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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Safeco was founded as General Insurance Company of America in 1923 by Hawthorne K. Dent. Liberty Mutual Insurance acquired Safeco in 2008, and in this agreement Safeco continues to sell personal insurance through independent agents.

In addition to its property and regular auto insurance offerings, Safeco offers its RV insurance policy.

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The Good

  • Basic Coverage Features
  • Unique Coverage Options
  • Mexico Coverage Plan
  • Creative Discounts
  • Worldwide Rental Coverage

Basic Coverage Features

Safeco keeps a detailed list of the RV coverage on their website. The company has all the coverage features customers need to insure the basics:

  • Bodily Injury Liability if you’re legally responsible for injuring another driver or passenger. This feature will pay for the expense of injury.
  • Property Damage Liability if you are liable in an accident damaging another vehicle. This will pay for that vehicle’s repairs. It can also be used to pay for damaged personal property.
  • Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments coverage to compensate drivers for medical expenses whether or not you’re liable in an accident.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist to protect drivers against expenses incurred by drivers who are uninsured or underinsured for liability coverages. This coverage also pays for repairs from hit-and-run drivers.
  • Comprehensive insurance for RV repair when your vehicle is damaged by a natural disaster, fire, or animal collision. It also covers stolen and vandalized vehicles.
  • Collision insurance to pay for RV damage in collisions not caused by the driver.

Unique Coverage Options

Safeco stands out by offering several policies many RV insurance companies overlook, including Custom Equipment Protection for modified RVs, Pet Coverage in case your cat or dog is injured, and Electronic Lock and Key Replacement.

Safeco also offers coverage choices that could save you money. The insurance company’s Claims-Free Cash Back coverage delivers up to 5 percent cash back for every year policy members are claims-free. Its Accident Forgiveness policy can prevent your premiums from rising if you have no history of at-fault collisions or traffic violations, and it offers a Diminishing Deductible option which lowers your collision deductible with every policy renewal you remain claims-free (up to $500).

Mexico Coverage Plan

Not all U.S. RV companies cover Mexico, but Safeco provides physical damage coverage for Mexico in addition to its typical Canadian and U.S. territory offerings. You’ll have to find a Mexican insurer for liability coverage, but Safeco offers this physical damage coverage for those on the comprehensive and collision plans.

Creative Discounts

Safeco will lower your deductible when your RV is in storage for over 90 days, and it offers discounts for policyholders who take driving courses, secure their RV with anti-theft measures, and get a quote in advance. These discounts are in addition to the traditional bundling discount that the company offers if you also purchase other personal insurance policies from them.

Worldwide Rental Coverage

If you rent an RV or other vehicle in a region outside of the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, Safeco will provide physical damage and indirect loss of use coverage for up to 90 days. This option is named Worldwide Coverage for Physical Damage.


The Bad

  • Vacation and Part-Time Coverage Only
  • No Business Coverage

Vacation and Part-Time Coverage Only

Safeco only insures individuals who use their RV fewer than 250 days per year, meaning that full-timers can’t find coverage through Safeco. Compared to other companies that offer full-time and part-time coverage options, this is a gap in Safeco’s offerings.

No Business Coverage

Safeco does not cover consumers using their RV for work, including touring and construction. Policyholders that are the sole members of an LLC that have an RV for tax purposes are allowed insurance, but those looking for business coverage will have to check with other companies.


The Bottom Line

Safeco has customized its RV coverage with its users in mind, and Safeco’s variety of plans demonstrate the company’s understanding of consumer intent. However, customers will need to look elsewhere if they’re seeking full-time or business coverage. Overall, we recommend Safeco for part-time RV users who want plenty of choice when it comes to customizing their plans.

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