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LAST UPDATED: January 11th, 2021

Jetty is an insurance agency specializing in renters insurance and services for property managers. 

If Jetty renters insurance is available at your building, you'll benefit from a convenient application and purchase process. You'll also find good coverage.

Property managers can benefit from working with Jetty to offer residents renters insurance. In addition to notifications when residents purchase coverage, Jetty helps property managers get more signings by lowering move-in costs.

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The Good

  • Financially Strong Backers
  • Convenient Processes
  • Good Renters Insurance Coverage
  • Competitive Services for Property Managers

Financially Strong Backers

Jetty renters insurance is backed by financially strong insurance companies. Financial strength is important when choosing an insurer because you don't want to be in a situation where you make a claim and the insurer is not able to pay it.

Jetty is backed by State National Insurance Company, Inc. and National Specialty Insurance Company. Most insurers are rated for financial strength annually. We could not find current ratings for National Specialty Insurance. However, State National Insurance Company, Inc. was recently rated by A.M. Best and received high ratings.

Convenient Processes

Jetty offers its clients convenient processes for applying and buying renters insurance. Convenient processes are common for insurtech companies and also becoming common with traditional insurers.

Jetty's convenient processes for buying a renters policy make it competitive in the industry.

Good Renters Insurance Coverage

Jetty's insurance products are admitted by the Department of Insurance, so they meet government standards.

The company's policies include personal property and loss of use coverage. Personal property coverage is active even if your belongings are not in your residence. Loss of use coverage offers payments for additional living expenses if your residence becomes uninhabitable.

You can add coverage to your renters insurance policy. Jetty options include bedbug and theft coverage designed for Airbnb hosts. These are not common coverage offerings, so they make Jetty stand out from other insurers.

Competitive Services for Property Managers

Property managers benefit from partnering with Jetty to offer renters insurance in several ways. First, you benefit from notifications when your tenants purchase a policy. You can also receive marketing and promotional fees for offering Jetty renters insurance.

Jetty also helps property managers with conversions with its approach to security deposits. Online details on Jetty's unique approach are sparse. However, its innovation makes moving costs lower for renters while protecting landlord's interests.


The Bad

  • Brief Industry Experience
  • Limited Availability
  • Insufficient Customer Reviews

Brief Industry Experience

Jetty was founded in 2016, so the company has limited experience in the renters insurance industry. 

Although Jetty has limited industry experience, the insurance agency does work with insurance carriers that have high financial strength ratings. These partnerships with financially strong insurers make Jetty renters insurance a dependable option.

Limited Availability

Jetty renters insurance is only available through its real estate and property manager partners. If your landlord is not a Jetty partner, you'll need to find another renters insurance provider.

Insufficient Customer Reviews

There are not many Jetty renters insurance reviews on This limited number of reviews means that firsthand insight on the customer experience is not available. A recommendation based on customer satisfaction in reviews is not currently possible.


The Bottom Line

More information on the customer experience, property manager services, and complete financial strength ratings would allow a fuller assessment of Jetty renters insurance. 

However, the available details on the company's services and coverage make a Jetty renters insurance policy worth considering if your landlord partners with Jetty. Property managers can also benefit from Jetty partnerships through its approach to lease costs, marketing fees, and notifications of tenant coverage.

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