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LAST UPDATED: March 9th, 2024

Install America provides trusted interior and exterior home remodeling services to homeowners looking for professionals with both manufacturing and labor expertise. While Install America holds all proper licenses and insurance requirements to provide full-scale roofing services, the company also offers the following home remodeling solutions:

  • Window Replacements
  • Bathroom Upgrades
  • Door Installation
  • Siding
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Decks
  • Patios and Porch Enclosures

Install America, originally Slocomb Industries, started in 1955 as a replacement window manufacturing business. Founder Leon Slocomb holds 23 patents for window production and continuously pushed the envelope in that space for decades. When Leon's son, Chris, joined the business, the expansion in services started to take place first with reliable window installation and then into additional home renovation needs like roofing. 

As a "one-stop-shop" for home improvement, Install America has earned the respect of former clients and ranking organizations alike. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, was recognized as the top full-service remodeling operation in Pennsylvania, and was ranked #2 nationally by Top 500 Remodelers. 

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The Good

  • Preferred Contractor Status
  • Patented Roofing System
  • Roofing Features
  • Competitive Warranties

Preferred Contractor Status

Install America was awarded GAF contractor status, which is something not all roofing providers have earned. There are a number of requirements that a roofing contractor must meet in order to be a GAF certified installer. These requirement and standards include the following:

  • Insured and licensed in all states in which they operate
  • Performance expectations must be met
  • Years of roofing experience are considered
  • Credit rating of the business
  • Overall standing with the BBB

When a roofing contractor is awarded GAF status, it can access some of the most premier roofing materials. As master elite GAF contractors, Install America is considered to be one of the best installers with access to some of the most sought after roofing products on the market. 

Patented Roofing System

One of the main reasons a roof experiences failures or presents the homeowner with problems is due to improper ventilation. In order to prevent this from happening, the roof must be sealed and well-protected from inclement weather conditions like wind, rain, and snow. At the same time, attics need proper "breathing room" while simultaneously offering insulation to the home itself. When proper techniques are not applied in this area, a number of roofing problems will come about over time. 

To ensure that these ventilation issues do not impact Install America customers, the company has patented and employs a proprietary roofing system. This system makes sure that heat and condensation have a way to exit through the ridge vent according to proper design flow. When cooler air enters into the space, the hot and stale air will make its way out and provide the best layer of protection. Additionally, Install America professionals will install a thin layer of Low-E insulation underneath the actual roofing for extra protection and to help save money on monthly energy bills. Finding a provider that takes this level of care like Install American does to ensure future success of the roof and insulation properties is difficult to come across. 

Roofing Features

There are a number of benefits associated with roofs installed by Install America professionals. While its ventilation and roofing system are at the top of the list, there are added bonuses of having a reputable company like Install America provide roofing services. Additional features associated with the Install America roofing specialty include the following:

  • Massive catalog of styles and colors for customization
  • Boost to curb appeal and more aesthetically pleasing products
  • Energy efficient materials that will conserve energy
  • Multiple layers of protection to guard against violent storms
  • Increased property value

While many roofing contractors can offer some or similar features, homeowners will be hard pressed to find reliable and affordable providers that include all of the listed features and benefits. 

Competitive Warranties

When a homeowner invests in a major home upgrade like a new roof, it is expected that the roof (including the products used as well as the labor techniques employed) will be sound and hold up for the decades to come. To provide clients with peace of mind following a home investment like roofing, many contractors offer warranties to its customers. Not all warranties however provide the same level of protection or coverages. 

With Install America, homeowners will have access to the company's competitive warranties. As a master elite GAF contractor, all roofs are fully protected and all issues go directly through Install America instead of the manufacturer or third party. If for whatever reason a client has a problem, Install America will rectify the issue with its in-house team at no cost to the homeowner. 


The Bad

  • Restricted Service Area
  • Specialty Window Provider

Restricted Service Area

Generally, roofing contractors fall into two camps when it comes to geographic service areas. There is the local provider that strictly services one city, county, or state and remains based in and out of one area. Then there is the national provider which generally has installation partner to offer services on a much broader scale. There are benefits and limitations to both types of providers and it depends on the individual homeowner to determine the best fit for their specific needs.

Install America falls in between these two types of providers. The company services several states, but it only offers its roofing services in specific cities within each of these states. Service areas for Install America include the following:

  • Mohnton, PA
  • Somerset, PA
  • West Berlin, NJ
  • College Grove, TN
  • Gastonia, NC

Essentially, Install America is a blend of both installer types. It services a number of states, but is limited within each of the states it operates out of. Outside of its geographical service area, Install America does not offer professional roofing services and prospective clients will have to go elsewhere for help. 

Specialty Window Provider

Install America was originally founded as a window manufacturing operation. It eventually grew to include replacement and installation services. As it grew its labor side of the business, Install America started to branch out offering additional interior and exterior home upgrade work including roofing.

Today, Install America is still widely recognized for its pioneering efforts in the window industry and replacement windows remains the company's priority offering. While that does not mean Install America does not offer a quality roofing service, it is just worthy to note that the company is first and foremost a window provider. 


The Bottom Line

Install America has proven to be a top home remodeling firm that provides a number of quality home upgrade solutions. The company's roofing service has proven to be both dependable and yield positive results as Install America has earned Preferred Contractor Status with GAF. This status is not awarded to just any roofing contractor and provides access to some of the top products and roofing materials in the industry. The expert installers at Install America utilize a patented roofing system to ensure that the roof is installed correctly and will maintain its functionality for decades to come. The features and benefits associated with a roof installed by Install America are also worthy of mentioning as homeowners can expect the finished product to be aesthetically pleasing, increase energy efficiency, and provide sustainable protection. All roofs installed by Install America are backed by competitive warranties. 

Despite offering a high quality roofing service and product, there are limitations associated with the Install America operation. The service area is restricted to certain cities within operating states. Outside of these cities, Install America does not offer its robust services. Additionally, Install America heavily focuses on and is known for its window specialty not necessarily its roofing solutions.

Considering all that Install America offers to homeowners, those in need of professional roofing installation should consider Install America as the company has proven to provide its clients with sound workmanship and best-in-class products. 

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