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LAST UPDATED: August 7th, 2023

All Reverse Mortgage was founded in 2004 and is leading the industry as one of the most affordable and popular reverse mortgage lenders. Focusing only on reverse mortgages, its business model as a direct lender was created to keep cost low by spending less on middleman costs and focusing more on the quality of its loan products, which include—

  • HECM loan
  • H4P loan
  • Proprietary (jumbo) loan

Check out our comprehensive All Reverse Mortgage review below to get a more detailed look at the good, the bad, and our expert recommendation.

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The Good

  • Affordable
  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Reverse Mortgage Quote with ARLO
  • Variety of Reverse Mortgage Loans


All Reverse Mortgage is designed to make sure the customer pays less. Since you won't be making a monthly payment on your reverse mortgage loan, the expenses arise from accruing interest rates and any added fees—making it extremely beneficial to borrow from a lender that is notorious for cutting costs.

As one of the few HUD(housing under development)-approved direct lenders, All Reverse Mortgage does not need to go through a middleman. This cuts costs down, as well as drops interest rates and fees. The company doesn't work through any brokers, but focuses only its loan products.

Lower Interest Rates

High interest rates can be the difference between an affordable or expensive reverse mortgage loan. A study sponsored by the HUD surveyed interest rates among dozens of reverse mortgage lenders. Overall, All Reverse Mortgage company was ranked as the reverse mortgage lender that offered the lowest interest rate to its borrowers in comparison to competitors.

Also, while most lenders do not disclose interest rates upfront, All Reverse Mortgage is confident enough in its service, price, and company to advertise its interest rates online. You can visit its company website and receive live updates for its current interest rates.

Reverse Mortgage Quote with ARLO

ARLO is a tool created by All Reverse Mortgage that helps educate customers and provides a more reliable estimate as to what you borrowers might receive from its reverse mortgages. On its website you can get a free estimate that will outline your possible interest rate, fees, and other important factors.

ARLO also has answered over 1,800 questions about the reverse mortgage process and is available 24/7 to provide assistance if you are unfamiliar with reverse mortgages.

Variety of Reverse Mortgage Loans

As of now, there are only three main types of reverse mortgage loan options available on the market—a HECM, H4P, and a proprietary reverse mortgage. All Reverse Mortgage offers all three loans, something that not every reverse mortgage lenders offer.

Although traditional HECM and H4P programs are good options for a majority of borrowers, proprietary reverse mortgages can be a better fit for other individuals. A proprietary reverse mortgage is essentially like a Jumbo loan that allows you to qualify for a greater loan amount. If you are in need of more money for a home loan, All Reverse Mortgage is a great option to consider.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Fees

Undisclosed Fees

Most lender fees, such as a processing fee, are rolled into the lump sum of the loan. There are very little out-of-pocket costs, however All Reverse Mortgage does not divulge what these costs are. Additional fees vary based on the size, cost, and location of a home so it is difficult for any lender to give hard and fast fee amounts.

Like you would with any other lender, you need to talk with one of its representatives to find out the full extent of any additional fees that you may incur from the lender, government, or reverse mortgage insurance company.


The Bottom Line

What sets All Reverse Mortgage apart is its focus on saving its customers money. With some of the lowest rates in the industry you can almost guarantee that you will be able to find one of the lowest reverse mortgage rates for your home with All Reverse Mortgage.

In addition, All Reverse Mortgage's extensive resources for reverse mortgage borrowers and great customer service help make this company one of the best when it comes to taking care of its customers.

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Robert Horn II Pahrump, NV

I helped my grandparents get a reverse mortgage with All Reverse Mortgage on their home in Florida. It gave them extra money so they could take nice vacations during their later years. They were able to remain in their home till they both passed in 2021. I particularly liked their customer service. They were very understanding and caring when dealing with older people. They were extremely patient, and the many questions asked by my grandparents were answered thoroughly.

10 months ago Edited August 7, 2023

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Bobby “OG” Jackson Cedartown, GA

I really liked this because of it's easy way to navigate the web site

1 year ago

star star star star_border star_border

James Mathews Rocky Point, NC

Not good customer service too slow in the offers

1 year ago