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LAST UPDATED: May 28th, 2022

Opening its doors in 2002, Universal Windows Direct was founded by Michael Strmac and William Barr. These two childhood friends started their company after years of remodelling homes. Universal Windows Direct has made it their goal to provide the best siding products at the lowest price possible. 

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The Good

  • Experience 
  • Multiple Designs
  • Coverage
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Multiple Contracts


Universal Windows Direct started in 2002, so they only have a moderate amount of industry experience; however, their founders have been in the home remodelling business all of their lives. Their experience and leadership combined with 15 years of successful service make them dependable. 

Multiple Designs 

Unlike some in the siding industry, they show multiple options for siding designs right on their website. You can choose between shakes, scallops, and soffit style siding designs depending on your preference.


Operating in 24 states, the chances are good that they’ll be able to help you out with your siding needs. 

Lifetime Warranty

They offer a warranty that covers most of their products for the estimated duration of that product. While the coverage will vary with the manufacturer, you can usually expect coverage for defects, color, hardware, glass films, and insulated glass. 

Multiple Contracts

You have a variety of options regarding contract length. This makes Universal Windows Direct a flexible option, as you can choose among 12-, 18-, or 38-month long contracts.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Finance Rates
  • Hidden Fees

Undisclosed Finance Rates

Though they have made it their mission to make quality parts and offer the lowest prices, they aren’t upfront about their APR finance rates. Customers looking for possible finance rate ranges must call in or send an email to get information.

Hidden Fees

Some clients have complained about fees coming up that they didn’t know about in the beginning. Their free window offer turned out to have a $100 fee attached to it. Many customers would appreciate more transparency concerning fees and policies. 


The Bottom Line

Universal Windows Direct offers a lifetime warranty and multiple siding designs. They also claim to have the cheapest prices. However, their website does not show possible finance rates so clients have no way of knowing what their options might be in the beginning. Though they are relatively experienced in the industry, we cannot confidently recommend Universal Windows Direct to customers. Assess your options and keep Universal Windows Direct as a possible alternative to other companies.

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Ryan’s Bargersville, IN

Customer service is excellent. Universal Windows provides a high quality product and superior installation. High quality in the look, the hardware, and service at an affordable cost. What is amazing is the reduction in my heating and air which is definitely 30% or better. My window cracked due to something hitting it. Universal Windows replaced the window immediately. They have your windows identified so that you report the window by phone and they manufacture a new one and replace. That is an honorable guarantee.

3 years ago

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shane goodman Indianapolis, IN

***Update*** After a few quotes and offered a higher rated triple pane window for the same as their double and looking at the 37, yes 37 Better Business Bureau complaints for the Indianapolis franchise, I decided to spend my money elsewhere. I highly recommend to look at the BBB and shop around. Never sign at the sales pitch because this is how mine went…. I needed 8 windows and my original quote for double hung with low E, Argon and Muntins was + $27K but don’t forget the buy 1 get 1 so then the price was $13.8k. Then when I didn’t jump on it, I was offered a deal to let them put a sign in my yard for a 1 time offer of $11.6k. Then when the last call a few days later came, we was down to $7900 and a $200 Amazon gift card *** Original sales pitch review**** So far I’ve just been through the sales process and what I’m reviewing here. I’ve made no decision on who I’m using as of yet. If I decide to go with universal window direct, I will update as the process proceeds. I had a salesman out on Thursday May 19, 2022. He was personable and did honestly seem to believe in the product and wares he was there to peddle. But didn’t seem as informed as he should be. May have been good enough for the average person that had never worked in the window/glass industry but lacked technical knowledge and seemed to only know whatever was taught at the employee orientation meeting. When I asked about a glue chip, rain or pattern 62 lite for my bathroom he said they didn’t have anything like that. After he left I looked on their website and it appeared they sold, all three as an option. So, did he just not know what I was asking and instead of saying “what’s that?” He just made up a no? He also did not know how the “nasa” engineered spacer adhered to the glass nor what a muntin was. Next was the “peel them off the ceiling” style sales pitch. God I hate those!!!! I actually told the scheduler if this was their style of selling that I would throw the salesman out of my house. I just wanted their pricing they would replace them for and would not need follow up calls offering lower prices, “ if I act now” So down to my definition of “peel them off the ceiling” sell tactics. This is where the salesman throws out a number so high, it gives you sticker shock! Then they say but if you act now “like once I leave, you’ll never get this price again” which is usually 50-60% less than the “ceiling” number. Then if you still act hesitant, here comes the “well beings I like you so much and we would like to get more business in your neighborhood” if you let us put up a yard sign for 30days we’ll take another couple grand off, but you have to act now (of course) But if you hold off he eventually told me the “act now” price is good for 30days. At this point we part ways as I always get several quotes and research every company before deciding which way to go. Next came the harassing phone calls every day after the visit offering even more discounts “direct” from the factory! My recommendation is to wait for this call! You might finally get their bottom dollar “take or leave” price!

8 months ago

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Emily Perkins Indianapolis, IN

They arrived promptly 1st day, but it rained so we scheduled it for the next day. They were late due to heavy traffic caused by some accident. They were very quick, friendly and efficient. David R was the supervisor & did a great job. Excellent job of cleaning up & hauling away old windows & screens.

3 years ago

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Lenore Chandler, AZ

Although the company does say they have a satisfaction guarantee they take their time fixing issues. I had one screen installed with a cut in it and 2 screen doors without complete locking mechanisms. That was almost 6 months ago and I am still waiting for them to make it right. Not once did my project manager reach out to me with updates. I always have to contact him.

11 months ago

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Emma Bela Las Vegas, NV

Worst company ever. Waiting time for patio door 7 months while they get paid $4900 to do the job supposedly in 4-6 weeks. Charged the credit card without permission. Delivered wrong doors, cheap and not the one signed in the contract. The doors doesn’t close the frame isn’t going with the windows. The house is open snd we are still waiting...

2 years ago

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Amber Louisville, KY

Excellent team of professionals! Windows are high quality, beautiful, and affordable. I will be a returning customer.

3 years ago