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LAST UPDATED: February 27th, 2024

Power Home Remodeling provides a number of exterior home upgrade and remodeling services to those looking to update their home with more efficient products and aesthetically pleasing changes. While Power Home Remodeling does offer a quality and dependable roofing service, the company also offers services for those looking to have new windows installed, siding, doors, insulation, and solar.

Power Home Remodeling prides itself on only installing the best products available on the market. Since Power Home Remodeling also supplements with its own warranty, the company trusts the manufacturers that it works with to supply clients with the best. Current partners of Power Home Remodeling include:

  • GAF
  • Owens Corning
  • Pella
  • ProMaterials Direct
  • ProVia
  • Westlake Royal Building Products

The roofing department for Power Home Remodeling is handled entirely in-house. From the initial point of communication, Power Home Remodeling will assist clients through every step of the roofing process. The installations are done by highly-skilled and trained professionals that know the local codes and abide by all regulations. The finished product is one that Power Home Remodeling believes all home owners can benefit from their roofing service and product options. 

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The Good

  • Roof Features
  • Solar Option
  • Project Pulse
  • Power Home Remodeling Warranty

Roof Features

The roof is such a critical component of any home. It protects, improves the exterior, and then serves as a sort of ventilation point. Since the roof is such a critical piece to any home, ensuring that it offers the functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics desired. Power Home Remodeling goes above and beyond to address each of these areas in the following ways:

  • Installs stain, streak, and fade resistant shingles
  • Wind-resistant capabilities
  • Durable and long lasting roofing materials
  • Bolstered interior comfort through an advanced ventilation system
  • Roofs that are warm and waving resistant
  • F-style drip edge for leak barrier and water shield
  • Improved curb appeal

It is rare to find a provider that focuses not just on the product and the workmanship but the actual technology and efficiency of the roof that is installed. Power Home Remodeling is one of those providers. 

Solar Option

While most of the focus is placed on the upgrade services offered through Power Home Remodeling that make a home "look" nicer, there are also services offered the company that make a home "function" better. One of those services is the solar solutions offered through Power Home Remodeling. The solar service can also work in conjunction with the roofing services.

Power Home Remodeling installs and connects new solar systems. Before installing a solar system, it is vital that the roof is in upstanding condition. In many cases, Power Home Remodeling will address both issues by installing a new, quality roof and then taking the home to the next efficiency level by having a solar system installed. Not all roofing companies are involved in the solar industry, but Power Home Remodeling is one that provides quality services in both arenas.

Project Pulse

A unique service that Power Home Remodeling offers its clients is access to an app known as Project Pulse. Project Pulse is the company's exclusive project tracking app. Through the app, Power Home Remodeling clients can do the following:

  • Monitor scheduled appointments
  • Project updates
  • View and sign documents and paperwork

For many homeowners that are having work done, getting project updates and communicating with the project lead is a main stressor. The Project Pulse app streamlines all of that and enables real-time updates and communication. 

Power Home Remodeling Warranty

The warranties offered by Power Home Remodeling a sort of two-fold. First, there is the manufacturer's side of the protections which covers the actual product being installed. In this case, the manufacturer would cover certain aspects of the roofing materials themselves. This warranty is transferable, but there are limits to its coverage in terms of term lengths. 

Then Power Home Remodeling offers a lifetime labor warranty that covers the actual workmanship handled by its highly-skilled installers. Then there is the "Power Guarantee" that also offers ongoing services and support to ensure client satisfaction. This is one of the more comprehensive coverage packages available by a roofing provider in the industry. 


The Bad

  • Coverage Area
  • Financing

Coverage Area

Power Home Remodeling has an in-between coverage area. The company is not yet a national powerhouse necessarily, but there are branches scattered throughout the country. There are currently 20 locations or branches, mostly on the east coast, that service homeowners. The west coast and northwest do not feature any Power Home Remodeling branches.

Most home remodeling providers are either national, covering almost all states, or local providers where one state or a densely populated area is serviced. Power Home Remodeling is obviously much larger than the local provider but not yet a national operation. There will be a number of homeowners that have access to Power Home Remodeling, but also more than not will not have this access.


There are some "smaller" service upgrades that Power Home Remodeling offers homeowners. For instance, some homeowners are only looking to replace an entry door or bay windows. While these projects may cost a pretty penny, they will not necessarily break the bank.

That being said, having a new roof installed can absolutely break the bank in many circumstances. Having a new roof put in can cost thousands and thousands of dollars which is why so many roofing providers offer financing. Power Home Remodeling may offer roofing clients alternative financing options, but there is no public mention of it.

Most roofing companies offer flexible financing solutions, either in-house or through a third party. It is unclear whether or not these alternative financing opportunities are available through Power Home Remodeling.


The Bottom Line

Power Home Remodeling provides a number of home update services including a reputable roofing department. The roofing features that come with a Power Home Remodeling install include: advanced shingles, improved interior comfort, waterproof capabilities, wind-resistant products, warm and waving resistance, bolstered curb appeal. In addition to installing roofs, Power Home Remodeling offers a solar service that can be done in conjunction with its roofing needs. The company also provides clients with access to Project Pulse, a project tracking app that streamlines communication and project updates. Power Home Remodeling backs its workmanship and products to the point that it offers transferable and even lifetime labor warranties.

Despite offering a number of quality services and efficiencies, there are drawbacks to what Power Home Remodeling offers homeowners. The coverage area is relatively limited as there are only 20 branches nationwide. There are also no financing solutions publicly offered for roofing clients.

Power Home Remodeling is known for its exterior upgrades and roofing is included in that reputation. Those that are in need of an update to their current roofing needs and reside in a service area should consider Power Home Remodeling.  

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