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Last Updated: November 1st, 2019

Modern lighting fixture

One of the first devices to jump into the smart home generation is the natural evolution of some of the first technology ever used in the home. The light bulb has been an essential part of so many people's homes for the last century and even longer in some places, but thanks to companies like Philips, there are light bulbs fit for this century, and a few years hence.

The smart light bulb is not a new thing by any means, but they are worth talking about again when someone does something really inspiring and genius with them. In the case of CNET's smart home--a property specifically designed to test out smart home technology in a real-life situation--a the lighting system was designed to help children during the night who need to see their way to the bathroom without a parent's help.

A parent's concerns often revolve around sleep, getting little and timing everything around when their children sleep and nap. Having a lighting system that helps children find their own way to the bathroom without needing help from a parent is one way to help those parents get more of the sleep they need to be effective parents and workers after that wake up alarm inevitably goes off the next morning.

By combining door sensors, dim, colored lighting, the CNET model smart home was able to simulate a situation where a child opening their door after bedtime meant the home would light their way without disturbing anyone else. There are sensors in the door to the bathroom as well to complete the ensemble and simplify the process. Such automation is what smart homes were designed to help with.

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