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Last Updated: May 7th, 2021

This article is co-authored with Kaitlyn Short and Sarah Sherren.

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Think about the last time you scrolled through social media. 

Did you stop to watch a video?

If you did, you understand how powerful video is for sharing experiences and connecting with people, from a great recipe to a toddler's first steps.

Creating a video review for a product or service you've received can amplify your experience and help others choose good companies.

We all wish we'd known more about 2020 before it happened, right?

What does a good video review look like?

Check out our video customer review parody for 2020, then scroll for the results of our 2020 review giveaway contest.

We asked what reviewers thought of the year 2020 and they shared their honest opinions and experiences with this year.

The winners of our review contest are Meghan and Kenneth! Read their reviews below:

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Customer Review: Meghan from Gilbert, Arizona

"It started off great. And then COVID. For a while, I had the same attitude that most other people had: I just wanted 2020 to be over. As if the year ending would solve all my problems. But that is surely not the case. After realizing that the year I was living in didn’t matter, I came to accept that even though the hardships weren’t going to end anytime soon, I had the power to decide what my year would look like. I decided that even though sucky things were happening around me, and sometimes to me, I didn’t have to let it ruin my year, my month or my day. I decided to be happy, to progress, and to love 2020 for the good things instead of the bad. My family relationship grew stronger. I found out who my real friends were. And most importantly, I found myself in places I never would have looked before all the hardships of 2020. So, all in all, 2020 was a great year for me. Was it 5 stars? Nope. But 4 stars is a very reliable rating. 2020 was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. And I can’t wait to see what progress I get to make in 2021. I hope 2021 is kinder to you."

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Customer Review: Kenneth from Orem, Utah


So I know that a lot of the reviews for this are pretty negative, but you have to understand that this product is 100% targeted toward a specific group of people.. introverts!

2020 is seriously the best thing introverts could get for themselves. With 2020, I was able to avoid every single awkward family event I didn't want to attend without having them pressure me to come anyway. I was also able to have a reason to not talk to people at the store without seeming like a jerk. I even managed to get my work to think that they should "let" me work from home as if that wasn't what I wanted all along haha. Seriously though, if you want a get-out-of-jail free card for all those in-person events that no introvert wants to be stuck doing, 2020 is the thing for you!

Just one thing.. make sure you stock up on toilet paper in advance if you want the 0 stress experience.

It's finally time that we can live life how we want to.. comfortable! No more "oh you just need to meet more people and socialize".. now it's "oh yeah you should probably stay home alone", it's great!"

Reviews of The Year 2020

Reviewers left their opinion and rating of the year 2020 in our review contest. See what more reviewers said and leave a review of your own.

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The contest ended on December 20, 2020.

How do I make a good video review?

Preparing for your video review will help you create a valuable resource for other shoppers and companies. Use the following tips to prepare and create a successful video review.

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First, consider the setting. It includes background noise, your physical location, lighting, and camera placement. 

The setting of your video review will affect how much viewers focus on the content of what you say. Some background images, like political ones, can affect how seriously viewers will consider your review. Background noise makes it harder to hear what you're saying.

Having good lighting and a steady camera provides viewers with a clear image. These setting aspects also make it easier to establish a connection and build trust with viewers.

Your opinion and customer experience matters, so be thoughtful when choosing your setting so that viewers can focus on what you have to say.

  • Choose a quiet place.
  • Remove distractions from the background (e.g. noise, political images).
  • Have a steady hand or use a stand to keep your phone steady.
  • Make sure your head and shoulders are visible to the screen.
  • Adjust lighting as needed for a clear image, and avoid sitting in front of a window.


Almost everyone has a story about technical difficulties, so spend a few minutes before your review time double checking that everything is in order. This will help ensure a smooth process with a well-captured video review. 

  • Be sure that you're connected to power or have enough battery.
  • Check that your internet connection or phone service is working.
  • Run a sound and camera test to ensure that both will work.


The most important part of your review is the content. What you include in your review can affect prospective customers as they decide which company to work with. 

Being thoughtful about your experience as you decide what to include that will make your review valuable to the company and people researching their options.

  • Reflect on your experience with the company.
  • Be genuine and honest about your experience.
  • Think about what customers like you would want to know.


The delivery of your review will build connection and trust with viewers, which will increase the impact of your review. Approach it as if you were talking to a friend who is trying to find a good company to work with.

  • Make eye contact with the camera on your phone or computer. 
  • Speak clearly.
  • If you're completing a review with another person (e.g. spouse, partner), be sure that both of you speak and are visible.
  • Avoid reading from a script.

Why make a video review?

In the digital age, reviews have become a social standard for company trustworthiness. The collective customer’s voice is much more reliable than any company advertisement or commercial. Online reviews are becoming just as important as recommendations from friends and family members. According to, “88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

Consumers want to know about the best products and services from the most reliable sources. The question is where do we go?

You will find many review sites in your pursuit for the most trustworthy information. Our goal is to make the most trusted review site. We do so by not allowing companies to pay us money to improve their rank, and by also moderating every single consumer review to ensure that it is real and accurate.

Best Company has recently taken another step towards becoming the best review site by introducing video reviews. Based on a recent study, “Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.” These review videos will be instrumental in helping other customers make the best purchasing decisions.

Consumers often write reviews because they want to share their notable experience with other prospective customers. Best Company’s video reviews aim to transform your written experience into a face-to-face testimonial that will improve your online influence. 

You can improve the quality and reach of your review by turning your written reviews into video reviews. You can become an influencer that others trust. Become a relevant source for recommendations by linking these videos to your social media platforms. 

With video reviews, you have the opportunity to participate in authentic advertising and champion the brands you love. You can promote business small and large with values similar to yours. 

How do I get started?

Creating a video review with Best Company only takes a few minutes. Start by leaving a written review on If your review is chosen for a video review, you'll receive an email invite to schedule time to call one of our review moderators.

Share Your Experience

Leaving a review on will help consumers like you find the best companies to work with.

Leave a Review

All video reviews will have to meet guidelines before they will be published. Even if your video review isn’t posted to our site, any feedback you provide will be helpful to the company you reviewed.

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