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LAST UPDATED: December 9th, 2019

Retirement Funding Solutions (RFS), a Mutual of Omaha Bank Company, was founded in 2015 to assist individuals as they financially prepare for retirement. RFS is licensed to provide reverse mortgages in 45 states. RFS has corporate offices in San Diego and branch offices across California as well as in Salt Lake City, Utah; Cincinnati, Ohio; Scottsdale, Arizona; Winter Park, Florida; and Greenville, South Carolina. Retirement Funding Solution's mission statement is to, "build a team of Professionals who consistently deliver a range of financial solutions that can improve your retirement for years." Their core values are; integrity, loyalty, diligence, and compassion. Through Retirement Funding Solutions, qualified homeowners can use the extra income from the mortgage loan for equity conversion and to ensure a peaceful and secure transition into retirement years. It is important to note that with a reverse mortgage loan, you will not be required to pay monthly mortgage payments on your home, you will however, be required to pay the necessary property taxes and other expenses required with owning a home. This is true for all reverse mortgage loans.

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The Good

  • Backed By a Well-Known and Financially Secure Bank
  • Financial Tools
  • Serves Consumers and Professionals

Backed By a Well-Known and Financially Secure Bank

RFS is a mutual of Omaha Bank Company, which means that they have a well-known and financially secure backing to all the loans that they give out. The Mutual Bank of Omaha is well respected and has a significant base of capital that keeps them thriving. Having a company such as this to back Retirement Funding Solutions helps give clients the peace of mind that their loans will be delivered as promised. RFS is currently in the process of rebranding and changing their name form, Retirement Funding Solutions to Mutual of Omaha Mortgage.

Financial Tools

RFS provides several free financial tools on its website, including these calculators:

  • Reverse Mortgage Calculator*
  • HECM For Purchase Calculator
  • Portfolio Without Mortgage Payment
  • Retirement Projections With and Without HECM Monthly Draws
  • Social Security Benefits Retirement Estimators
  • Social Security Benefits Calculator
  • Detailed Social Security Calculator

*This calculator gives you an estimated cash benefit that includes the payoff of any existing mortgage based on the information you provide: zip code, home value, mortgage balance, and age. Closing costs and FHA insurance are incorporated only in a complete individual quote and proposal from a company representative.

Serves Consumers and Professionals

In addition to serving potential borrowers, the company offers information and guidance for real estate professionals, builders, and financial advisors as they assist their clients. The RFS website includes a description of a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® and a database of representatives as well as statistics of a case study the company did regarding builders' potential for collaborating with RFS using reverse mortgage loans.


The Bad

  • Ease of Contact

Ease of Contact

The primary way you can contact customer service is by filling out a form with your name, age, home value, mortgage balance, equity, zip code, state, email address, and phone number. There is a corporate office phone number listed but no listed customer service hours and no online chat feature. This can create challenges for borrowers because of the sometimes difficult process of getting into contact with the lender.


The Bottom Line

Retirement Funding Solutions shows it cares about its clients' success by taking a holistic financial approach when working with potential borrowers to determine if a HECM is a good fit. They are determined to help educate their customers to ensure that they make the best decision possible for them. The company's financial calculators allow you to explore how a reverse mortgage would fit with your current financial portfolio, including social security benefits and the difference between a one-time payout versus monthly payout. With Retirement Funding Solutions being backed by Mutual of Omaha Bank, consumers can feel confident in their reverse mortgage. Reach out to Retirement Funding Solutions to see if you qualify for a reverse mortgage.

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