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LAST UPDATED: December 29th, 2023

Alpha Roofing is a local roofing company that provides both residential and commercial property owners with roofing services including repairs and replacements. The company has provided services to clients in the Wilmington, North Carolina area since 2010. The Alpha Roofing team is dedicated to its craft, working to provide seamless and reliable service from project start to completion. 

Prospective clients can request an estimate where a trained professional from the Alpha Roofing team will come out to the property to determine what work needs to and can be done. The Alpha Roofing team works to provide a high level of service with the customer’s needs in mind at all times. Each project is customized to the needs of the structure in an effort to ensure the best possible performance and outcome for years. 

Alpha Roofing contractors are trained to deliver a service that eliminates any sort of worry for the property owner. In an area like Wilmington where storms and inclement weather can have damaging effects, finding a roofing company that can deliver on its promises is vital. 


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The Good

  • Full Service Roofing Service
  • Additional Services
  • Experienced Professionals

Full Service Roofing Service

Since its founding, Alpha Roofing has worked to provide premier level roofing services to both residential and commercial clients. The process by which Alpha Roofing operates allows property owners to receive a competitive estimate, agreed upon contract terms, and finally a scheduled project start date. Property owners in need of roofing-related services can expect Alpha Roofing to handle the following solutions:

  • Roofing estimates
  • Roofing troubleshooting
  • Roofing repairs
  • Installations
  • Inspections

During the initial estimate stage, a roofing professional from the Alpha Roofing team will come to the property and assess exactly what work needs to be done and outline what the company can do to satisfy those needs. Some roofing contracts will only service residential or commercial clients, yet Alpha Roofing has the professionalism and resources to provide roofing work to both client types. 

Additional Services

In addition to providing full-scale roofing services, Alpha Roofing also does gutter work and installs solar systems on qualifying residential roofs. Since both services are in the same realm of roofing, it makes sense to offer these secondary services to those in need of improvements or installations in these areas.

Additional services available through Alpha Roofing breakdown as follows:

  • Gutters — Having quality gutters firmly installed impacts a residence’s roof, so it is important that this work is done properly. Alpha roofing offers both gutter installation and inspection services. 
  • Solar — Many solar companies also provide limited roofing services, but not as many roofing-focused providers also offer clients solar solutions. Alpha Roofing installs CertainTeed’s Solstice Shingles for homeowners looking to harness the power of the North Carolina sun to power their homes. The Solstice Shingle is known for being far more aesthetically pleasing compared to traditional solar panels. 

A number of roofing contractors also offer gutter services, but finding roofing professionals that can install high-end solar products is far more rare. Alpha Roofing offers all of these services to those who are interested.

Experienced Professionals

The team at Alpha Roofing includes a number of experienced specialists that have successfully completed hundreds, if not thousands, of roofing and related projects on both commercial and residential properties. From the contractors, to those that provide estimates, to the technicians that actually conduct the installations and repairs, Alpha Roofing clients can expect an experienced professional from start to finish. 

It should also be noted that Alpha Roofing itself was founded in 2010 and has provided clients in the Wilmington area with dependable roofing services for over a decade now. Some roofing companies have been in business longer, but not many have completed the same number of projects while also branching out into other services like Alpha Roofing has. 


The Bad

  • Communication Complaints
  • Service Area
  • Online Information

Communication Complaints

One of the common frustrations previous homeowners who have dealt with Alpha Roofing have expressed is the miscommunications following the estimate process.

In these cases, homeowners had a professional from the Alpha Roofing team come out to their residence to determine a scope of work and draft a quote for the service. From there, homeowners stated that they were either unable to reach the company again regarding what the final price would be and could not get a hold of any project managers to determine next steps. 

Additionally, others were frustrated by the ability to get on the schedule for roofing work, particularly following damaging storms. 

However, there are far more satisfied clients than frustrated ones. In fact, the company has a five-star rating on Google with more than 100 positive experiences. However, it is important to note possible timeline delays especially for prospective clients in need of immediate service.

Service Area

The roofing industry is generally a locally based operation. Roofing companies will often service particular cities or counties, maximizing the work that can be done on a local level. Alpha Roofing follows this same common pattern providing a number of services to clients in the Wilmington, North Carolina area.

Despite roofing generally being a local service, some roofing contractors and companies have expanded operations and service clients on a regional or even national level. This allows the competition to reach far more clients and address the issues of those in need of roofing help in comparison to a local company like Alpha Roofing.

Online Information

For homeowners in the thick of researching what roofing company to hire, browsing a company's website is a typical starting point. Generally roofing companies do a good job of breaking down services and what the process for a project can potentially look like. This helps prospective clients determine which companies to request an estimate or a quote from.

Unfortunately, Alpha Roofing has not dedicated many resources to its online presence as the company website remains incomplete. Most of the site is still in its template form with links that promise “more information,” but they do not navigate anywhere. This can be frustrating potential customers and reflects poorly on the company’s standard of professionalism. 


The Bottom Line

Alpha Roofing offers full-service roofing and home upgrade services to clients in its service area. The full-scale roofing service allows for repairs, installations, and inspections to be completed entirely in-house with Alpha Roofing professionals.

Additionally, the company offers both gutter-related services and solar installation. All work is done by trained and qualified Alpha Roofing professionals and technicians. Not one aspect of the project is outsourced. 

While there are a number of reasons to consider Alpha Roofing for roofing and related improvements, there are limitations associated with the company that prospective clients should be aware of. There have been a small number of complaints regarding the communication practices during the estimate stage.

The service area for Alpha Roofing is also limited to Wilmington so property owners outside of the area will have to look elsewhere for services. Lastly, the public information available to researching property owners is sparse to say the least. 

Taking into consideration all that Alpha Roofing provides its clients compared to what it lacks offers a more clear picture of the company as a whole. Prospective clients looking for roofing, gutter, or solar work should consider Alpha Roofing as a provider, but should also do their own due diligence to ensure it is the right fit prior to signing any contract. 

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