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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Roof Repair Specialist first opened its doors in 2011. The company prioritizes unparalleled customer service, reputable roof repairs and replacements, and a wide range of other solutions. Regardless of the size or scope of the projects, Roof Repair Specialist is committed to providing quality services coupled with ideal roofing solutions. 

It should be noted that Roof Repair Specialist is both insured and licensed. Within California, the company has a C39 roofing license. Additionally, Roof Repair Specialist carries workers compensation insurance, general liability, commercial auto, and even a license bond. This licensing and insurance protects both the in-house Roof Repair Specialist team as well as the client throughout the duration of every project. 

As roofing and construction companies expand, work tends to be outsourced or passed on. That is not the Roof Repair Specialist way. Each roofing technician is employed and trained by the company. With Roof Repair Specialist, no aspect of a project utilizes subcontracted roofers. 

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The Good

  • Primary Roofing Solutions
  • Available Roof and Material Warranties
  • Wide Range of Additional Construction Services Offered
  • Financing Options

Primary Roofing Solutions

Roofing and subsequent related services are the main focus and expertise of Roof Repair Specialist. While roof repairs and replacements may be the money maker for most roofing contractors, Roof Repair Specialist offers a number of primary roofing solutions:

  • Roof replacement/repair
  • Gutter installation
  • Inspection reports and certifications
  • Maintenance and coating
  • Roof Maxx

Most of these are fairly common among roofing providers, with the exception of being a Roof Maxx Dealer. The Roof Maxx technology allows clients to experience an extended roof life. Extending a roof’s lifespan is unique to the Roof Repair Specialist platform. 

Available Roof and Material Warranties

Home improvement projects require some sort of financial investment. To protect this investment, the team at Roof Repair Specialist offers a number of warranties to clients providing peace of mind. These warranties include:

New Roof Warranties

  • Shing roofs — 12 years
  • Flat torch down roofs — 8 years
  • Flat singly ply roofs — 10 years
  • Tile reset or new roof — 8 years

Roof Repair Warranties

  • Shing roofs — 8 years
  • Flat torch down roofs — 2 years
  • Tile repair — up to 8 years

Material Warranties

  • Owens Corning duration shingles — 50 years
  • GAF 60 MilTOP — 20 years
  • Torch GTA — 12 years
  • APOC Cross Over CS-L — Lifetime manufacturer limited warranty

While other roofing providers may provide labor warranties or limited material warranties, few offer specifics regarding coverage length and details. Roof Repair Specialist provides this information so prospective clients know what to expect in terms of coverage following a completed project. 

Wide Range of Additional Construction Services Offered

In addition to providing comprehensive roofing repair and replacement services, the team at Roof Repair Specialist is qualified to handle a wide range of the following roofing and construction related projects:

  • Shed roofs
  • Carports
  • Replace skylights
  • Fascia board replacement
  • Attic vent installation
  • Install drains on flat roofs
  • Replace or install scuppers on flat roofs
  • Repair flashing
  • Fabricate and install crickets
  • Gutter installation
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Rafters/rafter tails
  • Repair damaged eaves

Not many roofing experts provide this many additional services. The most unique is work relating to shed roofs and carports, as many roofing providers will pass on projects involving these structures. 

Financing Options

Roof Repair Specialists do not want financial restraints to keep homeowners and other clients from accessing work that needs to be done on a property. As a result, the company has partnered with financial institutions to offer alternative financing options. These include the following:

Conventional Financing

  • 12 months same as cash
  • 5 years at 6.99% rate
  • 10 years at 7.99% rate

YGrene: PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy)

  • 100% financing
  • No money down
  • No FICO score required
  • Tax deductible financing
  • Low fixed payments

By partnering with two different providers that offer varying programs, Roof Repair Specialist clients are likely to find a financing solution that works for their budget. Not all roofing contractors will make an effort to partner with financial organizations or offer alternative financing, but Roof Repair Specialist does. 


The Bad

  • Roofs and Properties Not Eligible for Work
  • Unavailable Services

Roofs and Properties Not Eligible for Work

Despite offering comprehensive roofing services, there are limits to the work the team at Roof Repair Specialist will take on. There are roof types and varying properties that the company will not agree to terms on. Roofs that Roof Repair Specialist will not service include:

  • Walkable decks
  • Platform decks
  • Hot mop
  • Gravel or rock roofs
  • EDPM
  • Emulsion
  • Stone coated steel
  • Decra tile
  • Synthetic shingles
  • Davinci tiles
  • Imitation slate/tile
  • Slate roofs
  • Metal roofs (copper, standing seam, corrugated panels, aluminum)
  • Green roofs

It is not uncommon for there to be limits to any roofing contractor. That being said, there are a few roofing types that the team at Roof Repair Specialist will not touch that many other providers will, such as metal, slate, and green roofs. In addition to not servicing the listed roofing makes, there are property types the company will not work on mobile home, RVs, or buildings over three stories without roof access.

Again, it is not necessarily uncommon for a roofing contractor to turn down mobile home and RV roofing work, but taller buildings is not an issue for many other roofing services. 

Unavailable Services

Even though the team at Roof Repair Specialist offers a wide range of roofing and related services to interested clients, there are services the company has designated as unavailable at this time. These services include gutter repair, attic insulation, chimney work, emergency tarping, and siding.


The Bottom Line

Roof Repair Specialist services homeowners, commercial building owners, HOAs and multi-tenant communities, property managers, and realtors throughout the state of California. The company provides comprehensive roofing services including both traditional and non-traditional roofing work. The warranties that protect the craftsmanship as well as the materials provides a level of protection clients can feel comfortable with.

In addition to offering typical roofing solutions, Roof Repair Specialist provides a wide range of additional construction services to interested clients. Money should not delay necessary roofing work, and Roof Repair Specialist provides alternative financing options to alleviate the financial strain some clients may be facing.

Before enlisting the expertise of the Roof Repair Specialist team, there are some limitations prospective clients should be aware of. There are types of roofs and specific properties that Roof Repair Specialist will not work on. Prior to reaching out, clients should make sure that their roof or property does not fall on this list. There are also a number of unavailable services through Roof Repair Specialist that other construction or roofing contractors may offer. 

Clients in need of comprehensive roofing work that would like it entirely managed by one single provider will likely benefit from what the Roof Repair Specialist team offers. Work is not contracted out to ensure a level of quality guaranteed by Roof Repair Specialist. 

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