to summon the proper authorities.
  • Remote Front or Garage Door operation: Optional upgrades which allow users to operate their front and garage door remotely.

The Bad

  • Home automation not standard
  • Poor online transparency
  • Limited automation features
  • Lengthy contract and termination fees

Home Automation Not Standard

While ADT Pulse is an impressive home security option, many of the features which come as standard in competitors' packages are considered as upgrades. To receive information on pricing, cost of installation, specifics about features or the contract, potential customers are only able to do so by having an in-home consultation. Potential customers also report that during their contact with customer service representatives seeking basic information that the interaction could best be described as being high-pressure.

Poor Online Transparency

ADT Pulse's website employs a similar tone with little information about the specifics of the programs, features and pricing being displayed and the focus upon having visitors enter their name and contact information in order to receive an in home consultation and estimate. When asked about this practice, there are reports of customer service representatives explaining that the systems and pricing are custom-designed, so they are not able to provide this information, which is not disclosed on the website on any page.

Limited Automation Features

ADT Pulse does not have entertainment or appliance control functions available in their system. The system uses Z-wave technology, which is considered to be the gold standard in home automation languages. Other communications protocols are not supported which limits customers' choices in the number of available products which they can add to their home automation system. Customers looking for a wide array of products which will be compatible with their system would be better looking for another option in a home automation system.

Lengthy Contract and Termination Fees

All ADT Pulse customers are locked into a 36-month contract when they begin services with ADT Pulse. The company offers a relocation special to customers who move during the term of their contract after they have had ADT Pulse services for at least six months. Early termination charges are included in the contract, but representatives will only discuss the terms of the contract and these fees during the in-home consultation.

The Bottom Line

As a branch of a well-known security company, ADT Pulse feels more as an add-on to their existing security product. The lack of transparency is significant and many would find the tactics of the customer service representatives off-putting. The missing and undisclosed information has adversely ADT Pulse's score by the Review Team; however, the high level of customer service which customers have enjoyed for a leader in the home security industry is notable and has been weighed into the rating as well. We cannot fully recommend ADT Pulse due to the lack of transparency, as well as the undisclosed additional costs customers would have to ADT Pulse customers will have to absorb for additional smart home features.
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Gamer Gambit

I just acquired ADT Pulse service, and the whole process was fantastic. They did not pressure me, did not try to sell me anything that I wanted, nor did they base my needs on their numbers. The first step was calling the company, using the official ADT number. The person was friendly and professional, and we did reach a snag where my technical questions surpassed his knowledge. Instead of making me have to wait for the information, he took note of the question, and found the answer for me, while continuing with other things as well. One of the best customer service interactions that I personally have experienced. The installment is a little more involved and can easily overwhelm. However, the persons installing take that in account, and reminded me several times that I do not have to get something if it makes me feel uneasy. I can always add things to the plan, and if needed, I can retract in a brief window of opportunity, if I have buyers remorse. They explained everything to me, and provided exactly what I needed. I did not overbuy, nor do I feel like what I have is inadequate for my needs. The balance was perfect, due to the process of the installers. The quality and performance of the equipment is fantastic. The tamper proof equipment added to the design of a very made system is one of the selling points for me. When deciding what I wanted, this was my first question, in fact. The apps and accessories also add a value to the user friendliness, that makes false alarms much easier to avoid. This could get expensive from fees otherwise. In short, the design and quality of product drew me in. The customer service made it easy to decide what I wanted and when to set up dates for installation. The installation gave me full control and options of what and where I wanted things, with excellent advice from trained persons. The cost might be higher than some options, but I do not have to question the service and product, and that should be a must with this kind of service and product.

7 years ago

star star star star star

peggy cherry Fayetteville, NC

I have been with ADT for over 15 years. If a problem arose customer service was quick to deal with it. The incentives they offer through their customer loyalty program are great. I am very pleased with my service.

7 months ago

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enelson3903 Bowie, MD

I have had ADT for several years and the service has been great. They are always responsive to alarms and have a great new feature where they will text you when an alarm goes off. They are also easy to upgrade to the next system. Customer service has always been helpful.

2 years ago

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Shannon Landry Pflugerville, TX

I have ADT my 2 homes. You would think I would get some type of incentive for that. Well, I didn’t! In fact, I paid a fortune for the equipment even though I kept stressing that I just brought a house and couldn’t afford to pay a lot. I decided on a cheaper package than was originally built for me, which still was not affordable. Then, I found that my Electric Company offered a better deal for ADT. I contacted ADT to get that deal 4 days later and was given the runaround. They left me on hold several times and when we got disconnected, they never called me back. Keep in mind that they asked me for my number in the event that we were disconnected. After constantly expressing to them how displeased I was and informing them that ATT gave me an incentive for starting up services at my 2nd location, unlike them, I still did not get anywhere. Just recently, I was informed that I had 30 days to downgrade my plan, but could upgrade at anytime. Well, something is really wrong now. I mentioned that I first reached out to them 4 days after I had the system installed, but I was not allowed to change my plan. Also, my system started having issues not even a month, after it was installed. I would not recommend ADT to anyone.

4 years ago

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Jason Orlando, FL

ADT’s equipment that they sell you is crap! Yea they will send someone out to fix or replace the equipment when it fails, which is often. But, there’s a $25 technician fee every time they send someone out. Had to have them come out about 5 times in just less than 2 years. Our smoke alarm would start going off for no reason. Finally canceled my ADT service.

4 years ago

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Ralph Henry Avon Park, FL

Very poor. I was specific about what I wanted, they tried sell me everything but that. In process getting installed devices removed. Absolutely do not use this company you will be very disappointed with their high pressure sales tactics and refusal to install proper devices. When they left installation it was not working. Said they would be back it’s taken 2 weeks many calls just to get them to respond

5 years ago

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Bobby Assady Irvine, CA

I had some issues with my billing. I called costumer service billing department. She had the worst customer service. even the manager on duty had worst costumer service . Instead they should apologize for hiding charges that I was not even aware of it. But they were unprofessional .

3 years ago

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Grace Houston, TX

My 89 yer old grandmother order ADT security system and promised to install windows and door sensors. The sales rap. Didn't install anything. So when I return to my gramma house all she had was a device on the wall nothings more. They took advantage of her..they make it so hard to cancelled their product. Don't ever order that company

5 years ago

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Clifford Kentros Veneta, OR

ADT is the worst... they make it absolutely impossible to cancel one's service, only after LOOOONG waits on the phone, and they are charging me for a system t hat does not work at all for months.

3 years ago

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Weilly Centreville, VA

I like it Because they guarantee a full refund of monthly fees paid and installation costs.

8 years ago