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LAST UPDATED: January 23rd, 2024

Renuly offers residential and commercial roofing services throughout the Greater Los Angeles region. The company offers end-to-end solutions ensuring consistent and uninterrupted communication flow with each client. The Renuly staff is known for placing an emphasis on staying within budget, or communicating when project details change, providing quality and professional crews, as well as detailed on-site organization. The Renuly team is well-equipped to handle both new construction projects as well as traditional repairs and restorations. 

For residential clients, Renuly offers a number of roofing types and materials for homeowners to choose from. There are a number of different styles and aesthetics found throughout the Renuly service area which is one reason the company offers a wide range of roofing material inventory. The professional crews on hand for Renuly can also match current roofing types in the event that only a small portion of the roof needs to be replaced or repaired. 

In addition to offering a residential service, Renuly also provides a number of roofing and construction-related services to commercial clients as well. To date, Renuly has successfully completed a number of commercial jobs in the commercial real estate sector including work on luxury condominiums and retail parks. The Renuly team is well-versed in working with architects and designers in order to produce visibly pleasing and functional structures all backed by the company's quality workmanship. 

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The Good

  • Full Scale Services
  • Roofing Installation Types
  • Emergency Services
  • Estimates and Budget Flexibility

Full Scale Services

There are a variety of services associated with roofing, but not all roofing companies or contractors offer all roof-related solutions. Finding a provider that offers the service desired for a reasonable price and delivers quality workmanship is a tall order for many homeowners. That's one of the reasons Renuly stands out from its competition as the company strives to meet all of these needs. Roofing services available through Renuly include the following:

  • Roof Repairs
  • Leak Issues
  • Gutter Installation
  • Re-roofing and Re-covering
  • Skylight Installation and Replacement
  • Roof Installations
  • Roof Inspections
  • Gutter Repair
  • Roof Sealing

It should also be noted that these roofing services apply to a wide range of roofing types, something that not all contractors can offer to clients. 

Roofing Installation Types

As if the search for a roofing contractor isn't already daunting enough, finding one that offers the repair or replacement services in the roofing type desired can make it even more complicated. More and more providers are turning to more specialized services, which means those companies will not provide roofing services on just any kind of roof. Renuly has found a way to maintain a level of service that meets the needs of a number of different roof types, including:

  • Asphalt
  • Metal
  • Clay
  • Concrete
  • Slate
  • Wood

Whether a client wants to install a completely different roofing type than was previously on the structure or is in need of a partial repair or replacement of a particular roof, Renuly will likely have the expertise needed to address the roof make.

Emergency Services

While it does not necessarily occur frequently, roofing emergencies do happen. Whether it is due to damaging weather conditions or ill-timed destruction, homeowners and commercial property owners can be left in a lurch if a roof is not performing as it is designed to. Moreover, these issues can present themselves after traditional business hours, on weekends, or even during the holidays. In these instances, finding a reputable roofing contractor to come out and efficiently handle the issue is an entirely different ordeal. 

To help those that find themselves in these sort of circumstances, Renuly launched its emergency services specialty. This is where a qualified professional and crew will come out and address the roofing problem quickly even if the issue presents itself after close of business. Not all roofing contractors offer emergency services and those that do oftentimes charge a substantial amount for the work done. Renuly remains committed to helping these types of clients and remaining budget friendly. 

Estimates and Budget Flexibility

Some roofers have started charging for consultations, even if the client does not sign a contract or ends up using the provider for roofing services. Renuly continues to offers its potential clients free estimates which also cover the scope of work and provide prospective customers with an accurate picture of the financial aspect of the project. Finding providers that offer estimates as a complimentary service and provide accurate and detailed proposals is becoming increasingly rare. 

Renuly also remains committed to offering a budget-friendly service with a number of flexible financing options for prospective clients to choose from. This allows those who find themselves in a position where a roof needs to be repaired or replaced on a whim access to the service needed with budget-friendly options. 


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Solar Capabilities

Service Area

More often than not, roofing contractors provide a localized service. Typically, these companies service the communities in which the business is located. While there is value in that, it does mean that there are geographical restrictions that come into play as a result. Renuly follows suit in this category as the company remains focused on offering its quality roofing services to residential and commercial clients in the Greater Los Angeles area.

While local roofers are the "norm" within the industry, there are providers that have found ways to maintain quality workmanship while expanding operations into multiple states or regions across the country. This allows these companies to service more clients in need of quality roofing work. Unfortunately, Renuly does not have plans for expansion at this time. That means prospective clients outside of the company's service area will need to look elsewhere for a roofing contractor. 

Solar Capabilities

As the popularity for solar energy continues to increase, many roofing companies are becoming synonymous with solar offerings. There are many roofing companies that will work as subcontractors to solar sales firms offering installation of individual solar systems. Then there are solar companies that also dabble in the roofing industry, offering repairs and replacements before a system is installed. Finally, there are roofing companies that offer an entire solar solution without third party involvement.

While certainly not a requirement of a quality roofing company, many of the Renuly competitors have branched out to include a solar division or service to interested clients. At this time, Renuly has not expanded its services to include any sort of solar-related solutions. 


The Bottom Line

Renuly provides trustworthy and dependable roofing solutions to homeowners and commercial property owners alike. The service offerings of Renuly include full-scale solutions that address nearly every need a potential client would need as it related to a roof. The Renuly team is well-equipped to handle a number of roofing types in its installation and repair work. Renuly also offers emergency services to its clients that find themselves in difficult and unexpected circumstances. Whether that is a damaged roof or something more serious, Renuly will dispatch a team "after hours" to address those concerns. Finally, Renuly provides all prospective clients with accurate complimentary estimates and even works with clients to find budget-friendly options that cover the scope of work.

While there are a number of reasons to consider Renuly for roofing services, there are drawbacks that potential customers should be aware of when enlisting the service of a roofing contractor. For starters, Renuly only offers its robust services in the Greater Los Angeles region. Outside of this geographical service area, clients will need to find an alternative provider. Additionally, Renuly does not offer any sort of solar installation or related services to those looking for increased energy independence. 

Residential and commercial property owners in the Los Angeles area looking for a reputable roofing contractor that can deliver on what it has promised should consider Renuly for roofing services. 

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